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Chu Fengs voice floated in the air and entered the ears of both parties.

Both parties looked at each other at this moment.

Ming Feng, whose name had been mentioned, had an extremely unsightly expression.

The direct descendants of the Desolate God in ancient times had nine lineages, and the vast majority were giants, such as titan giants, thunder giants, fire giants, and so on.

Among these nine lineages, the titan giant had been the eldest son of the first wife, so their status was the most revered.

However, in terms of combat, the giants who were the most proficient in killing were the desolate giants.

They had even inherited all talents of the Desolate God!

Ming Feng was one of the direct descendants of a desolate giant who was one of the Desolate Gods nine children! He was only 3,000 years old, but he had already reached the seventh realm of the universes origin and become a totem! It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a prodigy.

While the enemy commanders face was as dark as ink, the 4,000 totems on the desolate planet were so shocked their scalps were numb.

“Just what race is that young beast that looks like a kylin from Why Is it so terrifying!”

“Is it really only at the overlord level Why do I feel that its even more powerful than the totems!”

“I originally thought that Monica was the strongest person on the Blue Planet.

I didnt think that a Beastmaster like Chu Feng could be so powerful!”

“F*ck! Instant kill Instant kill! Those were the three great generals of the 9th Army of the wild region.

Yet, they were just killed by Chu Feng, an overlord-level Beastmaster… this is too awesome!”

“The three great generals are all dead.

What about Ming Feng”

“At least we took revenge for our brothers.

Even if I really die, I wont have any regrets!”

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The 4,000 totems were almost all dumbfounded! Before this, they had never recognized Chu Fengs true strength.

But now they saw that he could even kill a sixth realm totem while merely being at the overlord level! After seeing this, they finally understood! It turned out that Chu Fengs previous words didnt contain the slightest bit of bragging! In addition to shock, the Blue Planets totems that had been sullen for a long time were just delighted.

Even Monica couldnt help but sigh in amazement, “8th realm of the origin Chu Feng is already that strong This talent… is terrifying!”

To think her casual actions back then had bloomed into such an exceptional genius!

Hearing this, the fourth realm totems beside were even more shocked.

Eighth realm! One had to know that even an immortal would respect someone who had reached the 8th realm of the origin of the universe! The moment a life form in the eighth realm broke through to the immortal level, they would become invincible amongst the Gods! As for whether they could reach the immortal level, that wasnt a problem for an eight realm being at all.

With time, they could easily cultivate to become a God!

The other two human magnates exchanged glances.

Zhong Hen was both shocked and puzzled, “Chu Feng had just bonded with the Astral Spirit for less than a month, and he has already reached the eighth realm!”

Wu Yu said slowly, “As far as I know, the Astral Spirit seems to have already refined the heritage planet…”

“Already refined it The heritage planet That seems reasonable,” Zhong Hen nodded subconsciously.

Then, he processed what he had just heard and exclaimed in shock, “What! The entire planet has been refined by him! No way! The resources there are endless! Since Chu Feng has refined it, then… What about the resources the human race needs!”

As he said this, he was already filled with worry.

Wu Yu was more open-minded than Zhong Hen.

He only said, “Even if we drain the entire heritage planet dry, it wont be able to immediately make the human race stronger.

Even if we train several legend-level Beastmasters in a short time, they might not be able to compare to Chu Feng either.”

Zhong Hen nodded in agreement, thinking the same thing.

After all, he had never seen anyone as freakish as Chu Feng! The eighth realm of the origin of the universe was such a high level that wasnt something that anyone could easily advance to.

Zhong Hen sighed, “Even if Chu Feng doesnt have any combat talents, just by smashing the enemies with his beast space, he can kill many totems.

Thinking about it, even among the eighth realm experts, Chu Feng can be considered invincible.”

Wu Yu said in a low voice, “Not only has the Astral Spirit reached the eighth realm, but his other beasts shouldve reached that realm as well… Chu Fengs talent can be considered top-notch even in the entire universe.”

“Big brother, do you think he can make his beasts reach the core of origin” Zhong Hen asked.

“The core The ninth realm Thats something only heard in legends.

Even during the last era of the Blue Planet that had produced a dozen or so SSS-grade Beastmasters, no one had been able to do it,” Wu Yu let out a long sigh.

“Looking back, a few thousand years have gone down the drain.”

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Hearing this, Zhong Hen shook his head slightly, “Looks like even Chu Feng, who has created so many miracles, might not be able to achieve it.”

Wu Yu looked at that figure afar and was inexplicably determined, “On the contrary, I feel that Chu Feng might be able to do something that no one else could do before, even if its at the legendary realm!”

“What right does a mere overlord of the Blue Planet have to fight me!” Ming Fengs furious voice echoed in the air.

Chu Feng calmly looked at the other party, “Your generals were killed by me one after another.

Shouldnt you, the commander-in-chief, have a fight with me To think that you are the grandson of the Desolate God and the son of the desolate giant god.

This is truly an eye-opener.”

Ming Feng flew into a rage, “As long as I give the order, the entire army of over ten thousand totems will attack, and youll die without a doubt.

Why should I fight someone whos about to die”

“Oh, so youre afraid,” Chu Feng said with a smile, “I didnt think that a seventh realm totem from the wild region would be afraid of an overlord-level Beastmaster like me.

Were already on the battlefield, and you, the commander, dont have the awareness of death”

He was clearly indicating that the commander-in-chief of the 9th Army was actually afraid of death! Ming Feng was furious, his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

His subordinates looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

One of the giants advised, “Commander, dont be bewitched by that fellow.

We soldiers of the wild region are sharp weapons and shields, so it is only natural for us to kill him.

When he dies, whatever he said would be useless!”

“Dont say anything else!” Ming Feng made up his mind.

He stepped out of the army and said as he suppressed his anger, “You arrogant brat, do you really think you can fight me!”

Step by step, the terrifying aura coming from his body became stronger and stronger! Compared to the other eight giant races, the body amplification of the desolate giants was the true amplification! Ming Fengs strongest attribute was his body.

With the addition of the various amplification systems of his race, he was able to forcefully raise his foundation to the seventh realm of origin!

“The wild attribute” Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and called back the Astral Spirit.

Hera responded with a “yiya” and lay on the right shoulder of her Beastmaster once more.

The four thousand Blue Planets totems looked at the kylin, then at Chu Feng, feeling that this world was truly incomparably crazy.

By the time he arrived in front of Chu Feng, Ming Feng was already extremely powerful.

Even the void beside him was trembling violently due to his power! In the wild domain, everything was under his control!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear jumped out of the beast space in an instant, and its figure instantly grew to nearly 10,000 meters tall! The originally incomparably tall wild giant Ming Feng was now even one head shorter than the Wild Bear.

“A Wild Bear” Ming Feng sneered, “Its just a low-grade fierce beast, yet you dare to use it against me”

Chu Fengs face turned cold, “Kill him.”

Being belittled like this, the Wild Bear was also very angry.

Its terrifying aura spread.


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