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According to what he had seen, Qiao Shi had not eaten for three days.

Instead, Qiao Shi said that she wanted to explore the ruins with him, and it was somewhere no one had ever discovered it before.

The value of such ruins was obvious, but Qiao Shi wanted to invite him to join her.

“Senior, I dont think Im suitable to join you on your exploration.”

Chu Feng shook his head and turned down Qiao Shis offer.

He felt that such a good opportunity would not fall upon him.

Qiao Shi spoke with a serious look on her face, “Ive observed you before.

Your strength is at the extraordinary-level, which means that your Wild Bear has also reached the extraordinary-level.”

Chu Feng said, “There are many Beastmasters among the senior students at the Diming High School who have a higher level than extraordinary-level.

Why did you choose me”

“Because your Wild Bear is powerful,” Qiao Shi said without hesitation, “The Wild Bear has a top-level strength, a top-level defense, and high-level speed talent.

Every skill can strengthen the body, which is very powerful in close combat.

My pet beast is more of an auxiliary-type.

It needs to cooperate with the Wild Bear to achieve the greatest effect in the ruin.”

Chu Feng still refused to believe it, “Senior, isnt there a more powerful pet than the Wild Bear in this school”

Qiao Shi said, “A pet beast with a higher growth level will definitely be weaker than a Wild Bear at the same level.

Moreover, the difficulty of the ruins depends entirely on the level of the pet beast.”

Chu Feng hesitated.

His spiritual power was high, so he knew that Qiao Shi wasnt lying.

However, Chu Feng noticed a logical issue with this matter.

So he kept asking.

The offer would be tempting if Qiao Shi werent lying to him.

The difficulty of the ruins depended on the level of the pet beast.

No pet beast at the same level as the same level of a Wild Bear would be more powerful than it.

Chu Feng was sure about that.

The Wild Bear could even crush a Mirage Worm, which didnt have any growth points.

The investment of several thousand enhancement points was not a waste.

“I can form a team with you,” Chu Feng said, “but you have to tell me the information about the ruins first.”

Qiao Shi smiled.

She carried a faint scholarly aura, making her look gentle and beautiful.


Suddenly, Qiao Shi said, “Im hungry.”

Chu Feng was again speechless.

He had to admit that it was weird to see such an elegant senior like her maintaining her composure with a grumbling sound from her stomach.

Qiao Shi told Chu Feng about the ruins while they ate in the school cafeteria.

By the time she finished eating, Chu Feng knew about the situation roughly.

It turned out that Qiao Shi had browsed through many documents and ancient books in the library.

She had discovered the ruins from the last century hidden in those books.

Qiao Shi entered the ruins following the guide in the book.

The pet beast she brought with her was an extraordinary Level 9, [Ancient Wind Chime].

After entering the ruins, many Extraordinary Level 9 beasts surrounded her.

After Qiao Shi escaped, she came in with another Extraordinary Level 1 [Golden Book] to the ruins.

This time, the beasts that appeared were of Extraordinary Level 1.

That confirmed Qiao Shis guess.

The difficulty of the ruins was related to the level of the pet beast.

However, even after knowing this, Qiao Shi was helpless.

That was because her pet beasts were all unusual auxiliary-type pet beasts and didnt have high combat strength.

Qiao Shi could only put this matter aside for the time being and read in the library, slowly improving her talent, which was [Heart of Knowledge].

That talent was an A-grade beast tamer talent, and it only worked on auxiliary-type pet beasts.

The effect of the Heart of Knowledge strengthened as the knowledge of a Beastmaster increased.

It wasnt until Qiao Shi saw Chu Feng that she once again thought of the ruins and had the idea of exploring them.

If the Golden Book increased the Wild Bears buffs, and with its strength, they might pass through the ruins.

She was curious about what was inside the ruins and wondered would there be a secret from the previous era within it.

Qiao Shi was reading along the way.

Chu Feng glanced at it unintentionally and discovered that profound words filled the pages.

It seemed to be the history of humans relying on divine beasts illustration to survive during a certain period.

Even though they were in danger, Qiao Shi didnt panic at all.

She merely lifted her head and allowed the Ancient Wind Chime to finish off the beasts.

The Extraordinary-level Beastmasters could already walk in the wilderness freely with the beasts gone.


[Ancient Wind Chime]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 9]

[Bloodline: Advanced Sovereign-Level]

[Talent: 1.

High-Level Sonic Wave Talent, 2.

High-Level Wind Type Talent]

[Skills: 1.

Chime Sound, 2.

Clear Sound, 3.

Vibration Chime, 4.

Sound of Wind Chime]

Although Ancient Wind Chime wasnt good at combat, under the absolute suppression of its strength, its other skills would have a high attack power if it didnt use its Clear Sound skill.

The two walked in the wilderness for about a day before reaching the ruins.

Chu Feng looked at the cave in front of him.

He was in a puzzle, “Is this the entrance to the ruins”


Qiao Shi shook her head.

“This is the cave of extraordinary Level 10 [Shadow Ghost].

That Shadow Ghost is often in a deep sleep.

We can successfully enter the ruins as long as we dont disturb it.”

“Extraordinary-level ghost”

That statement from Qiao Shi shocked Chu Feng.

Ghost-type beasts were rare in Diming City.

The reason was simple.

Rumors said that the city owner of Diming City had an S-grade beast talent, [Ghost Absorption], which could directly absorb the essence of ghost-type beasts to strengthen his pet beast.

When the city owner took over the throne in Diming City, he killed the ghost-type beasts, even those at king Level 10.

In the end, almost all the advanced ghosts fled in fear.

Therefore, there were seldom ghosts around the city.

Qiao Shi said, “The Shadow Ghost is often in a deep sleep, which is why it could avoid being hunted by Lord Wan.

Thats right.

Lord Wan indeed has an S-grade talent to absorb the ghosts aura.”

Chu Feng asked in surprise, “How did you know that”

Logically speaking, that kind of secret would most likely exist in the form of a legend.

Few people would be able to determine whether it was true or not.

With Lord Wans level, Lord Wan might not let others know his Beastmaster talent.

Qiao Shi smiled, “I read it in a book, of course.”

Chu Feng shut his mouth and thought, “Alright, you know a lot, so of course youre right.”

Chu Feng and Qiao Shi walked into the cave together.

There wasnt a single bit of light in the dark cave.

Chu Feng and Qiao Shi could only rely on their other senses to walk through the cave slowly.

“This place is much more terrifying than a haunted house.”

Chu Feng noticed that Qiao Shi wasnt the slightest bit afraid.

The Wild Bear followed them as the Ancient Wind Chime floated in the air.

Gradually, the two walked into the depths of the cave, which had a faint glimmer of light.

Qiao Shi put away the Ancient Wind Chime and took a spirit stone.

She placed it in the light, and a spatial door opened immediately.

“Go in,” Qiao Shis expression was solemn.

The two stepped into the ruins, and their vision suddenly became clear.

The ruins were vast, but nothing was there.

Suddenly, Chu Feng thought of the beast space.

Qiao Shi said, “There are rumors that overlord-level Beastmasters can preserve the beast space if they wish after their death.

According to the ancient records, beast spaces are the foundation of many ruins.”


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