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“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit flew to Chu Fengs side, indicating that she wanted to participate too.

Chu Feng smiled and rejected, “The four immortal region lords are just enough for one beast each.

If you join too, the gods wont be able to resist at all.”

“Yiya,” Hera felt a little regretful but didnt say anything else.

She understood that the Wild Bear and the others hadnt participated much in the previous three battles in the illusory world, so they would naturally need real-life battles to strengthen their realms.

The battle with the Gods would definitely reveal the extent to which their combat power had increased!

The Poison God felt that he was being belittled.

He mocked, “A Beastmaster who just broke through to the legend level has at most six beasts.

Youre only sending out four to battle the Gods now.

Do you really think that youre comparable to an immortal world lord”

“World lords are very strong” Chu Feng asked in return.

“Roar!” As the dragons roar sounded, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon instantly appeared before the Poison God.

“Youre just a little dragon with the bloodline of the Dragon God.

Before the Dragon God broke through back then, our combat strength was evenly matched,” The Poison God looked askance at the dragon, “Could it be that youre the same as your Beastmaster, an idiot who overestimates himself”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, causing a poisonous fog to fill the sky.

The poison was no ordinary venom, but the poison origin that the Poison God had obtained through comprehending the principles of poison! The black fog was filled with the power of poison-type principles.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon waved its tail disdainfully, and the dragon gods body as well as the level 10 myth skill battle divine body was stacked on its body at the same time.

With this, even if it passed through the poisonous fog, the layer of dragon-scale armor would still be clean as new, let alone being pierced through! Because it had used a myth skill, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons body also emitted a terrifying divine might that was similar to that of the war gods dragon!

The Poison Gods expression changed drastically, and he was filled with shock while feeling bewildered, “Why cant the principles of the poisonous fog break through your skin!”

“Roar!” Without answering his doubts, the dragon only focused on the battle.

The holy energy that was emitted from the dragons body made it seem like a holy dragon that would not be affected by poison or evil!


The Poison God widened his eyes and cried out in shock, “Saint dragons body! Could it be that youve awakened a skill unique to the holy race… Holy blood bathing dragon”

Holy-type skills had always been able to ward off evil and poison, not to mention that holy blood bathing dragon was a myth skill.

As a poison user, why was he so unlucky to encounter a holy-type existence… Such an opponent was simply a bane to him!

Suddenly, a dragons soul was reflected in the Poison Gods eyes.

He was even more astonished to the point of disbelief now, “Could this be the saint dragons soul, which is also a myth skill! No way! Didnt they say that the skill was rare even in the entire dragon race In the dragon race, as long as a dragon could awaken this skill, the dragon would definitely become a high priest!”

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The Poison God found it simply incomprehensible.

For a moment, he could not figure out why Chu Feng could train such a terrifying dragon.

Before he could think further, the moment the saint dragons soul appeared, the Poison God was intimidated! Even though the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was here to reap his life, the dazed Poison God seemed extremely pious.

It seemed that if he was asked to commit suicide, he would do it immediately.

The dragon claw swiped down.

The moment the battle dragons divine strength and elemental energy within the claw touched the immortal region lord, the Poison Gods body almost shattered! In the higher void, the saint dragons world floated.

Looking from the outside, one could vaguely see countless huge dragons within.

The dragon roars couldnt be heard clearly.

After the saint dragons world appeared, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons majestic divine strength became even more terrifying.

“Saint dragons world Legend has it that only the chaos Dragon God has mastered it, why…” Seeing all kinds of myth skills one after another that should almost be non-existent, the Poison God could not be more shocked.

The knowledge of the world that he had built up in the past was almost completely shattered.

The gap between both parties was too big.

On top of that, all of his powerful moves could not do anything to the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Realizing this, the Poison God even lost his will to fight.

“If I dont fight, Ill die.

If I fight, Ill still die.

Am I destined to die today” He was filled with despair.

Seeing the dragon brewing his dragon breath, he closed his eyes in despair.

Just then, a thought suddenly sounded, “Im the immortal world lord, Ancient God.

How dare you kill the Gods in front of me!”

From the fluctuations of the thought, the Ancient God had probably already arrived at the edge of the Solar System.

Listening carefully to the content, it was extremely tyrannical, filled with killing intent.

“So what” Chu Feng raised his right eyebrow, his tone casual, though his eyes gleamed coldly, “Even if an immortal world lord comes, he has to follow the rules of the Blue Planet, otherwise, death will await!”

The Ancient God had always been revered amongst the immortals, so when he heard this, he was enraged, “How dare you! If you dare to kill the Gods in front of me again, I will slaughter everyone on the Blue Planet!”

“Is that so” Chu Feng didnt move like a mountain, “Talk after you arrive.”

“Roar!” The dragon breath that contained most of the dragon energy in the saint dragons world was spat out.

The Poison God that was engulfed by the dragon breath immediately crumbled into nothingness.

Even his godly soul melted into the!! With that, the Poison God was also dead!

The Earth God, Ghost God, and Fire God were shocked, almost losing their voices from the shock.

They were each tied down by the Wild Bear, the Mirage Butterfly, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet respectively, so they couldnt even free their hands to save the Poison God.

In truth, the three Gods could barely protect themselves, much less lend a hand! The three immortals had been born in ancient times.

Even amongst those of the same level, they had never felt such strong pressure.

“The Wolf God and Poison God are already dead, how long can we hold on…” Seeing two of his comrades being killed in succession, the Earth God couldnt help but grieve for like.

The Fire God was extremely frustrated, “Their deaths arent our deaths, if you want to mourn, mourn for yourself! The Ancient God had already rushed to the Solar System.

No matter how powerful Chu Feng is, can he kill us in front of an immortal world lord In front of the Ancient God, Chu Feng is just an ant!”

The Ghost God said coldly, “Chu Feng has always been arrogant.

The arrogance will naturally leave a flaw.

Since he didnt gather all six beasts to kill the Gods, then he wont have the chance in the future.”

With this exchange, the three Gods all felt that there was still hope for them.

At this moment, if they were in Chu Fengs position, let alone all beasts, they may even send out the Desolate God.

After all, survival was the most important thing.

As for methods, as long as they were useful, they should be used! Chu Feng had made the wrong choice.

When the Ancient God arrived, he would die without a doubt!

As for Chu Feng, after he finished replying to the Ancient God, he no longer cared about the immortal world lord who was still on the way.

Seeing the three Gods communicating sneakily, Chu Feng snickered, “Do you still think this is the era of the Gods You have already become history, even if you start all over again, youll just perish more completely again.”

After saying that, he didnt look at the three Gods anymore.

They were just principle source crystals and treasures, so why bother with their thoughts

“Roar!” A poison-type source crystal was brought by the Dark Sky Azure Dragon and landed in Chu Fengs hands.

Chu Feng thought for a moment and decided to exchange this crystal for 500 points of the divine source.

After all, he didnt have a poison-type beast and wasnt planning to bond with one.

From todays battle, it could be seen that when the poison-type life forms were suppressed, they couldnt even resist.

Of course, the reason why the immortal region lord poison-type principle life form was so aggrieved was mainly that the various god bodies that enhanced the Dark Sky Azure Dragon were too strong, so even the Poison God had no choice but to be suppressed!

“The value of the Poison Gods treasures is close to the Wolf Gods…” After checking, Chu Feng estimated that they were worth about 2,000 points of divine source.

Just these treasures alone could be exchanged for countless life planets!


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