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With the help of true Gods heritages, the Astral Spirit aside, the other five beasts had all reached the ninth stage.

As for Chu Feng himself, he was only a hairs breadth away from the tenth stage.

Due to the great connection between the beasts and the beast space, after all the bonded beasts had reached the ninth stage, the space was extremely close to a real world with the solar system and the Great Treasure Vault.

Chu Feng pointed at a large number of treasures on the exchange platform.

“Exchange these for supreme treasure points, then exchange them all for pearls of divine source.”

“All treasures can be exchanged for 10 million supreme treasure points, that is, 1 thousand pearls of divine source.

Do you want to proceed with the exchange”

Chu Feng nodded.

“Go ahead.”

“Exchange complete.

Please collect the goods in time.”

After retrieving the pearls of divine source, Chu Feng immediately converted all 1 thousand of them into divine source.

Notifications rang in his mind one after another, gradually coming to a halt.

“Current possession: 1,200 divine source points.”

He would spend all the points, including the leftover 200 points from before.

1,200 might seem like a pretty decent amount, but at the end of the day, it was not enough.

After thinking about it, Chu Feng decided to leave the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet out and gave growth points to his bear, butterfly, tree, and dragon beasts.

After all, the other beasts had fewer myth-level skills to level up.

As for the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, all the skills on its interface were directly activated in myth-level, and it would take a long time to max out all of them in a short period of time.

If it were an ordinary person, they probably wouldnt be able to complete it no matter how many livers they had.

In any case, with the 1,200 divine source points he had now, even Chu Feng wouldnt be able to raise all of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets skills to level 50.

“Having too many beast skills is also a burden.” Chu Feng couldnt help but sigh.

It wasnt easy being a beastsmaster.

Every single divine source was converted into strength, and the beasts aura were rising bit by bit.


While Chu Feng was collecting the ten million heritage growth points from the Wild Lords heritage, in the great wilderness where the Wild Divine Palace was, Old Wild Lord sat on the throne at the very top, his eyes seemingly on fire.

“Ten days have passed since the fall of my son, Wild Lord.

In another twenty days, I will personally go to Blue Planet to avenge him! I will kill that damned Chu Feng! !”

Unlike when Ming Feng had died in battle, the death of Wild Lord made Old Wild Lord extremely furious.

Even when his stone statue was previously killed by Chu Fengs Wild Bear, he wasnt as furious.

The stones statues only purpose was to send out some divine beliefs, and Chu Feng was no different from an ant at that time.

But presently, everything was different.

Since Chu Feng could kill an Immortal Star Lord, what about an Immortal domain lord

As the Immortal domain lord, Old Wild Lord was afraid of that.

He didnt expect that the ant-like Chu Feng had become so powerful.

The immortal-level who had been sitting on the throne couldnt help but feel anxious.

Chu Feng had grown up too quickly.

He was clearly still overlord-level, but he was able to kill an Immortal Star Lord.

Old Wild Lord was not sure if he would be able to subdue him! At that moment, a message suddenly transmitted to his mind.

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“Change of plans.

All gods can head to Blue Planet.

The secret realm of the Blue Planet is about to open.”

Old Wild Lord laughed loudly.

This change of plan was just right.

Chu Feng was definitely going to die!

“Haha, just in time.

Chu Feng is dead meat! I wonder why even the master of the Eastern Temple is in such a rush”

Within the eastern divine region, many Immortal Gods had received that same message.

However, their responses were all different.

Amid the sea of flowers, the incredibly beautiful Flower God gently gazed in the distance as she muttered, “Its been moved forward.

What exactly is going on Could it be that Blue Planet has shown signs of oddity”

The Tree God was incomparably tall, its main body reaching the void.

As if having seen the world for what it was, it possessed an imcomparably wise-sounding voice.

“I hope that after the calamity, Blue Planet will still be around.”

Wolf God walked in the space-time turbulence and muttered to himself, “Luo He could break through to become an almost invincible true God within ten thousand years because of Blue Planets secret realm.

I wonder what great benefits I can obtain this time”

Dragon God, who was originally entrenched in the void, immediately rushed out after receiving the message, leaving behind the words, “The previous trip to the secret realm allowed me to directly rise from an Immortal Star Lord to an Immortal World Lord! If there are enough benefits, I might be able to rise to a higher level this time!”

The 12 gods were already in position, lying in wait for the secret realm to open! Chess Lord, a human-shaped being dressed in golden armor, looked far into the vast sky, his heart trembling.

He mused, “If I can unravel the secret realm of Blue Planet and seize it, then even I, who is at the eighth stage, can become a supreme existence!”

On Blue Planet of the ancient solar system, high up in the sky, there was an incomparably huge beast space.

When fully activated, the beast space could even cover part of the Blue Planet.

The master of the beast space, Chu Feng, had a strange feeling.

Once he broke through to become a legend-level beastmaster, the beast space would also be upgraded to a complete world.

At that time, the beast space would be even bigger than Blue Planet itself.

In fact, the size of the beast space presently was comparable to the Earth in his previous life, and the size of Blue Planet was equivalent to over a hundred Earths.

Taking that into consideration, once Chu Feng broke through to legend-level, the beast space would undergo a terrifyingly huge qualitative change.

According to the Beastmaster Cultivation System, there were two ultimate qualitative changes of a beast space.

One was when a beastmaster broke through to legend-level, and the other was when a beastmaster broke through to true God-level.

Once a beastmaster broke through to legend-level, the beast space would be upgraded to a complete world, and when they broke through to true God-level, the beast space would be upgraded to an extremely powerful true Gods country.

If it reached the limit, the beastmaster could smash other true gods to death with a wave of their hand.

As for those below true God-level, in front of a true God-level beastmasters true Gods country, they were not even ants.

“Legend-level!” Chu Fengs joy and excitement couldnt be suppressed at all.

From the moment he activated his first SSS-rank talent until the present, it had only been a little more than six months.

That day, he could finally break through to legend-level! A vast aura spread out from Chu Fengs body.

He was not the only one.

The bear, butterfly, tree, dragon beasts, as well as the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had also undergone some changes.

At that moment, he and his five beasts were all in the ninth stage, close to the universes singularity point!

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jets myth-level skills including mechanical treasury, overload origin, photon calculation, and totem armor were all upgraded to myth level 10.

As for the other offensive weapon skills such as laser beam and electromagnetic cannon, they still didnt level up.

After all, Chu Feng only had 1,200 divine source points to divide among five beasts.

How could it be enough

However, even if he couldnt upgrade all of his skills to myth level 10, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet itself still reached the tenth stage.

The same went for the bear, butterfly, tree, and dragon beasts.

Due to their extremely strong foundation, they could reach the tenth stage without even needing to upgrade their myth-level skills.

Chu Feng flashed a sincere smile.

“This is great.

Be it myself or my beasts, weve all unlocked the full potential of overlord-level.

I can break through to the next stage without any regrets.”

If any other living creature saw that scene, they would definitely be shocked out of their wits.

After all, the deepest known core of origin was the ninth stage.

In the entire Gods world, there were only a handful of supreme existences who could reach it.

Yet, there was actually a beastmaster who wanted both himself and his bonded beasts to reach the unheard-of.

“Current possession: 0 divine source points.”

The resources available had already been squeezed dry.

As for the other myth-level skills that had yet to reach level 10, they could only wait for the big gift bag.


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