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Chu Feng suddenly realized that he had never heard of such things before.


The Wild Bear stood beside Chu Feng.

It noticed that many beasts had already appeared in the ruin.

Chu Fengs telekinesis power was powerful, which allowed him to sense some unusual existences.

These beasts seemed to have appeared out of thin air by relying on the energy within the ruin.

“Can an overlord-level Beastmaster condense the phantom image of beasts out of thin air”

It surprised Chu Feng.

He recalled that the heritage space seemed to have that function and couldnt help but let his imagination run wild.

Qiao Shi nodded, “Theoretically, its possible, but for an overlord-level Beastmaster shouldnt be able to use it in the combat of the same level.”

Even though numerous beasts surrounded them, Qiao Shi was still calm.

Chu Feng also nodded.

He agreed with Qiao Shis words.

For overlord-level Beastmasters, condensing some extraordinary-level beast phantoms wouldnt be of much help.

Even a sovereign-level or even commander-level beast phantoms wouldnt be of much use.

Qiao Shi opened her beast space, and a book that looked like it was made from gold floated in the air.

[Golden Book]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 1]

[Bloodline: Commander Elementary Level]

[Talents: Top-level Enhancement Talent, High-level Spiritual Talent]

[Skills: 1.

Strength Enhancement, 2.

Defense Enhancement, 3.

Speed Enhancement, 4.

Energy Enhancement]

Chu Feng glanced and noticed that the strength of the Golden Book was higher than he had imagined.

Moreover, it was a pure auxiliary-type beast!

Qiao Shi smiled, “Do you need help”

Chu Feng looked around and counted the number of beasts around him.

There were about 200 extraordinary Level 1 beasts.

“No,” Chu Feng patted the Wild Bears head, “use your strength to your hearts content.

Theres no need to worry about anything.”

“Awooo!” Excitement surged the Wild Bear.

In its eyes, these extraordinary level beasts posed no threat to it at all.

At most, it could be considered a warm-up.

The Wild Bear let out a low growl, and its body suddenly became twenty times larger.

The Wild Bear turned into a twenty meters tall beast, about the same height as a five to six-story building.

The visual impact was strong.

Suddenly, the Wild Bear stomped down.

It didnt even use much strength.

It only relied on its body size and strength to suppress it, and with one stomp, it killed a few beasts.

The other beasts pounced on the Wild Bear all at once.

The defense and speed of the Wild Bear in its giant form had not changed.

It had no way to dodge and had difficulty in defending itself.


The Wild Bear would not stand and take a beating.

It immediately released a wild aura, ten times that of a wild body!

The beasts pounced fiercely and continuously bit the Wild Bears calf, but they had no way to break through the Wild Bears defense.

Suddenly, the Wild Bear erupted its strength and released a wild aura, shattering the bodies of more than ten extraordinary level beasts! The Wild Bear charged into the group of beasts and started a massacre!

Qiao Shi was so shocked that her phone almost fell to the ground, “Your Wild Bear…”

She couldnt think of a suitable word to describe her shock at the moment.

Chu Feng smiled, “Whats wrong with my Wild Bear”

“Your Wild Bear is at least tens of times stronger than a Wild Bear of the same level, am I right Your talent is [Skill Enhancement].

If you want to reach this level of strength, youll need to spend at least several hundred million.”

Qiao Shi shook her head, “Perhaps, you are not a B-grade talent, but at least an A-grade talent, or maybe even an S-grade talent.”


Chu Feng didnt answer.

Qiao Shi was smart.

He felt that Qiao Shi might suspect that he was a higher-grade beast tamer talent if he interacted with her too much.


While they were casually talking, the Wild Bear had already killed all the extraordinary level beasts.

They were both at extraordinary levels, but the Wild Bear could fight those beasts like squashing ants.

A voice rang out in Chu Feng and Qiao Shis minds.

[You have passed the first level.]

[Distributing rewards…]

[Distribution completed.

Teleporting to the second level.]

A mysterious energy descended from the dusky sky and bathed Chu Feng, Qiao Shi, the Wild Bear, and the Golden Book.

It lasted for a few seconds before the mysterious power disappeared.

Qiao Shi was pleasantly surprised but felt a little pity, “The time is too short.

It would be great if we could lengthen the time a little.”

She then smiled and continued, “My beast space has increased by 10%.

What about you”

Chu Feng tried to feel it.

The beast space did indeed seem to have become a bit larger, but it wasnt that great compared to the entire imperial beast space.

It wasnt as great as the enlargement brought about by the energy fusion of the royal sky crystal.

But Chu Feng also understood that Qiao Shis beast space was not as vast as his.

The reward of increasing Qiao Shis beast space by 10% was not surprising.

However, Chu Feng didnt care about that reward from the ruins.

He had the royal sky crystal, which could upgrade beast space to the overlord level.


The other Beastmasters had to train hard, but Chu Feng only needed to lie down and absorb the royal sky crystal to upgrade his Beastmasters level.

The training of the Beastmaster who had passed through the heritage ruins was so simple.

Chu Feng said casually, “Mine had also increased by about 10%.”

He couldnt tell Qiao Shi that his improvement was negligible.

Then, with Qiao Shis intelligence, she might be able to make an accurate judgment about his talent.

Qiao Shi pondered for a moment.

Chu Fengs strongest pet beast, the Wild Bear, had just entered the extraordinary Level 1.

He must have just become an extraordinary-level Beastmaster.

He had only become a Beastmaster for a few days.

But the improvement in his beast space was almost the same as hers.

She made a judgment that Chu Fengs beast tamer talent must be an S-grade!

Chu Feng saw Qiao Shis expression and knew that she had estimated his ability.

He felt somewhat helpless.

Keeping that in mind, he would have to be more cautious when interacting with Qiao Shi in the future.

It was so difficult to deal with brilliant people.


The Wild Bear jumped in joy! He could feel the strength in his body increasing!

[Wild Bear]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 2]

[Bloodline: Advanced King]

[Talents: Top-Level Strength Talent Level 1, Top-Level Defense Talent Level 1, High-Level Speed Talent Level 1]


[Skills: Great Strength Level 20, Great Transformation Level 20, Wild Body Level 10, Wild Domain Level 10]

The enhancement in skills astonished Chu Feng.

It seemed that the reward in this relic was upgrading the level of the pet beasts.

He couldnt help but glance at the Golden Book and discovered that the Golden Book had also reached the extraordinary Level 2.

Although it might be due to accumulation, the fact that the relic could expand the beast space and upgrade the level of the pet beasts was already quite impressive.

Qiao Shi said with satisfaction, “The Golden Book has reached extraordinary-level 2.

Looks like well meet a group of extraordinary-level 2 beasts on the second level later.”


[Teleportation has begun.]

The scene in front of them changed.

The remains of the beasts on the ground gradually disappeared.

However, the scene didnt change.

It was still a vast space.

The phantoms of a group of beasts appeared.

And this time, there were more beasts in the sky, other than the beasts on the ground.


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