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Chu Feng truly felt the terror of Unlimited Enhancement, the talent of an unknown grade! Under normal means, if a living being were to cultivate a principle or skill to level 10, the level couldnt possibly go any higher than that.

But Chu Feng was able to raise his principles to the maximum level! After its level was maxed out, it could still be enhanced, and would most likely give rise to a terrifying existence that surpassed the principles! Something more terrifying than the principles… Perhaps, the laws Chu Feng was in a daze and an inexplicable epiphany.

[Chu Feng]

[Level: Tenth realm legend]

[Beastmaster Talent: Unlimited Enhancement (unknown grade), Beastmasters Divine Heart (SSS-grade)]

[Beasts: Six tenth realm totems, namely the Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Mythical Tree, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, Astral Spirit.]

[Principles Comprehended: Beast principle source (level 1)]

Beast principle source, comprehended to level 1 In the Human Lords heritage space, Chu Feng tilted his head.

As a legend-level Beastmaster, a level one principle that could suppress overlords was naturally not his limit.

But now, he did not plan to continue comprehending it.

“If I can raise the beast principle source to the maximum level, the Beastmasters Divine Heart should also undergo a qualitative change.

When that time comes, I might even be able to use the beast principle source directly.

If I can do that, my combat power should be able to increase by a few hundred times!” As he thought about this, Chu Feng left the illusory world.

He was, after all, the expert who had overturned the person who had ranked first on the totem battle rankings board for many years.

He was currently famous, even true Gods knew the name Tyrant! Ignoring all kinds of gazes in the open and in the dark, after leaving the illusory world, Chu Feng teleported to the Blue Planet.

“The secret realm of the Blue Planet is about to open.

All natives, leave immediately!” From the voice, it was Desolate God who had once turned into a stone statue and guarded the ancient tower.

He seemed to have thought of something and his voice became colder, “Those who offend the Gods will die!”

Suddenly, two people landed next to Chu Feng.

The two human magnates had ugly expressions.

They could clearly see the calamity in the Blue Planets future.

“The Gods of the past have really descended!” Wu Yu was very worried, “The twelve Gods are all at the immortal level, and the weakest within them seems to be an immortal region lord.

There might even be immortal world lords!”


“Why did the Gods have to descend now!” Zhong Hen clenched his fists, “These twelve Gods seem to be the subordinates of the Eastern Temples war god, and the reason they are here is to get their hands on the Blue Planets secrets!”

“From the sound of it, they should be after the secret realm of the Blue Planet!” Wu Yu made his judgment, saying, “Even the beast taming civilization of the Blue Planet that true God Luo He was from couldnt escape the fate of destruction.”

Zhong Hen sighed helplessly, “Can we really survive the calamity of the Blue Planet this time They have 12 immortals, but we dont have any on the Blue Planet!”

The two looked at each other and the helplessness and anger in their hearts grew stronger.

Even though the magnates were never afraid of any danger, faced with such a disaster, they were extremely helpless and pained…

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“After guarding the Blue Planet for 300 years, Chu Feng has finally arrived.

With third brothers exceptional talent, he can definitely bring us Blue Planet people to the level of the humans in the central divine region! Just why did the Gods have to come at this time” Wu Yus heart ached terribly.

For a moment, the two magnates simply couldnt accept their bleak future.

But soon, they chose to face it.

Zhong Hen said in a deep voice, “Now, we must consider the Blue Planets backup plan.

Not only us humans, but the ten thousand races have also protected the Blue Planet for hundreds of years.”

Wu Yu and his second brother looked at each other, and a hint of determination flashed in their eyes.

The former then looked at Chu Feng with incomparable solemnity, “Third brother, I hope that you can bring the descendants of the Blue Planet far away from here! Go and seek refuge with the central divine region.

Im afraid that our Blue Planet wont be able to survive this great calamity…”

“I hope that you wont blame us for being too selfish,” Zhong Hen sighed and said, “This plan is already the most feasible one at the moment.

As long as the descendants of the races are still around, theres still hope.”

Chu Feng, who had remained silent all this while, could not help but sigh when he heard this.

He of course knew why his two brothers were acting like this.

If not for the huge difference in strength, who would want to abandon their home and flee to a foreign land All compromises and choices made were only for the continuation of the races.

Everyone understood the logic, but…

Chu Feng simply said, “We dont need to flee.”

Wu Yu was confused and said anxiously, “Chu Feng, we know youve already broken through to the legend level, but the gods are all immortals!”

Zhong Hen immediately followed, “The terror of an immortal is far beyond our imaginations.

Third brother, this matter concerns the continuation of all races, dont be stubborn!”

“How would I be stupid at such a crucial time” Chu Feng smiled, then said seriously, “The ninth son of the Desolate God, the desolate giant, has already been killed by me.

The feeling of killing an immortal star lord isnt much different from killing an unsentient beast.

Even if an immortal region lord comes, or worse, an immortal world lord, I can still kill him!”

As he spoke, he released the vast aura that he had previously been concealing.

The two magnates exchanged a few glances, ad the sadness from before suddenly dissipated.

Every time their third brother revealed such a calm and confident look, the huge predicament before them wouldnt be a problem.

This matter was basically settled! At this time, a powerful aura suddenly surged out of the Blue Planet.

A jade-colored gods power spread into the void, enveloping the Blue Planet… The immortal level tree world had descended!

“Ive guarded the Blue Planet for thousands of years, why should I give it to you just because you say so”

The originally distant voice gradually became clearer, and there was even disdain within, “I was thinking who it was, but its just an immortal star lord.

What right do you have to speak here !”

With that, a huge fist came from the void, seemingly able to shatter the entire void! Just from its momentum, this fist hadnt unleashed its full strength.

Otherwise, the Blue Planet would probably disintegrate entirely on the spot! It seemed that the Gods like the Desolate God cared a lot about the secret realm on Blue Planet.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be so apprehensive.

The reason why he threw out this punch was only to break through the tree world to weaken the enemys strength.

At the same time, he probably wanted to take the opportunity to enslave the enemy, making the other party cannon fodder in dangerous situations.

After all, the secret treasures in the universes dangerous situations were so valuable they could make even a true God go crazy!

Having just broken through to the immortal level, when Monica sensed that the Blue Planet was under threat, her first reaction was to protect it.

Faced with an aggressive attack now, her expression immediately changed.

She could already sense that her tree world was no match for this punch! But this tree world had already condensed her immortal origin energy!! If even this could not protect the planet, then wouldnt the Blue Planet become a toy field for the Gods

Suddenly, a voice sounded in the distant void, “Desolate God, you are finally here.”

Chu Fengs voice was slow, “I hope this fist of yours is worthy of your illustrious name.

Otherwise, you wont be fun to kill.”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear immediately appeared in the void, instantly expanding into a 10,000 meter giant bear.

It responded to the Desolate Gods attack with a punch that was wrapped in thick demonic energy!

Level-ten myth skill… Demon god sky splitter!!

“Chu Feng, I havent gone to look for you yet, but I didnt expect you to take the initiative to seek death! Haha, you cant be thinking that true God Luo He would come and save you, right Today, youre dead for sure!!” The Desolate Gods words were filled with rage and killing intent, his aura surging to the heavens.

His rage should have accumulated for quite some time.

Chu Feng was calm and composed, “Wild Bear, kill him.”

“Awoo!” Hearing its Beastmaster being belittled, the Wild Bear was furious, and its great strength increased once more.



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