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That wasnt all that the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had sent over.

Chu Feng continued to watch.

Even though he was suppressed in the Void, Yunad was still paying attention to the monstrous overlord-level beastmaster.

Seeing that the other party seemed to be very interested in the spaceship and his expression seemed strange, Yunad panicked, “What on Earth are you trying to do !”

Chu Feng ignored him.

The more he looked, the colder his expression became.

This spaceship owner named Yunad indeed had other thoughts about the Blue Planet.

Not only did he want to plunder the Blue Planet, but he also wanted to sell the natives of the Blue Planet to others as slaves! These people were unforgivable and deserved death!

At this moment, the magnate Wu Yu rushed to Chu Fengs side and asked, “How are you going to deal with that person”

The shock in his heart wasnt any less than those outsiders.

Even though he had long known that Chu Fengs growth was extremely terrifying, he couldnt have imagined that these two of his beasts were already so powerful, it only being a month since they had last met… Even if Wu Yu had an SSS-grade talent as well, he still couldnt understand why Chu Fengs strength could grow so rapidly.

Of course, there was no need to probe further either.

After all, the stronger Chu Feng was, the safer Blue Planet would be.

“Just kill him,” Chu Feng replied indifferently.

Since he had obtained the information, there was no need for the original owner of the spaceship.

The small Mirage Butterfly on his shoulder flapped its wings.

A cold light immediately flashed through the air.

As the vibrating space sword flashed past, Yunads body and soul were destroyed.

The battle had ended.

The two new slaves knelt and shouted, “Master is mighty!”

Ignoring Aaron and Belina, Chu Feng went through all the information he had gathered and explained, “Not far from the Blue Planet, there is a wormhole that leads directly to the wild domain.

These outlanders came from there.

The domain lord of the wild domain is called the Desolate God.”

“The Desolate God!” Wu Yu was shocked, “Could it be one of the twelve ancient gods But havent the gods already fallen in the long river of history”

“They might not really be dead,” Chu Feng had a different opinion, “Theres no limit to cultivation, and theres a higher realm above the immortal level.

Even if the gods cant revive themselves, those unspeakable supreme beings might have such methods.”

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Now, he understood.

Since the Mythical Trees talent could even have the skill to revive the dead after it was enhanced to the myth grade, then those above the immortal level must have some special methods that ordinary people didnt know about.

Speaking of the Desolate God, Wu Yu thought of another matter, “Chu Feng, didnt you completely defeat the Desolate Gods statue before Later, I also went into the Tower of the Gods to challenge it.

The tower keeper was very angry, he kept saying that he wanted you to die a horrible death.”

“Let him be,” Chu Feng smiled, “Unless the time is here, even the ancient gods can only bark angrily.

After all, even the immortal Gods are pawns in the hands of others.”

Wu Yu asked seriously, “Is the wild domain very close to our sky domain”

“Very,” Chu Feng said, “The place the five came from was a large wormhole, but the wormhole couldnt possibly have spanned through three domains.

As such, the sky domain and the wild domain should be quite close.”

In the vast universe, the domains covered a very large area.

For the people living on the Blue Planet, the Solar System was already big enough.

However, compared to the entire sky domain, the Solar System was as small as a speck of dust.

In a single domain, there were at least 100,000 star systems with at least tens of thousands of life planets!

The world that Chu Feng was living in now was different from the world in his previous life.

Earth wasnt artificially created, but every life planet in this world was created by higher beings.

The universe wouldnt explode and the planets were numbered.

In truth, all planets had a period of rich resources, and at that time, they were all livable! The number of planets might be many, but compared to the number of living beings, they were extremely rare, hence any life planet was extremely precious.

At the same time, the tens of thousands of life planets in a domain could produce millions of totems.

Among the millions of totems, the entire sky domain only had nine immortal level gods! From this, one could see how difficult it was to cultivate to the immortal level.

“Big brother Why did you summon me back all of a sudden” Zhong Hen rushed to their side, his face full of confusion.

When he saw Chu Feng, he was delighted again, “Third brother! You finally came out of seclusion.

I havent seen you for more than a month, but you seem to have become stronger!”

“With your speed, you wont even have anything to eat,” Wu Yu was speechless.

He then said, “The reason I called you this time was to find someone to guard against those cultivators from the outer regions.

Not only did they want to seize the Blue Planet, but they even wanted to sell us all as slaves… Of course, it has all been settled by Chu Feng.”

Regarding the invasion and the slave trade, he only knew about it after reading the information that Chu Feng had forwarded to him.

Wu Yu immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was here.

Otherwise, if those people from the wild domain really barged in, the Blue Planet would be in danger.

“Take over the Blue Planet and sell us all as slaves!” Zhong Hen glanced at the two strangers at the side and was immediately displeased, “We are all humans, so why would they do that!”

In his opinion, since they were all humans, they should work together for a win-win situation.

Wu Yu did not understand either, but he did not think too much of it.

He only said, “The universe is vast.

Moer didnt even feel a sense of belonging to the Blue Planets mirage butterfly branch after traveling for 10,000 years.

He must have been influenced by the sky domains main branch.

Even if they are from the same race, being so far away for such a long time, how can they still feel a sense of belonging”

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Zhong Hen shook his head repeatedly, truly finding the operation of selling others of the same race as slaves unacceptable.

However, he didnt say anything more.

He continued to learn the ins and outs of this matter from the two.

After he heard the whole story, he still felt a lingering fear in his heart.

“Four totems in the fifth realm A fifth realm legend-level Beastmaster” Zhong Hens mood was extremely heavy, “If it werent for Chu Feng this time, the Blue Planet would probably have been reduced to hell on Earth.”

He had, after all, fought with the foreign races for so many years, so he did know the limits of his combat ability.

If the foreign races had a fifth realm totem, the Blue Planet would have had no place for humans.

“Chu Feng, I have to thank you on behalf of all the living beings on the Blue Planet,” Zhong Hen was very solemn.

Chu Feng smiled and waved his hand, “Were a family, theres no need for thanks.”

If not for the two magnates protecting him, he might not have been able to grow so smoothly.

Chu Feng even felt that Zhong Hen and Wu Yu might spare some attention to take care of any genius who showed up in the race.

Such great kindness in all aspects was rare and precious.

After the three of them sorted out the whole matter, Wu Yu frowned, “That large wormhole is too close to the Blue Planet.

If the outlanders teleport here yet again when we didnt notice, it will be dangerous.”

“Mi-meh!” At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly flew back from the void as if it had just finished something important.


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