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“Yiya…” Even though it had already reached the eighth realm of the universe, the Astral Spirit didnt look the part.

Its pure and childish appearance made it seem just like a kylin cub that was attached to its masters embrace.

Without saying anything else, Chu Feng carried the Astral Spirit and left the area.

Compared to before, Hera had now become very powerful.

She had extracted six super skills from the heritage planet, to begin with, and after those skills had all been maxed out, corresponding myth skills had been derived as well.

With the two types of skills superimposed on each other, the Astral Spirits battle prowess would definitely increase greatly!

Chu Feng had just returned to the void outside of the Blue Planet when he saw a desolate planet with a huge tree on it rushing over from afar.

It was Monica and the other totems.

He had just been thinking about where to find a planet, but now, a planet had delivered itself to his doorstep.

However, what needed a planet now more was the Astral Spirit that possessed the world spirit skill.

“I wonder if a planet that has no life force can be used” Chu Feng muttered and might as well let Hera spread out her origin energy to sense it.

“Yiya!” The kylin cub nodded with a serious expression, indicating yes.

Although the desolate planet had lost its vitality, with the help of the myth skill world spirit, it could nourish the planet until it fully recovered!

Chu Feng grunted, relieved.

Since that was the case, then he had to think of a way to persuade Monica to give up on the desolate planet.

Although they were quite far away, he could still see that the Mythical Tree was deeply rooted in the planet.

Moreover, since she could bring it back, it meant that Monica had already refined it into her own.

Chu Feng thought for a moment and gave up on the desolate planet.

There was no need to snatch his seniors things.

Either way, there were plenty of desolate planets that were much less valuable than habitable planets in the vast universe.

If he searched, he would eventually find a suitable one.

In the next moment, Chu Feng teleported to the desolate planet where the Mythical Tree was located.

The Mythical Tree could be said to be huge, even bigger than Lilas actual body.

However, when Lila returned to the Mythical Tree, it would then be bigger than the giant tree before him now.

Chu Feng stood in midair and smiled at Monica who was looking over.

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“Chu Feng, why are you here”

Chu Feng chuckled, “I happened to pass by, so I came to take a look.”

Monica did not believe his nonsense at all.

She rolled her eyes and smiled again, “You came at a pretty good time.

Theres still an army chasing after us from the wild domain behind us.

Ive discussed this with the other totems, but when we reach the edge of the Solar System, well fight with the 9th Army!”

Chu Feng turned around and looked into the distance.

Indeed, he saw a huge army.

Every soldier within that army was a totem! From the aura they gave off, there wasnt a single totem in the 9th Army that was in the first realm.

They were all at least in the second realm!

Monica explained, “The 9th Army can be considered the elites of the wild domain.

Theyre only slightly weaker than the trump card army there.

Furthermore, the commander of the 9th Army broke through to the totem level in the seventh realm of the Universes origin.

Its very likely that hell advance to the immortal level in the future!”

Chu Feng was slightly surprised.

Those who could break through in the seventh realm all had exceptional talent.

If nothing went wrong, they would definitely break through to the immortal level! To think a seventh realm totem with such talent was now leading an army to chase after the Blue Planets totems.

He didnt even need to think about it to know that it must be the orders of the Desolate God.

He immediately laughed.

No matter how powerful a God was, the Desolate God was still controlled by a higher being.

Just like now, the Desolate God could send a large wave of troops to invade the Blue Planet, but he himself was unable to personally participate! Before the designated point in time arrived, even a God, or senior Luo He, whose strength far surpassed that of a God, could not act rashly.

At present, the most crucial problem facing the Blue Planets human race was how to quickly increase their global combat power.

Currently, even overlords could hold high positions in the Blue Planet.

No matter how strong the two magnates were, compared to the seventh realm totem who was the commander of the 9th Army, they would probably not be able to withstand even a single move… One had to know that the two magnates were only in the fourth realm of origin.

While Chu Feng was deep in thought with his head lowered, many totems walked over.

There were thousands of totems present, but less than a dozen were in the fourth realm or above.

Even if it was ancient totems, the vast majority of them were still first realm totems.

Of course, there were also some who had broken through to become totems in the third realm.

For example, the ten thousand races faith, Monica.

She was already the strongest member of all the Blue Planets totems in the fifth realm.

Unfortunately, against the enemy who was in the seventh realm, she would not be able to gain any advantage.

The reason why the Blue Planets totems had been able to defend the Lanyu Defense Line for so many years was that they had the geographical advantage.

Now, the enemy was strong while they were weak.

Moreover, they were in the open space of the Solar System.

If they really fought, they probably would not be able to hold on for long.

“When you reach the Solar System, you guys are thinking of fighting to the death with the enemy” Chu Feng sighed.

He thought to himself, the Blue Planets totems had fought outside for many years, so how could they not know that after losing the Lanyu Defense Line, it would be harder for them to fight against the enemy Even so, they still chose to rush back… This mentality… they were clearly returning to die.

Monicas smile was bitter, and her eyes were full of sadness, “Even if we stay at the Lanyu Defense Line and fight to the death, we wont be able to hold on for long…”

She pursed her lips, and her voice sounded a little broken, “None of was want to die outside.

If we must die in battle, then we should return home together with our comrades.”

At this moment, a spatial stone that looked extremely ancient floated in space.

Looking at the spatial stone, Monica was unable to speak a complete sentence.

Without even asking, Chu Feng understood what was in the spatial stone… Other than the remnants of the Blue Planets totems, there was no other possibility.

A few hundred years passed in a flash, and the heroic souls that had died in battle could finally return to their homeland.

How tragic, but how magnificent.

They were the soldiers of Blue Planet when they were alive, and they were heroic souls of Blue Planet when they were dead.

Chu Feng silently mourned for a moment, before the other totems came over.

Gunner from the mystic dew silkworm race exclaimed in surprise, “So youre Chu Feng I heard that you single-handedly killed over a hundred of the foreign races totems.

From the looks of it, youre quite strong.

Do you have any ideas on how to deal with the 9th Army thats chasing after us”

To him, it was an honor to die to protect his home.

Not only Gunner, but all the totems behind him only had the steel will to protect their home planet with their lives.

They did not have the slightest fear of battle!

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Chu Fengs gloominess dissipated a little as he was affected by the other partys smile.

He smiled and said, “Why dont I go over and behead the commander of the 9th Army to cheer everyone up”

“Mm… this joke is so cold,” Firo, the Jiugong turtle, shivered and sighed, “Its a pity that youre currently only an overlord…”

The death wyrm races Devin hissed, “If you can break through to the legend level, along with your sixth or even seventh realm totem-level beasts, we might be able to block the enemys attack if we disregard our lives.”

The snow phoenix races Carole looked at the 9th Army and said fiercely, “If Chu Feng can become a legend and fight with the seventh realm commander, even if all four thousand of us totems die in battle, we wont have any regrets!”

The fiery fox races Patrick also gritted his teeth in hatred, “Every time that bastard Ming Feng comes to the battlefield, he abducts our brothers and tortures them! If he doesnt die, I wont be able to rest in peace!”

The other totems were also unable to contain their anger and hatred.

Seeing everyones expression, Monica was saddened.

She had brought ten thousand totems to participate in war, but only four thousand remained when she returned.

Yet, even so, the people of the various races still respected her as before.

Monica suggested solemnly, “Chu Feng, do you want to break through to the legend-level here with your beasts”

With them guarding, the 9th Army shouldnt be a hindrance.


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