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[Without virtual currency, you can not enter the illusory world.]

[In the illusory world, you have to pay a small amount of virtual currency for every year you live.

When your virtual currency reaches zero, it can be converted from supreme treasures in the real world.]

Chu Feng frowned, not quite understanding.

No matter how real the illusory world was, how injuries would not truly affect one in real life, and how the combat experience here could be brought into the real world, it still did not change the illusory essence of the illusory world.

If one wanted to truly achieve greater achievements, shouldnt one break away from the illusory world and achieve those achievements in the real world Survival meant the consumption of currency.

Didnt that mean that just time alone was very precious here

Perhaps whatever was more precious than the virtual currency might be in the heritage zone.

As for the sentence “you may be favored by the creator of the illusory world if youre amazing enough”, Chu Feng simply ignored it.

No matter how confident he was, he would not be arrogant.

The creator of the illusory world should at least be on par with the region master of the eastern divine region! Even the war god in golden armor, who had a high status as the temples war general, had to bow down before the supreme existence who created the illusory world! As for the ancient gods, including the Desolate God, they might not even be able to see such an existence!

The words “favored by the creator” in the notification from the battlefield might be the carrot on a stick.

However, if one could reach the ninth realm of the origin of the universe, the situation might be different.

There might be an extremely slim chance of obtaining the favor of the illusory worlds creator.

“The glimmer of hope of a beast reaching the ninth realm…” Chu Feng thought to himself, “Then what if all my beasts reach the ninth realm of the origin At that time, perhaps that high and mighty creator would also take me seriously”

Although the ninth realm of origin was extremely difficult to reach, there were bound to be creatures in this vast universe that had reached it over a long time.

He was certain that the supreme existence who could create the illusory world, as well as the Lord of the Gods, had reached the ninth realm of origin when they were still overlords! Beastmasters could unleash stronger battle prowess than other cultivation systems, to begin with.

If he could really make all his beasts reach the ninth realm of origin, together with his beast space in the ninth realm as well, Chu Feng might really be remembered as someone in history!

With that, Chu Feng did not stay idle any longer and entered a small battlefield, “Start the battle.”

[The battle has begun.]

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[Eastern divine region, human race, Tyrant VS Western divine region, dark demonic beast race, Anwak.]

When the clouds before him dispersed, Chu Feng was already in a vast space.

The enemy was neither too far nor too close to him, and its claws and body were emitting a thick dark aura.


[dark demonic beast, broke through to the totem level in the fourth realm, intermediate overlord bloodline.]

[Super talents in shadow and sharp claws.]

[Skills: Shadow claw that has been blessed with the origin, demon eye, dark demonic kill, storm claw…]

Chu Feng was quite surprised.

To think the dark demonic beast opposite him had reached the fourth realm of origin.

This was his first time here, but the random opponent allocation of the illusory worlds consciousness was quite brutal.

Did it not even care about increasing the difficulty step-by-step Or perhaps, the lowest level existences in the battle zone were fourth realm totems

At this moment, the dark demonic beast being probed was also sizing up his opponent.

He stood on top of the huge mountain, looking down at his enemy, “It looks like this is your first time entering the illusory world To think youre only in the overlord-level, yet you still dare to call yourself Tyrant Sure enough, the weaker one is, the more arrogant the person.

I wonder how lucky you are to have obtained this supreme treasure while only being a country bumpkin from God knows where.”

Chu Feng grinned but didnt say anything.

In the next moment, the Astral Spirit dashed out of the beast space, looking around curiously.

“Yiya!” A new place!

“An Astral Spirit!” The dark demonic beast rubbed its eyes in disbelief.

After seeing it clearly, its eyes widened even more, “Thats impossible! How can you have an Astral Spirit Are you a Beastmaster!”

Although the illusory world was connected to the five divine regions, which combined into the whole Gods world, there werent many Beastmasters in this world.

The reason was very simple.

Only humans could awaken Beastmaster talents, but the rate of awakening powerful talents was extremely low.

Considering all these factors, very few humans actually stepped onto the path of becoming a Beastmaster!

In this vast universe, the human race was only one of the billions of races.

No matter how strong the human race was, they currently only formed a powerful human alliance in the central divine region.

As for the four other divine regions, even if there were humans, they were very scattered.

Most of them were rooted on different planets.

At most, they could only dominate a region.

All in all, the overall combat strength of the human race was not very strong.

Chu Feng smiled, “So what”

The dark demonic beasts face turned cold.

He said coldly, “You brat, arent you being too arrogant Even if you have the Astral Spirit as your beast, an overlord like you will never be able to defeat me!”

As he said that, he pounced over, and the dark demonic aura that was filled with terrifying power pressed down on his opponent.

“Yiya,” The Astral Spirit didnt have any fighting spirit.

It simply casually shot out a flash of light.

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Seeing the golden light shooting toward him, the dark demonic beasts expression changed, and he was shocked, “How could this be!”

He could feel that the golden light contained an endless amount of terrifying power.

Just one streak of the light alone contained more power than all the power in his body! However, such a vast amount of power was condensed into a thin streak of golden light! Anwak could imagine how terrifying his injuries would be if he was hit by the golden light!

“Whoosh!” No matter how the dark demonic beast tried to dodge, it was still pierced through by that golden light… and exploded!

[Tyrant from the human race has won the battle.]

[Current virtual currency: 2 points.]

Wow, it had doubled.

Chu Feng nodded.

He could stay for at least two years now, which was a great improvement.

“Lets continue fighting!”

[Battle Ranking – Totem]


Central divine region: Human race, Hanlin]


Southern divine region: Astral spirit race, Casari]


Northern divine region: Stone monkey race, Haina]


Eastern divine region: Turtle snake race, Janet]


Western divine region: Black kylin race, Anqiu]


Central divine region: Human race, Mingze]


Central divine region: Human race, Qian Hao]


Southern divine region: Soul race, Shiwana]


Eastern divine region: Space ancient beast race, Rhoda]


Northern divine region: Bug race, Trish]


Eastern divine region: Human race, Tyrant (winning streak: 859 matches)]

Around the ranking boards, many totems were watching the rankings change.

Even some immortals were there as well.

“Strange, when did the eastern divine region have someone named Tyrant I wonder how strong the other party is.

It only took him a month to reach the top 11 of the battle rankings with consecutive victories!”

“I heard that hes a peak overlord-level Beastmaster, but all of his beasts have reached the eighth realm of origin!”

“Really Beastmasters are above their peers, to begin with.

If Tyrants six beasts are really all at the eighth realm, then even if they encounter an eighth realm totem, he might have a chance!”

“A human Beastmaster Shouldnt Tyrant be from the central divine region, then How could he be from the east”

“Thats right, the human alliance is set up in the central divine region…”

“I think you guys are just too naive! Whats wrong with the east Dont forget Beastmaster Luo He who appeared 10,000 years ago.

He was also from the eastern divine region! Back then, Luo He had many totem beasts that had reached the eighth realm as well.

His strength was comparable to Hanlin who is now at the top of the ranks!”

“Hes already ranked 11th.

Do you guys think Tyrant will continue to challenge the higher ranks”

“I think so.

After all, those ranked 2nd to 10th on the battle ranking can go to the heritage zone and stay there for “9 to 1″ days each month.

The one ranked 1st can even stay there for 15 days!”

“The heritage zone… Theres no one here who doesnt want to go, right”

“Whats the use of thinking about it Those who can enter the top 10 of the totem battle ranking all have immortal bloodlines!”

“Not necessarily, the human race doesnt seem to care about bloodlines.”



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