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Chu Fengs consciousness entered the beast space, and the first thing he saw was the Astral Spirit.

Hera had already broken through to become a totem-level, and with her current combat strength, she could completely suppress an Immortal Star Lord.

Even if it was the Immortal domain lord, Hera could use her trump card to kill him!


The moment Wild Bear returned to the beast space, the vast aura on his body began to radiate in all directions.

It was that of a tenth stage totem-level.

Mirage Butterfly and Dark-sky Azure Dragon also returned one after another.

Under the influence of the beasts, the beast space rapidly expanded.

“Hello, Boss.” Mystic Fall Fighter Jet appeared and greeted Chu Feng.

It had thought that it would be left out in the enhancement through divine source.

After all, its dozens of skills were indeed too many.

Similarly having reached the tenth stage and upgraded to a totem-level, Mystic Fall Fighter Jets bloodline had upgraded to advanced true God-level.

Chu Feng believed that if it could receive enough divine source, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet would definitely grow to a terrifying level.

He thought, “In the future, if I really have an endless amount of divine source, then no matter what, I have to take Mystic to the machinery base to learn 10 thousand kinds of skills and upgrade them to the maximum level!”

He had lofty aspirations, but unfortunately, his divine source was indeed insufficient.

“Im really too poor! !”

“Chu Feng,” Lila suddenly said.

“Shall I break through to totem-level now”

Chu Feng nodded.

“All right.”

After reaching the tenth stage, beasts could break through to totem-level at any time.

However, possibly having considered the close relationship between itself and the beast space, Mythical Tree did not break through as soon as it left the universe origin.

Chu Feng knew very well in his heart that once Lila broke through, the beast space would definitely adjust and become a complete world.

At that moment, he was still standing on Blue Planet.

However, the incomparably high void was floating with the beast space! A breath filled with life gushed from the beast space.

From it, one could sense that the beast space had undergone a qualitative change! The size of the beast space was gradually catching up to the Blue Planet, eventually becoming larger than the Blue Planet.


Chu Feng closed his eyes to sense the atmosphere.

The beast space had turned into a square, but from one side, the sky outside looked like an upside-down bowl.

The size of the beast space finally stopped at twice the size of Blue Planet.

The sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the seas, the rivers, everything was born! The entire beast world was filled with immortal spiritual energy.

It looked like the realm of immortals.


A certain shackle seemed to be broken in an instant, and Chu Feng broke through to legend-level.

“Sigh, I still have to contract six more…”

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Before a beastmaster became legend-level, the contractual relationship between them and their bonded beasts was actually not stable.

If a beastmaster had the thought of breaking the contract with their bonded beasts, it would actually be relatively easy to break the contract.

However, after Chu Feng became a legend-level beastmaster, the bond between him and his beasts was immediately strengthened to the point that it couldnt be broken at all.

If it had to be broken, that beastmasters realm would also be destroyed.

“My beast world has actually become so powerful.” Looking at the space that was even larger than his mother planet, Chu Feng had shock-filled eyes.

Perhaps it was because he constantly enhanced them, but his bonded beasts made up a beast world far stronger than other legend-level beast spaces, perhaps even a million times stronger! Chu Feng could feel that if the beast world crashed onto an Immortal Star Lord, then the latter would be instantly annihilated.

With just the beast world, he could fight against an Immortal domain lord and even kill him.

“Adding on my new second talent that didnt change much from the original, Beastmasters Divine Heart…” Chu Feng rubbed his chin and muttered, “I can definitely fight against an Immortal World Lord, but what about a world king or queen”

Other than the Immortal World Grandmaster that appeared many years ago, in the current universe, an Immortal World King or Queen was already considered the highest position.

Meanwhile, an Immortal World Lord, though weaker than a world king or queen by a fold, was still able to take over an entire realm for his or herself.

All the resources there would then belong to the corresponding Immortal World Lord, and that included the tens of thousands of planets in the realm! If an Immortal World Lord could advance to become an Immortal World King or Queen, he or she could have territory encompassing ten realms.

Thinking of that, Chu Feng still felt very regretful.

If only an Immortal World Lord could bring his territory with him, then he would definitely think of ways to kill the Immortal World Lord.

However, thinking about the living beings on the life planets, Chu Feng felt that it was troublesome.

It was better to have resources and treasures that didnt have life, for he could directly turn them into his own.

He didnt think too much about it.

He immediately gathered the vast energy into his body and put away the beast space from the past and the current beast world.

Once a beast space produced a beast principle source crystal, the beastmaster would be able to break through to immortality.

In a familiar courtyard in Heaven City.

After becoming a legend-level, Chu Feng would either rest in the courtyard or go to the virtual world to comprehend the principle sources of a true God.

The person he was studying recently was the Human Lord, who was the strongest true God among all the people in the central divine region.

Human Lord was a true God Beastmaster that appeared in the earliest period of the central divine region.

At that time, his divine might could even intimidate the entire universe! Even the distant eastern divine region had heard of him.

Human Lord led his bonded beasts to battle in all directions and killed more than a dozen true Gods! From that, it could be seen just how terrifying his strength was.

The reason why Chu Feng chose Human Lord to study was naturally not for his second talent, Beastmasters Divine Heart.

After all, he had already maxed it out.

Under normal circumstances, other beastmasters would need at least a few hundred thousand years to share 100% of their bonded beasts attributes.

Chu Feng chose Human Lord for the beast principle sources.

As a beastmaster, if he wanted to break through to immortality, he had to fully comprehend the beast principle sources.

The beast principle sources could be used to enhance the beast world, even divine beast worlds! Apart from that, beast principle sources could also be used on bonded beasts, allowing them to be enhanced in all aspects.

As for the effect of the enhancement, it would depend on the strength of the specific beast principle source.

Moreover, beast principle sources could be used to weaken the beasts or employ the power of different elements.

After a round of dizziness, Chu Feng gave a rough and simple characterization of the Beast Law.

“In other words, beast principle sources can be used to simulate various beastmaster talents to obtain corresponding effects, including but not limited to nurturing type beastmaster talents.”

For example, the effects of various beast skills could actually be achieved through high-tier beast principle sources.

However, most beastmasters would choose to focus on one type; the types included strengthening type, weakening type, creation type, and God Controller type.

For example, the former first place on the Totem Battle Leaderboard, Hanlin.

He specialized in god-controlling type, which placed great importance on beastmasters themselves.

Chu Feng roughly calculated that max-level beast principle sources could enhance all of a beastmasters talents, and even SSS-rank talents could be simulated to achieve the corresponding effects!

Chu Feng pondered, “There are three SSS-rank beastmasters on Blue Planet.

Zhong Hens machinery type talent falls under creation type.

If even the machinery species, ranked 37th on the Species Leaderboard, can be created by beastmaster talents, then could chaos type beastmasters create the chaos-type demons and gods from ancient times”


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