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Seeing such a super skill, Hanlin was extremely shocked.

“The eastern divine regions heaven suppression galaxy and myth-level skills Could it be that you belong to the temple and are the son of God”

“Son of God” Chu Feng was too lazy to continue the topic.

“Think whatever you want.”

As the Astral Spirit howled, its body emitted a sharp golden light, and a huge golden sword was raised high up toward the enemy.

Within the golden light was a separate layer of turquoise light, and the swords aura was breathtaking.

With a slash, the enemys Spatial Death Wolf was crushed into nothingness.

Although death in the virtual world wasnt reflected in real life, the feeling was completely the same.

After experiencing his bonded beast being killed by Tyrant, Hanlins face was extremely pale, and even a part of his beast space had shattered.

“This… is impossible !”

The Spatial Death Wolf was obviously blessed with an SSS-rank talent.

It could even fight a few rounds against an Immortal Star Lord, yet it died so easily when facing a beast of the Tyrant who was clearly just an overlord.

“Why… Could it be that your Astral Spirit has reached the ninth stage” Han Lin couldnt accept it and roared, “How could you have managed to train your beast to the legendary ninth stage !”

Chu Feng looked coldly at the person who had made a fool of himself and said nothing.

The ninth stage Wasnt the news too outdated It should be the tenth stage.

Moreover, if he could not train a ninth stage beast, then his SSS-rank nurturing type talent would be a scam.

As the number one totem-level genius, Hanlin had never suffered such a blow.

He muttered in a daze, “He has a terrifying combat strength that can completely crush me… How can the gap be so huge If I fully comprehend the human emperors inheritance and awaken my second talent, Tyrant will definitely not be able to compete with me.” The gloominess in Hanlins heart dissipated slightly.

“Second talent” Chu Feng waved his hand and condensed a huge golden sword.

The terrifying aura on it was not inferior to that of the Astral Spirit.

He took a step forward, and that terrifying aura spread out.

After its talent had been enhanced to myth-level, Wild Bear had comprehended three divine rank skills.

Among them, the skill control and the strength defense speed combination were extremely useful to Chu Feng.

The former fixed all the buffs, and there was no need to actively activate all kinds of enhancement skills.

The latter merged strength, defense, and speed into one single category!


Not only that, but Heras max-level super skill, mythical return, was also determined by skill control.

In the eyes of other living beings, Tyrant was at most an overlord beastmaster who had reached the ninth stage and wouldnt be able to withstand a single totem attack.

However, in reality, Chu Feng possessed all the attributes, skills, and experience of six beasts.

If one were to compare in detail, he probably had higher attributes than Wild Bear, stronger spiritual power than the Mirage Butterfly, a greater mastery of the elements than the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, a greater vitality than Heras, and a few hundred times more strength than a Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

In addition, the Astral Spirit had already broken through to become a totem-level, and its basic attribute had skyrocketed.

That was reflected in the beastmaster.

In fact, even the basic attributes of his beasts were enough to make him comparable to an immortal! If he used a skill, even Hera, who was at tenth stage totem-level, wouldnt be able to defeat him! Seeing Chu Feng actually use his beasts skill with his own eyes, Hanlin was extremely shocked.

“Skill sharing ! Why do you have this SSS-rank talent ! Didnt you come from the eastern divine region Even if you managed to gain access to the heritage in the past two days, its impossible for you to have comprehended to such a degree! Could it be… that youve refined the god-controlling heart !” As Hanlin said that, he kept shaking his head, clearly unable to accept it.

After all, the god-controlling heart was extremely precious.

In order to refine a god-controlling heart, one had to first use a beastmaster principle source crystal as the main material, then use it together with a precious treasure worth hundreds of millions of virtual currency.

Only then could such a precious item be produced! Moreover, there was only one kind of person in the world who could refine the god-controlling heart, and that was a true God-level human beastmaster!

Hanlins heart went cold, and he immediately summoned the rest of his beasts.

Due to the limitations of his talent, he ended up only casting his SSS-rank talent on his strongest beast.

Space-time Rabbit.

Foundation: eighth stage Totem beast with immortal-level elementary bloodline.

Talent: myth-level talent in time and space.

Skills: Divine Sources myth-level skills Space-time domain and Day-night domain as well as super skills Time domain, Space domain, Time Leap, Spatial Rift, Decay domain, and Life-death domain.

Looking at the rabbits list of skills, Chu Feng was a little envious.

Its Myth-level talent and skills could be said to be the absolute best! After staying in the virtual world for more than a month, Chu Feng had more knowledge than before.

Only then did he realize that even if he broke through to true God-level, the number of beasts he could contract was still twelve.

Although he wasnt sure how far away he was from true God-level, he was already very close to legend-level.

Currently, beasts hardly caught Chu Fengs eye, but the one in front of him did.

Chu Feng nodded to himself, thinking, “If I can find a Space-time Rabbit, I might as well contract it.”

Chu Feng did not care about it being of an immortal-level elementary bloodline.

He could always use his growth points to infinitely enhance it.

In his eyes, the important things were the talent and skills.

Under Hanlins100 Times Bonus talent, the Space-time Rabbit was no different from a space-time manipulator!

With a whoosh sound, the Space-time Rabbits figure disappeared.

Chu Feng could not help but sigh.

“In terms of space-time skills, not only do I have them, but theyre also stronger than yours.

Why do you have to show off in front of me”

With a casual pinch of Chu Feng, space gathered, and time was controlled.

The Space-time Rabbit that was hiding had no choice but to show itself and face the enemy head-on.

The giant golden sword that was gathered by Chu Feng slashed down without hesitation.

With one slash, the Space-time Rabbit died.

Hanlins already pale face instantly turned as pale as paper, and a trace of blood even seeped out from the corner of his lips.

While he was shocked, he was also extremely puzzled.

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“Even if youve awakened your second talent, Tyrant, youre still overlord-level.

But why is your combat ability so terrifying !” Hanlin looked at Chu Feng as if he had spotted a terrifying monster never seen before.

Chu Feng didnt say a word; he was too lazy to explain to others.

There were over 10 million living beings who, like Hanlin, were stuck in their current levels.

They didnt understand that when ones battle power was limitless, there werent publicly known levels of power that could define it.

Even if an Immortal Gods comprehension of the laws was extremely deep, they might not be able to display the exaggerated effects of a max-level skill.

Chu Feng was calm as usual, quietly looking at the stubborn Hanlin.

With a howl, the Astral Spirit had already formed over 10 thousand golden blades, looking extremely pressuring.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Gold light shot out, and the remaining 10 beasts of Han Lin were also annihilated.

Hanlin instantly crashed to the ground.

Bang! The beast space that had accompanied him for many years completely collapsed at that moment!

The physical effects of the battle would rapidly decrease after leaving the battlefield; Hanlin was indeed fortunate.

If it was in reality, he would have become a cripple.

The average person would not be able to bear hitting rock bottom from the peak.

Hanlin was incomparably miserable.

His head that had been held high could not help but lower.

He was clearly a legendary beastmaster with SSS-rank talent.

He could even fight against an Immortal Star Lord.

He was clearly the number one genius in the entire Gods world!

Hanlins face turned pale.

“Who exactly are you”


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