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“The loser doesnt need to know so much,” replied Chu Feng.

As the former number one universe-level genius, Hanlin naturally had his own pride.

He said seriously, “In the next battle, I will definitely be able to defeat you.” If he couldnt do it the first time, then he would do it the second time.

If he couldnt do it the second time, then he would do it the third time.

No matter what, he would definitely be able to catch up!

“Whatever you want.” Chu Feng looked at him indifferently.

“No matter what, you cant beat me.

I advise you to give up early.”

Not to mention winning, just continuing on as a beastmaster would be hard for Hanlin.

As the golden sword slashed down, Hanlin who had lost his beasts vanished into thin air.

Totem Battle Leaderboard.

1: Human from the eastern divine region, Tyrant.

2: Human from the central divine region, Hanlin.

The surrounding totem-levels and even the Immortal Gods were all shocked.

“First place is Tyrant! !”


“Damn, what a loss! If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have bet…”

“What the hell Wasnt the central divine region even capable of fighting the Immortal Star Lord How could they be defeated by an overlord-level !”

“First it was Tracy, then Casari, and now even the number one on the past Totem Battle Leaderboard has been defeated by Tyrant! Could it be that he has already broken through to become a legend-level beastmaster !”

“Even if he did break through, its impossible for his beasts to become instantly become totem-level!”

“Why are the geniuses of the human species each more monstrous than another”

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“If Tyrant really defeated the legend-level beastmaster Hanlin while at overlord-level, then how terrifying is his combat strength”

“I once fought with him.

I can only say that his extremely exaggerated combat strength is indeed very tyrannical!”

“Sigh, why do I feel like the Immortal Star Lord should be anxious”

The latest news of the battle leaderboard quickly spread, reaching the ears of many living beings.

The insect races Empress, Tracy, who was previously ranked 10th and currently ranked 11th, was very shocked.

After all, she was an eighth stage totem-level that had once fought with Tyrant and naturally knew how exaggerated Tyrants combat strength was.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that it was beyond imagination.

However, she didnt expect that even Hanlin, who had been first on the leaderboard for many years, couldnt win him!

“Tyrant, who exactly are you Why are you so strong…” Casari, the former second-ranked Astral Spirit who was now ranked third, sighed repeatedly.

His smile was mixed with bitterness.

In the past, Hanlin was ranked first on the Totem Battle Leaderboard, while she was ranked second.

Even though she knew that she couldnt defeat the number one genius beastmaster, she could still persist in challenging him every month.

Even if she couldnt defeat him, she could still learn all sorts of battle experience from fighting against a stronger opponent.

Previously, she had thought that she was only weaker than one person.

But after fighting against Tyrant, Casari finally understood what the humans often said, “Theres always someone better than you.”

Even if she could stand repeated defeats, she wouldnt be able to maintain her calm under such terrifying pressure of his.

If Hanlin was said to be a huge mountain that could stimulate ones fighting spirit, then Tyrants combat strength was the sky.

With such a huge gap, she wouldnt even think of trying to catch up.

Facing Tyrant whose fighting strength was extremely exaggerated, Casari only felt powerless.

Perhaps, that was what top-tier meant.

The news of the first place on the Totem Battle Leaderboard changing was transmitted from the illusory world to the real world.

In the central divine region, after returning from the illusory world, Hanlin sat on a stone chair, staring blankly at the autumn landscape by the pavilion.

He didnt know when exactly, but a true God-level existence had appeared before him.

Hanlin was at a loss like he had never been before.

He said dejectedly, “Teacher, could it be that Im really no match for an overlord-level beastmaster Tyrant is clearly overlord-level, but why could I only watch as my beasts were all killed…”

Even after leaving the illusory world, the relevant information about the battlefield was not allowed to be revealed.

Thus, Hanlin was unable to be more specific.

Yuan Chou, a true God-level beastmaster did not comfort the young man who had suffered a huge blow.

He frowned and pondered out loud, “It seems that the rumors are true.

That Tyrant on the Totem Battle Leaderboard is really just overlord-level, and he hasnt even become legend-level.

How can he be stronger than the outstanding junior we have carefully trained”

The elders mumbling seemed to have become an invisible blade that stabbed into the heart of Hanlin.

Hanlin pursed his lips, and he became even more depressed.

As expected, even his teacher felt that he couldnt compare to Tyrant.

“Tyrant is a fellow human, and his talent is so monstrous.

Yet, hes from the eastern divine region…” Yuan Chou pondered for a moment.

“Hanlin, did you invite Tyrant to join the central divine region”

Hanlin who was immersed in his loss was slightly startled when he heard that.

Invite Tyrant to join the central divine region He remembered that he had said a lot back then and had even taken the initiative to mention the predicament the people of the central divine region.

Later, he seemed to taken the moral high ground, asking Tyrant to join the central divine region and contribute to the development of their human species.

Thinking of the Tyrants strong response, Hanlin broke out in sweat.

He felt like he had messed things up.

At that time, he hadnt seen how powerful Tyrant was, and he had roughly guessed that the other party was from a remote indigenous planet.

At that time, he had subconsciously thought that Tyrants combat strength was inferior to his, so naturally, he had unconsciously expressed superiority.

In fact, even the most ordinary people in the central divine region would feel superior to the outlanders or those from indigenous planets, not to mention the number one totem-level genius, Hanlin, whose parents were true God-level.

As their son, Hanlin was born with a sense of pride.

How could he have imagined that after so many years as number one on the Totem Battle Leaderboard, he would one day be defeated by an overlord-level beastmaster from an indigenous planet If he had heard it from someone else, Hanlin would think it was fake news.

Looking back, the one who was truly arrogant and arrogant was clearly Hanlin himself!

Hanlin covered his face in shame, feeling extremely regretful.

How could Tyrant, who had his Astral Spirit reach the ninth stage, be inferior to him One had to know that even if Hanlin was known as the peerless genius of the central divine region who had the highest chance of becoming a true God-level beastmaster, there wasnt the slightest possibility of him being able to train his beast to the ninth stage.

The difference between the ninth stage and a lower stage was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Currently, the ninth stage beastmasters Hanlin knew of in the vast Gods world was only the the Five Divine Region Leaders including the Eastern Temples master, the Western Divine Mountains master, the Master of 10 Thousand Beasts, and the Poison Lord.

They were all supreme existences at true God-level.

It was said that every being that broke through to ninth stage totem-level had ocean-deep foundation.

If ones foundation wasnt deep enough, even if one became an Immortal God, it would be hard for them to break through to true God-level, much less the highest level above true God.

For totem-level geniuses like Han Lin and Casari, even if they had the chance to become true God-level in the future, they wouldnt be able to reach the level of the Eastern Temples master.

Amongst the countless geniuses, Chu Feng was the only one who could.

The reason Hanlin was so anxious on the battlefield was also because of the possibility that Chu Feng had become true-God level.

He did not even dare to think about the possibility of becoming a true God-level himself.

And if Hanlin could pull a true God-level over to the central divine region, then he would not let go of the opportunity.

Although the human species was strong enough to rank fifth on the Gods World Species Leaderboard, they did not have the protection of the master of the Eastern Temple and the creator of the illusory world, who were invincible supreme beings.

That was also why the other species dared to covet the Great Treasure Vault of the human species.


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