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After losing his arm, the Desolate God grew another arm.

Maybe it was because he had lost the divine source that was absorbed by the Mythical Tree, but his originally strong aura had weakened.

“You want me to die” Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, his tone flat, “You should die first.”

The Desolate God looked much taller than the Wild Bear.

His body size was not completely determined by his skills.

It was also affected by his race.

The badly battered Desolate God was from the desolate god race, a principle-type life form that could comprehend principles since birth.

The members of such life forms could become immortals as soon as they reached adulthood! The 12 Gods that had come to the Blue Planets secret realm this time all belonged to this group.

They were all principle-type life forms underlings that the golden armored war god had specifically found in the eastern divine region.

The war god knew very well that he wouldnt be able to become stronger in the future.

After all, both his foundation and potential had been fully developed.

Since he couldnt reach it by himself, he could only rely on his subordinates.

Currently, the war god was expectant of these 12 Gods.

After tens of thousands of years, the effects of his nurturing had begun to show.

For example, the Dragon God, Water God, and Ancient God had all become immortal world lords.

The inherited memory of the Gods killing each other that Chu Feng had seen in the Gods space was a tactic that the war god had thought of, which was to first destroy and rebuild.

In the war gods plans, the Gods would first kill each other.

After the Gods died, he would use their true souls to revive them.

In the eyes of ignorant others, the Gods had all died.

In reality, the war god had taken some of their true souls in the process.

It seemed to only be a trace of the true souls, but it was enough to resurrect the Gods.

Of course, with the potential of principle-type life forms that were born immortals, the war god would not lose out in the end.

It had only been a few tens of thousands of years since that happened.

If ten million years had passed, perhaps even true Gods had appeared among the twelve Gods! Yet, whether they were immortals or true Gods, they were still the subordinates of the war god.

Even the 10,000-meter tall Wild Bear wasnt considered big in front of the Desolate God.

Naturally, Chu Feng, who was only the height of an ordinary person, was even smaller.

Compared to the enemy, he was no different from an ant.

However, no matter how big the enemy was, Chu Feng wasnt flustered at all.

He even looked at ease, “Wild Bear, kill him.”

“Awoo!” Killing intent flashed through the white Wild Bears eyes.

It was very cold as if it didnt have the bloodline of the immortal God before it.

Hence, even if it killed him, it wouldnt hesitate at all! With that, level 10 myth skills in strength, defense, and speed were combined into one! With the three principles combined, the Wild Bears battle power instantly increased dozens of times! Along with the skill control of level 10 myth skills, all of the skill buffs were solidified.

Even the Desolate God that had been born in ancient times had to take a beating.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear stepped and its holy wild body was activated.

Its feet stomped on the ground, and the light behind it shattered the stars.

It seemed like the combination of a God and a demon!

Boundless energy gathered into a singularity, forming a fist that shocked the Desolate God! Demon god sky splitter! The Desolate God was flustered and wanted to dodge, but it was too late.

His chest was shattered by the fist! Not only that, but the terrifying demonic power seeped into his flesh and bones, even into his soul!

The Desolate God, who used to carry himself with the air of an immortal, could no longer remain calm.

His face twisted into a ghastly expression as he said mournfully, “This is impossible!! How can a mere totem be so strong! Ive been an immortal region lord for hundreds of thousands of years.

How can I be defeated by you!”


The Desolate God struggled, but his body was bound by countless vines.

Even his head was entirely covered in green.

“Screech…” A sound that made ones hair stand on end resounded.

With that, the Desolate Gods body was torn apart by the vines!

Lila smiled, “High-grade fertilizer should not be wasted.”

Following this, the huge amount of energy converted from the immortals body was refined into other attributed energies and distributed to the beasts.

The moment the different attributed energies reached the other beasts, they became nourishment for their respective world skills.

The energy was obtained from the enemy, and would ultimately be used on the enemy.

It was quite appropriate.

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Chu Feng was slightly shocked as he thought to himself, “The Wild Bear didnt even use desolate world, yet it can already kill an immortal region lord.

If it unleashed its full strength by using desolate world and its principle energy, it would probably even be able to take an immortal world lord head-on.”

With this conclusion, he understood.

The battle strength of a totem in the tenth realm was roughly equivalent to an immortal region lord.

As for the Wild Bear, due to his many techniques, it could even fight an immortal world lord.

At this time, a soul suddenly floated in the void.

Chu Feng casually reached out and suppressed the Desolate Gods soul!

The Desolate God was shocked and furious, shouting, “What are you trying to do!”

His cultivation was of the body amplification system.

Now that even his body was destroyed, he couldnt even fight against an immortal star lord! Furthermore, the Desolate God was, after all, an immortal that focused on close combat.

As such, his spirit attribute was naturally weak.

Chu Feng chuckled, “You should know about mental enslavement right”

The Desolate God was taken aback and felt that his divinity had been insulted, “I am the subordinate of the war god.

How dare you even think of enslaving me!”

“The subordinate of the war god” Chu Feng snickered, “So what Ive even received the inheritance of the true God Luo He.

In terms of status, I should be nobler than you.”

The Desolate God scolded, “A mere totem wants to enslave me Ridiculous!”

“Do you think youre still a God Youre just a defeated opponent of mine, yet you still dare to put on airs before me”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly was summoned and looked at its Beastmaster with a strange expression.

Didnt its boss also know how to use mental enslavement Why didnt he make a move this time

Chu Feng didnt intend to reveal his abilities in front of the enemy at the moment.

Being able to do so was one thing, but revealing his abilities was another.

“I owe senior Monica a debt of gratitude, yet you injured her and even tried to enslave her.

Since thats the case, then you can be the spiritual slave you wish to be.”

Upon hearing this, the newly-ascended immortal Mythical Tree looked at Chu Feng in a daze.

She had mixed feelings.

She felt that she had only taken a nap, so how could she have missed out on so many things She was also touched by Chu Fengs benevolence and kindness.

She felt that it was extremely wise of her to have left her seed behind back then… Of course, Monica did not think that Chu Feng could enslave a God.

Even so, she was still very touched.

“If it werent for Chu Feng, my tree world would definitely have been destroyed.

At that time, even if I was an immortal, I would be reduced to a slave,” Thinking of this, Monica felt very fortunate.

At this moment, a vast amount of spiritual power suddenly surged into the Desolate Gods soul in the void!

“No, impossible! This is impossible!!” The Desolate God revealed an unprecedented expression of fear as he roared, “Chu Feng, youre crazy! You cant enslave me! If the war god finds out, hell definitely kill you…”

Perhaps realizing that the other party didnt think much of this threat, the Desolate God softened his stance and begged Chu Feng not to enslave him.

However, no matter if it was coercion or enticement, none of it worked.

The Desolate Gods voice weakened bit by bit.

Then, a jade green light flashed and the Desolate God recovered to perfect condition.

This miracle of rebuilding ones body was one of the effects of the maxed-out miracle of life! It was effective even on immortals.

The Desolate God bowed and was extremely humble, “Im willing to give up everything for Master.”

The ruler of the wild region, an immortal region lord, was actually offering his loyalty like a slave!


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