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Chu Feng ou away the ghosts beast core.

No matter how strong he was, he wouldnt court death.

He smiled as he walked towards the leader of the outlanders who had wanted to plunder the Blue Planet just now.

If he didnt hear wrongly, the other party seemed to be called Leonard or Yunad

Yunads expression was extremely unsightly right now.

It was clearly not his first expedition, yet to think he had encountered such a tough guy this time… Even his strongest ghost beast had been killed! Although he had other beasts, he was heavily injured, and they werent the main combat force that he hadnt been training.

They simply couldnt display much combat strength.


Yunad watched as the “native” walked over.

He couldnt muster any fighting spirit, and even wanted to retreat! To him, this overlord-level beastmaster was no different from a “monster”! He simply couldnt understand how the other party was able to kill fifth realm totems consecutively while merely being at the overlord level!

In the wild domain, there were many instances of people defeating totems of higher realms.

However, the totems that the overlords had ever managed to defeat were all in the first realml! As for overlords defeating second realm totems, such battles were extremely rare.

Under normal circumstances, once one reached the peak overlord-level, their strength would be stagnant.

Even if it did increase, it would require a great deal of effort and time.

However, the person before him was clearly an exception.

Not only was he able to kill fifth realm totems consecutively, but even a fifth realm legend-level Beastmaster like him was put in such a difficult position.

If news of him being defeated by an overlord was to spread back to the wild domain, it would definitely become a joke, but..

Yunad could not help but ask, “Are you really only at the overlord level”

Chu Feng smiled and returned the question, “What do you think”

Yunad was speechless as he doubted his life.

How could such a native in this remote corner cultivate to such a terrifying level Wasnt it said that “natives are all ants” Could an ant even bite an elephant to death… wait a minute, this deduction wasnt right!

Yunad shook his head repeatedly.

The overlord-level beastmaster opposite him couldnt possibly be an ant.

With the enhancement of the other partys talent, his fighter jet clearly had terrifying combat strength at the seventh realm of the origin of the universe.

Perhaps that fighter jet had even reached the eighth realm! Reaching such a conclusion, Yunads expression was extremely complicated.

One had to know that those in the seventh realm could already be respected by the Gods.

If one reached the eighth realm, one could even match the status of an immortal level existence! In the different regions of the universe, there was a common understanding.

If one reached the seventh realm of the universes origin, then one could most likely be able to cultivate to the immortal level! Those in the eighth realm had a 50% chance of breaking past the immortal level in the future! What about those in the ninth realm of the universes origin core Those who even reached the origin core itself Even those who didnt have the talent for cultivation knew that people who could reach the ninth realm only appeared in legends!

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Complicated emotions rushed through his heart, and Yunad was filled with despair! It was clearly just a precious ocean planet, how could such a monster be born Yunad felt so much regret that his intestines were turning green, and he had no other choice but to admit his bad luck.

Suddenly, Belina, who had been standing in a daze behind him, suddenly rushed towards Chu Feng.

She held onto her long sword and was about to stab him in the throat.

Although it was a sudden occurrence, it was not too dangerous.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet immediately used tidal acceleration.

At the same time, it changed into the sharp blade armor and cut the death-seeking crazy woman into pieces!

Yunad could roughly understand that Belina did not want to be enslaved.

Indeed, for a person with dignity, rather than being enslaved, it was better to just die!

Before she died, Belina smiled sincerely, “Yunad, goodbye.”

Seeing that she was actually gratified, Chu Feng frowned, “You want to die No way.”

In the next moment, spiritual threads extended from the main body of the fighter jet and invaded the soul of the other party.

The fighter jet once again used quantum invasion to change the enemys will! Belina was in extreme despair, but she had lost the ability to even commit suicide.

Her willpower collapsed, and her new perception was reconstructed.

Chu Feng waved his hand and sprinkled some life force.

Under the effect of the maxed-out miracle of life, the opponent once again returned to a complete human form.

“Honorable Master, Belina is willing to give you everything.”

Seeing that his companion, who had preferred death over submission just now, had become a slave in the blink of an eye, Yunad was both terrified and angry.

He roared, “You devil!”

As he spoke, he summoned another beast again, knowing there was no turning back.

[Void Beast]

[Advanced to the totem-level in the third realm, advanced overlord bloodline.]

[Super talent in space and strength, supreme talent in defense.]

[Skills: Suppression that has been blessed by the divine source, space wormhole, space-tear array, void path… ]

“Void, leave immediately!” As soon as the beast appeared, Yunad had the Void Beast use the power of space to bring him away!

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly suddenly appeared, and all the physical space within the designated area turned into nothingness! The Void Beast, who was about to step on the imperceptible void path, was confused.

Where was its void path to space

In that instant, the void path that the Void Beast had always been able to sense was gone! Yunad looked at the space around him that had turned into an illusory substance in a daze.

Strange, this seemed to be the most basic skill of space type cultivators, space tear.

But… Judging from the destructive power of this skill, how could it be a basic skill!

At the same time, the Void Beasts massive body began to crack inch by inch.

No matter how much its beastmaster strengthened its soul, the Void Beast, which couldnt sense the space it had released, could only watch helplessly as it was torn apart like the space around it, disintegrating together.

Faced with such a helpless situation, Yunad felt even more despair.

After the Void Beast died in battle, his beast space was shattered…

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Even if Yunad could successfully escape later on, without the help of a treasure, he would be completely crippled! In this vast universe, although Beastmasters knew that legend-level beastmasters had twelve slots to bond beasts, when they advanced to the legend-level, very few would choose to contract so many beasts.

After all, the nuruturing of a beast did require a large amount of effort and resources.

Rather than numbers, it was better to strive for perfection.

Currently, a majority of the Beastmasters who cultivated to the legend-level would generally focus on training a certain or a few beasts.

With said beast as the core, they would let their beasts form an organic system through various means such as attribute coordination until their beast spaces underwent a qualitative change!

When the beast space was transformed from an alternate dimension into a stable structure like a planet, legend-level Beastmasters could ascend to immortality! Such an attempt was undoubtedly extremely difficult.

In this process, not only did the beasts have to cooperate with each other, but they also had to rely on some treasures to upgrade from the alternate dimension to a world.

Usually, only a few legend-level Beastmasters could completely the upgrade.

Of course, this minority didnt include Yunad, who was currently being suppressed and was extremely weak.

Ignoring Yunad, the quantum invasion skill finally displayed its most commonly used function.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet used the skill to invade the hovering spaceships AI core and took control of it.

Chu Feng was still hovering in mid-air.

He was a little surprised when he received the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets thoughts.

“So its not a spaceship-type beast…” That spaceship looked quite advanced.

He had thought that it might be a totem beast, but he didnt expect it to be just a simple high-tech creation.

“Since the totem war, the human race has been developing their technology for more than three hundred years.

Now, it has reached such a high level.

There must be some human civilizations that have developed for thousands of years in other domains.

Its not strange for them to create a purely technological spaceship,” Thinking of this, Chu Feng let go of his puzzlement.


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