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“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit called out.

No one could escape its dual pupil technique! Maxed out super skill, ancient eye! Tenth realm myth skill, gods eye!

The desolate giant didnt think too much about it.

He simply changed directions and continued to attack.

Yet, his giant fist missed again! It was strange and unexpected!

At this moment, the desolate giant suddenly sensed killing intent.

In his agitation, he broke free from the illusion and saw the real situation he was facing.

An incomparably sharp golden light sword was slashing toward him with awe-inspiring sword intent! In a daze, the desolate giant could faintly see that the golden light sword was covered in a layer of translucent light.

“Yiya!” A crisp sound rang out, along with the sound of flesh and bone being torn apart.

With that, the desolate giants two arms were cut off by the golden light!

“Ahhh!” The giant couldnt help but howl in pain.

If his arms had been cut off in a normal way, the desolate giant wouldnt even frown.

What made him scream was the sharp sword intent left behind by the golden sword! Now, the desolate giant only felt as if countless bugs were tearing at his wounds and even burrowing into his body! The extreme pain he felt made his eyes pop!

“Yiya!” The Astral Spirit teleported to the giant and was extremely close! The desolate giant looked at the young beast in disbelief.

He felt like he was hallucinating.

How could a beast that could injure him to such a state be so young!

Right now, he was only left with two legs and a body to use.

He couldnt punch at all.

Due to the strange power left behind by the wounds on his arms, the desolate giant couldnt even regenerate his severed limbs.

He clearly had vast divine power, but he couldnt use it at all.

The desolate giant exclaimed, “A ninth realm totem beast!”

Even though he had fallen into such a miserable state, he still didnt dare to determine if Chu Feng had really trained his beast to the ninth realm of origin.

Even in the entire universe, there werent many ninth realm beasts! Even Luo He, the unrivaled Beastmaster of the human race, didnt have a ninth realm totem beast! Even the God-subduing General, who was almost unrivaled among true Gods, had no choice but to remain at the limit of the eighth realm origin back then.

Chu Feng ignored him, silently thinking to himself, “What use was the ninth realm What the Astral Spirit had reached in the universes origin was clearly the universes singularity, the tenth realm of the limit! Furthermore, Hera had received a universe-level congratulatory gift.

Her bloodline had advanced from the immortal level to the true God level!”


Chu Feng looked at the Astral Spirit and said, “Hera, just kill him.”

“Yi-ya!” The Astral Spirit nodded, as though she had agreed to a very normal thing, to kill an immortal.

The desolate giant was enraged, scolding, “I am an immortal from the wild region, I am also the son of the ancient Desolate God, as well as the ancestor of the desolate giant race, what right do you have to kill me!”

“Yiya,” Hera was extremely cold.

Without a second word, she summoned the vast galaxy and the chaotic Lethe to suppress him! The desolate giant revealed a blank expression, feeling that he was being called over by Lethe.

All things should return to where they came from, and returning to Lethe was his final destination.

The desolate giants body became heavier and heavier, the huge body he had been supporting suddenly became extremely heavy, to the point he couldnt even lift his legs… He couldnt even straighten his back.

In a daze, he looked at Chu Feng and despair filled his heart.


Was his beast really only a ninth realm totem! Why did the other party give him a terrifying pressure that far surpassed the pressure his Lord Father gave him The desolate giant found it incomprehensible.

He could only watch as his vitality decreased.

“Damn Chu Feng!! Not only did you kill my son, you even dare to kill me now! I only wanted revenge!!” At the end of his life, the desolate giant was extremely terrified, furious, and desperate… However, those roars were ultimately useless.


Under the combined pressure of Lethe and the river of stars, the desolate giants tough bones and flesh were crushed into nothing.

In the end, all the divine power within the immortals body fused into Lethe, becoming nutrients and power for the Astral Spirit.

After the battle ended, only one divine source crystal remained.

After taking the immortals crystal, Chu Feng couldnt help but sigh in amazement.

As expected of a divine source crystal, it was a work of art.

What was more attractive than its beautiful form was the special principles within the crystal.

For example, this one contained the 3 principles of speed, strength, and defense! After a living being advanced to become an immortal that wasnt affected by time, its original totem level beast core would naturally transform into a principle source crystal after being infused with the mysterious principle energy!

Threads of principle energy would intertwine and finally form a principle source crystal.

The reason why immortal beings could have so much divine power and all sorts of unbelievable methods was thanks to this crystal.

Other than that, the principle source crystal also contained space, which was the initial form of the God country.

When the principles on the principle source crystal accumulated to a certain level, ones divinity would thus form! At that time, through burning ones divinity with a divine flame, the inner space of the principle source crystal would become a reality, and ones God country would appear!

In terms of the God countries, Beastmasters had the most profound understanding of them.

After all, the beasts of every human Beastmaster at the true God level were divine beasts! The divine beasts could help true god Beastmasters suppress the worlds of the God countries.

They could be said to be the best auxiliary! However, a Beastmaster who could truly make their beast into a divine beast had to be an SSS grade beastmaster.

There was no need to explain how rare SSS grade talent was.

In short, basically all human Beastmasters were unable to do it.

Even the Human Alliance in the central divine region didnt seem to have many true Gods that could suppress the God countries.

The entire universe was divided into five divine regions.

One could imagine how vast a divine region was.

Even if the majority of human power was gathered, they would still be unable to dominate the central divine region amongst the myriad races.

Speaking of which, he had previously heard of other creatures wanting to cause more internal strife within the human race.

Chu Feng shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Returning to the present, within the origin principle crystal that he had obtained from the desolate giants death, there was a space as well.

Chu Feng checked it out, and his eyes were almost blinded by the unknown number of treasures… He estimated that the treasures in there were worth at least ten million supreme treasure points!

If all of them were exchanged for pearls of divine source, he could get at least a thousand of them! Not only that, there were treasures in the source crystal space that seemed to be immeasurable in terms of value.

If they were converted, 10 million was just the starting point.

Chu Feng looked at the huge amount of treasures with bright eyes and took a deep breath.

“Isnt he too rich! To think an immortal Star Lord is even richer than the regions army…”

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Back when he had killed the 9th Army of the wild region that had pursued the Blue Planets totems, he had only obtained 6 million supreme treasure points.

Even Ming Feng had only about 100,000 supreme treasure points.

Looking at it this way, the difference in wealth between totems and immortals was at least in ratios of a hundred!

“Thinking about it, its reasonable.

After all, the desolate giant had been a god for at least 10,000 years.

After such a long time, anyone who wanted to amass wealth would be able to get a huge amount of it.

If it was some race that viewed wealth as something special, like the Dragon Race immortals that like shiny things, they would probably have a huge treasure mountain,” Thinking about this, Chu Feng then let go of it, “No matter how many treasures my enemy has, they are simply delivery people who are delivering their wealth to me.”

In a good mood, Chu Feng took all the treasures in the source crystal space, then casually threw the source crystal to the Wild Bear.

The principle source crystal contained the principles of strength, defense, and speed, so it was especially suitable for the Wild Bear to absorb.


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