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As she said, Chu Feng did come from an indigenous planet.

He wasnt familiar with the division of the levels within the immortal level, but of course, he was clear about it now.

Within the immortal level, the first three levels were the planet lord, region lord, and world lord, then there was the world king and even the legendary world supremacy! Thinking back to the 12 Gods in Blue Planets history, especially the Desolate God, who knew which level they were at

Seeing that Chu Feng seemed to be very interested in her flock of Mirage Butterflies, the corners of Tracys lips curled up.

She took the initiative to say, “These 10,000 Mirage Butterflies are the result of the Insect Queen inheritance that I comprehended.

Its because of this true God inheritance that I was able to create such insect soldiers as a trump card!”

“I see,” Chu Feng nodded.

When the insect races Empresss armies were unleashed, they were indeed very strong.

Any race, once their numbers reached a certain limit, would definitely be able to produce some sort of great change.

It was the same principle as countless ants killing an elephant.

Although the number of beasts a Beastmaster could bond with couldnt compare to the insect swarm created by the insect races Empress, in terms of quality, the level of the beasts was still higher.

For example, Tracy.

Although she was already comprehending the true God inheritance, her created insect army was basically all insects in the third realm, and they didnt have any individual consciousness.

They could only cooperate with the other insects like puppets, attacking together like an army!

Tracy frowned.

Why was this persons reaction so calm Perhaps he was a native that didnt know the value of the flock of Mirage Butterflies.

Thinking as such, Tracy explained further, “Their numbers may seem small, but just these 10,000 butterflies would require a million virtual currency to train.

Theyve basically drained all of my resources!”

Chu Feng then asked, “If you break through to the immortal level, will they break through as well”

Tracy shook her head and said no, “However, when the time comes, I can use my God energy to nurture them, it wont take long for them to have immortal level combat strength.

With a flock of 10,000 immortal level Mirage Butterflies, even a world lord would have to treat them seriously.”

Chu Feng composed himself and turned to look at the Empress herself.


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[Insect race Empress, broke through to the totem level in the eighth realm, advanced immortal bloodline.]

[Talent: Super talent in the insect and creation.]

[Skill: Insect race creation that has been blessed with the divine source, as well as myth skills nest space, swarm attack, Empresss heart…]

Although Chu Feng was only at the overlord level, he could break through to the legend level at any time.

Seeing this insect race Empress, he couldnt help but think of the six beast slots he would have in the future.

Should he bond with the insect race for his seventh beast Before reaching the immortal level, the insect race Empresses were still known as Empresses.

From Tracys attribute panel, it could be seen that they had two skills with great potential for development, namely insect race creation and nest space.

It was too early to think about it now, though.

Chu Feng suddenly smiled.

After all, he was only an overlord-level Beastmaster now.

Of course, even if he broke through to the legend level, it didnt mean that he had to immediately fill all 12 beast slots.

He could just consider it slowly.

The insect race Empress was indeed a good choice, but maybe, there was a better choice For example, the stone monkey race and the black kylin race that were at the top of the totem ranking board…

Those beings were born with an immortal bloodline and myth skills.

It was only a matter of time before they became immortals.

Chu Fengs gaze swept across the ten thousand Mirage Butterflies, and he simply released his Mirage Butterfly.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly danced.

Tracy was stunned, to think Tyrant had bonded with a Mirage Butterfly… All of the Mirage Butterflies originated from the Insect Queen!

Seeing that the other party was simply looking at her calmly after summoning his beast, she was annoyed, “Youre not going to use this butterfly to contend against my flock of butterflies, are you Are you looking down on me !”

Chu Feng really didnt have such intentions.

It was just that there was really no need to send any other beast.

“Dont look down on my Mirage Butterfly just because its small.

In the spatial attribute, no matter how many Mirage Butterflies you have, you wont be able to contend against it.

Its invincible.”

It wasnt that he was arrogant, but that was the truth.

Even if a planet lord came to compete with the Mirage Butterfly in the illusion, spatial, and spiritual attributes, he would have to admit defeat!

“You are indeed arrogant!” Tracys eyes turned cold, “Listen to my command.

All Mirage Butterflies, activate space and spiritual domain immediately, combine with Virtual Reality Plus, spatial blade, and spatial collapse.

End the battle quickly!”


Countless insects buzzed in response.


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10,000 layers of spatial and spiritual domains came ramming towards them!

“Mi-meh! Feeling the invisible pressure, the Mirage Butterfly immediately activated its spirit-space domain! In an instant, the space that was about to collapse stabilized again, as if Tracys butterflies hadnt used any skills.

“How, how could this be!” The vertical pupils of the insect races Empress diluted in shock.

Her beautiful face was filled with shock.

“My ten thousand butterflies are all third realm totems.

Even if your butterfly has already reached the eighth realm of origin, its still at the overlord level.

How could it just completely suppress my ten thousand butterflies!” Tracy was extremely shocked.

Her pair of jade green eyes stared at the person opposite her as if she wanted to see through Tyrant.

Chu Feng chuckled, “Its time for you to attack with all your might.

These ten thousand butterflies dont seem to be the full strength of the Empress of the insect race no matter how I look at it.

I guess you havent even used even ten percent of your combat power, right”

At that moment, Tracys interest was piqued even more, “Tyrant, your combat power is indeed mismatched with your level.

Just by looking at the results of the battle, its impossible to tell that youre only at the overlord level… Your beasts have reached the eighth realm yet you still havent broken through.

Dont tell me you want to reach the ninth realm of origin before leveling up”

“Is reaching the ninth realm very difficult” Chu Feng smiled faintly, looking as if he had a plan in mind.

He indeed had this confidence.

After fighting over 800 consecutive battles with totems, the foundation that his six beasts had accumulated was already close to the ninth realm of origin.

They could even reach it at any time.

Chu Feng wasnt in a hurry, though.

He remembered that Lila had once said that she wanted to leave a totem-level imprint in the core of origin.

Back then, the elven Empress Dino had explained that the deepest part of the Universes origin was the ninth realm.

Thus, he and his four beasts had set the ninth realm as their goal.

But now, Chu Feng had an inexplicable feeling that perhaps the core of origin was even deeper than the ninth realm!

Since that was the case, it was always good to have a more solid foundation.

In any case, if he really needed it, he could break through to become a legend-level Beastmaster anytime.

What Chu Feng really cared about was whether his and his beasts potential had been stimulated to the extreme at the overlord level.

If they hadnt reached their limits, there was no need to rush to break through.

“The ninth realm isnt difficult” Tracy couldnt hold back her laughter, “As expected of Tyrant.

Youre indeed arrogant!”

“Ive never been arrogant,” Chu Feng hovered in the air, his expression very calm.

Suddenly, Tracys pupils constricted, and she could no longer maintain her composure.

From just a second ago, the enemy had taken over the control of the space she was in, and the ten thousand butterflies that she had placed high hopes on could not seize any control at all! As an insect race Empress, Tracy felt her hair stand on end at this moment, as if she would be cut into pieces by spatial blades at any moment!

She had been too careless.

If she was on the real battlefield, she would have long died…

Tracy no longer dared to underestimate the enemy and immediately gave the order, “All troops, attack!”


An endless stream of bugs surged out like a flood!


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