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It was 20 times more powerful!

The water contained a terrifying power, crazily engulfing many of the beasts.

The blood dyed the clear water red.


A few minutes later, the Wild Bear let out a low roar.

In the dim sky, pure energy descended, and the Wild Bear upgraded to extraordinary Level 4.

At the same time, the upgraded Golden Book was currently surrounding Qiao Shi with guilt.

Qiao Shi comforted it, “Its not your fault.

There are many extraordinary Level 3 beasts, and theyre all aquatic-type.

Theres nothing you can do about it.”

Hearing her comforting words, the Golden Book rubbed against her, expressing its relief.

It astonished Chu Feng that a book could have so many emotions.

The Beastmaster world was magical indeed.

For example, the Ancient Wind Chime and the Golden Book were under special-type pet beasts.

The range of special-type pet beasts was wide.

Even a stone in the wilderness, a spirit bird, and other animals born after absorbing the essence of the sun and moon were under the special-type pet beasts category.

Special-type pet beasts were rare.

Qiao Shis family background must be wealthy to have the Golden Book and the Ancient Wind Chime as her pet beasts.

“Could she be from the Qiao Family” Chu Feng thought to himself.

The Qiao family was one of the major powers in the Diming Base City.

Strictly speaking, they were much more powerful than the Tao family, almost second only to the city owner.

Rumor had it that the Qiao familys duty was to communicate with the totem god during the totem era.

It had been passed down for thousands of years and had a deep foundation.

The Qiao family was even more terrifying than the city owner that rose only after that.

Chu Feng immediately understood.

No wonder Qiao Shi had such profound knowledge.

It was impossible for her to read so many books in Diming High School.

Only a totem family with thousands of years of inheritance and countless ancient books could raise a Beastmaster like Qiao Shi.

Qiao Shi said, “Thank you, Chu Feng.”

She was referring to Chu Feng rescuing her.

She understood that it had been dangerous just now.

If Chu Feng didnt save her, Chu Feng would be able to keep the secret of the ruin to himself.

That was because even without Qiao Shi, Chu Feng could still pass the levels by himself, and it wouldnt be difficult for him.

She had never seen a Beastmaster more powerful than Chu Feng in the extraordinary-level.

Chu Feng smiled, “There is no need to thank me.

I cant just stand by and watch you die.”

Qiao Shi smiled in return.

She could tell that Chu Feng did not think much when he saved her.

He did it out of reflex and not out of benefit, which was enough to prove that Chu Feng was a kind man.

Qiao Shi had let down her guard against Chu Feng.

Compared to the third level, the fourth level of the ruin was cold.

The snow blanket covered the ground.

Qiao Shi said, “If an overlord-level beast space is the foundation of this ruin, that overlord-level Beastmaster should have achieved the division of this beast space.

Each level is an independent environment.

Moreover, he had to construct different environments according to the needs of the Beastmaster.”

Chu Feng nodded, “Is there a problem with that”

Qiao Shi said, “According to my observation, this beast space hasnt undergone any transformation.

It is likely that the overlord-level Beastmaster died and formed the relic because of a strong obsession.”

“Obsession” Chu Feng was in a puzzle.

Qiao Shi sighed, “There are records in some ancient books that this kind of naturally formed relic is the most dangerous.

That is because youll never know the hidden obsessions of that overlord-level Beastmaster under the treasures and rewards.”

Chu Feng couldnt help but ponder, “The obsessions of an overlord-level Beastmaster Speaking of obsessions, they must be extremely extreme.

If they wanted to harm us, would we be able to stop them”



The Wild Bear looked at the ice-type beasts appearing gradually and was a little dumbfounded.

It also surprised Chu Feng.

There was only one type of beast on this level.

[Ice Bear (Illusory)]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 4]

[Bloodline: Elementary Sovereign-Level]

[Talents: Advanced Ice-Type Talent, Mid-Level Strength Talent]

[Skills: 1.

Great Strength, 2.

Ice Body, 3.

Great Transformation, 4.


A total of 1,600 Ice Bears appeared in the fourth level.

These Ice Bears had snow-white fur all over their bodies and had camouflaged in the snow.

What made Chu Feng even more speechless was that the Ice Bears and the Wild Bear looked similar.

No wonder the Wild Bear was startled.

But it didnt seem strange.

After all, although the Wild Bears had a high bloodline, their appearance was similar to the Wild Bear with extraordinary-level bloodline.

Perhaps it was a common appearance in the bear species.



The Wild Bear was angry.

There were so many beasts that looked like it, and all of them were condensed phantoms.

That made the Wild Bear feel offended! It thought the heritage space was trying to provoke it.

Qiao Shis expression changed slightly, “Chu Feng, the Ice Bear is an elementary sovereign-level bloodline.

Its on a completely different level from the beast with an advanced extraordinary-level bloodline that appeared earlier…”

“Dont worry,” Chu Feng was confident.

There were only over a thousand Ice Bears.

He could hold them off!

In the world of Beastmasters, numbers werent everything.

There were over a thousand Ice Bears, and the Ice Bears were only at the extraordinary Level 4.

It wouldnt be a problem for them to kill the beasts even if they were of sovereign Level 1.

Of course, Chu Feng didnt have a sovereign-level pet beast.

The situation would be extra terrifying if a sovereign-level pet beast came out to fight under the effects of the ruin.


The Wild Bear charged forward fiercely.

Suddenly, its body released a violent aura.

Wild body! Wild domain!

The Wild Bear used every skill it had, except for the great strength because it was powerful only in a one-on-one fight.

A single punch could solve most of the problems.

However, the effect was mediocre, facing a group of beasts.

The Wild Bear relied on its wild nature to quickly finish off those Ice Bears.

The Ice Bears body grew, reaching seven to eight meters tall.

The difference in size between the two became smaller.

However, the Wild Bear was still calm.

Its giant form was not the source of its strength.

Moreover, the Ice Bears body size was two meters at first.

They were around seven to eight meters after transforming, while Wild Bears body size was twenty times larger.

The difference between the two was still huge.

Qiao Shi worried no more when she realized the Wild Bear was on the winning side.

Only the Wild Bear had the opportunity to harm the beast, which shocked Qiao Shi.

She couldnt help but look at Chu Feng, thinking that he was unfathomable.

He didnt use his full strength in the first three levels of the ruin.

Qiao Shi could tell that the Wild Bear didnt use its full strength.

Initially, she did not care about the basic skills.

It was because a basic skill would still have limitations no matter how powerful it was.

However, Qiao Shi had seen Wild Bear use its full strength.

With a single kick, the Wild Bear could cause enormous waves, making her unable to ignore the power of the skill anymore.

The Wild Bear defeated those Ice Bears.

Even when the Ice Bears continued to charge forward without fear of death, they still could not pose a threat to the Wild Bear.

Instead, the Wild Bear felt a little bored of having an easy fight.


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