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The secret realm of the Blue Planet had opened, and the 12 Gods who received the news were all here.

The immortals stood high above, looking down at the beings of the Blue Planet struggling.

The Wolf Gods voice came from the depths of space and time.

His voice was heard, but he was not to be seen, “That newly risen immortal tree seems to have the shadow of the Tree God, and theres a lot of faith surrounding it.”

The Poison God cackled, “If not for these reasons, how could a mere fifth realm totem become an immortal”

“This trees luck is pretty good,” The Ghost Gods voice was bone-chilling, “Originally, to become immortal, one has to at least reach the sixth realm of origin to be able to condense the principle source crystal.”

“Ghost God, youre wrong, no In my opinion, this is clearly bad luck to the extreme!” The Earth God shook his head repeatedly, not quite agreeing, and said, “To dare to block the attack of a region lord as a mere star lord, and its even the attack of the Desolate God who broke through to the totem level in the seventh realm and has a deep understanding of the three principles of strength, defense, and speed, that tree is dead for sure.”

The Fire God also humphed in agreement, “Its just a mere tree world.

Theres no way it can block the Gods fist that hasnt even fully unleashed its strength!”

Some of the Gods who were relatively neutral simply stood and watched silently.

Most of the Gods watching the battle from the side were either disdainful or mocking.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out, “Wild Bear, kill him.”

The Gods looked over in shock and immediately found it ridiculous.

The one who spoke was actually a mere legend-level Beastmaster This was even worse than the tree just now!! To think a mere legend actually dared to say to kill the Desolate God! One had to know that in the war of the Gods in ancient times, the Desolate God was only second to the pinnacle immortals! His battle strength was even comparable to the Dragon God! Though the Dragon God had obtained many benefits in the secret realm after that and became an immortal world lord, thus far surpassed the Desolate God now.

Even so, the Desolate God was unquestionably strong.

Otherwise, the wild region wouldnt have the Desolate God as its leader.

Everyone present had heard about the person who had just spoken before them.

They heard that the Desolate God had once been defeated by Chu Feng, and even the Desolate Gods ninth son, the desolate giant, had been killed by him.

But so what The difference between the Desolate God and the desolate giant was huge! He wanted to kill the immortal region lord, the Desolate God It was a fantasy indeed.

“Boom!” The demon gods energy spread out.


“Ah! Ah!” The Desolate Gods painful cry came from afar.

The two fists had collided, and it was needless to say who had been injured after the collision.

At first, the Desolate God thought that it was because he hadnt unleashed his full strength that had allowed the Wild Bear to take advantage of him.

But soon, they exchanged dozens of moves in a split second, and the result was the same as before.

The Desolate Gods arm was broken!

“Boom! Boom!”

Amidst the continuous explosions, the Desolate Gods furious roar continued, “How is this possible Its impossible! !”

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He was clearly a region lord amongst the immortals, so how could he be completely suppressed by a mere totem beast! To the Desolate God, an injured arm would not cause him to lose his ability to fight.

With endless divine strength, he was not afraid of being injured at all.

However, the battle that seemed more humiliating than being a serious battle made him extremely angry.

He couldnt accept it mentally.

Yet, no matter what the Desolate God did, the injury on his arm couldnt even heal for even a second.

Not only was he being forced back, but the immortal who used to put on airs was now badly bruised! Realizing his miserable state, even his eyes were red.

The Desolate God roared, constantly healing and fighting.

As the battle continued, he felt more and more indignant, “This beast only has a tiny bit of my bloodline, why should I be suppressed!”

Obviously, the Desolate God had forgotten to use his title after being enraged.

Chu Feng who was watching couldnt help but smile.

To be honest, the feeling of suppressing the Gods and beating them up was pretty good.

Chu Feng indifferently glanced at the other party, “Why not The so-called twelve Gods are just the reserve forces of the Eastern Temper.

Currently, only the three Gods, namely the Dragon God, Ancient God, and Water God are immortal world lords.

They all have titles in the Eastern Temple, but who do you think you are”

The Desolate God flew into a rage, “Chu Feng! Do you think you are very powerful In front of the war god, you are no different from an ant!”

“Desolate God, you are really too laughable!” Thinking of all the information he had obtained from the illusory world, Chu Feng looked at the God in front of him as if he was looking at a fool.

“In the secret realm of the Blue Planets previous era, you are the most laughable clown! In the battle of the Gods, although you and the Dragon God chose to perish together, you died much later! If we scrutinize the battle, you, the Desolate God, should be the final victor! Yet after the secret realm opened, you didnt receive any benefits! Just like before, youre still an immortal region lord!”

According to the information from the illusory world, the Blue Planets secret realm was similar to the world skills like the dragon world! Of course, it was naturally exceptional since it could attract the Eastern Temples attention.

Regarding the matters of the Blue Planet, they had to start from the beginning.

At the beginning of the universe, a primal Chaos God had existed! The God had erratic behaviour, so in the end, many chaos-type demons and gods gathered and decided to join forces to kill him! Yet, in the end, they were still one step behind.

The Chaos God had only lost one origin world and managed to escape from the encirclement of the Gods.

The origin world that had lost its world lord then began to drift around in the void.

As time passed, the Blue Planet was finally formed!

In other words, the Blue Planet was extremely rare.

It was not created by a certain someone.

Instead, it was formed from the origin world of the Chaos God! After the origin world became the Blue Planet, a series of events happened.

Later on, the Blue Planets secret realm became one that would open at a fixed time.

So far, it had opened 20 times.

The Blue Planet belonged to the Eastern divine region, so naturally, the authority over the place was in the hands of the Eastern Temple.

Although the Blue Planets secret realm was only formed by one of the Chaos Gods origin worlds, it was quite difficult to crack and take for oneself.

In any case, the various existences in Gods world were still unable to do so.

Since they couldnt turn it into their own use, nor did the origin world seem to be of much use, thus, the Blue Planet was simply given to the war god.

At first, the war god had only treated the Blue Planet as a toy field.

He would even find all sorts of Gods and place them here, only to watch them play games.

The truly valuable things in the secret realm of the Blue Planet were basically all in the hands of the golden-armored war god.

Chu Fengs authority in the illusory world wasnt high, so he didnt know that much.

All he knew was that the Gods gains were only a tiny bit that had leaked out from the gaps between the war gods fingers.

In the eyes of the war god, the Blue Planet was like a treasure that could produce resources on a regular basis.

That continued until the human beast taming civilization on the Blue Planet in the last eon.

Thanks to the secret realm of the Blue Planet, Luo He and his beast had both become true Gods.

Their combat strength even surpassed that of the war god who had always controlled the Blue Planet.

If it wasnt for the fact that it was against the rules, the current ruler of the Blue Planet would already be Luo He!

“Chu Feng, what would you know!” After being exposed, Desolate God was extremely furious.

Chu Feng chuckled coldly, “You cant possibly think that others dont know about your despicable actions, do you You took in the Blue Planets immortal Demon God as your subordinate, then secretly became jealous because the other party obtained the chaos inheritance, and killed him!”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear abruptly punched, its fist piercing through the Desolate Gods shoulder! Following this, the Wild Bear simply tore off the other partys arm and threw it away! A green vine suddenly appeared in mid-air, wrapping around the huge arm.

Lila smiled, “This arm still has quite a bit of divine strength.

Its quite a treasure, for the tree sprites as nourishment.”

As she said this, the arm formed from divine strength turned into vitality in the blink of an eye.

The Desolate God gritted his teeth, “Chu Feng! You must die!!”


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