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“Bang…” A slight sound came from a faraway place.

The brawny man known as Ruskin was sent flying like a sandbag by the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet!

Chu Feng said calmly, “Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, just kill him.”

With that, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet immediately changed into the second form of the totem armor — the sharp blade armor.

After countless sharp blades swept past, Ruskin was simply reduced to minced meat! The minced meat and blood splattered in the air like a rain of blood.

The battle ended too quickly.

The other people, including Yunad, immediately widened their eyes in anger and shock.

Alan was furious, “To think a mere ant dares to kill a fifth realm totem!”

“Heh, then lets see who exactly is the ant,” Chu Feng snorted and glanced at a certain spot from the corner of his eye.

The enemys numbers hadnt been the same as before from quite a long time ago.

“Rip!” At this moment, the sound of flesh and bone being sliced rang out.

The black-robed man hidden in the folded space was suddenly cut into two by the sharp blade armor! Even though his top and bottom were separated, the man could still move.

His two bony hands stretched and shot out two short knives, cutting through the air and heading straight for Chu Fengs throat.

However, the two short knives seemed to pierce through the air and passed through Chu Fengs body just like that.

After “Chu Feng” dispersed, the crowd finally saw that it was clearly an afterimage!

Chu Feng flashed and appeared again, his tone not fluctuating at all, “Your ability to manipulate space is really too weak.”

Even if that short knife contained space power, it was still unable to even touch him.

Then came the sound of a machine grinding flesh again, making ones scalp tingle.

When the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet hovered in the air, the black-robed man had already been completely shattered into pieces.

Even till his death, Charlie still couldnt understand why that overlord-level Beastmaster was still able to use a spatial skill, to the point that his trump card was rendered ineffective!

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“Damned native, go to hell!” Alan said fiercely.

As if he had anticipated the other partys death, he sounded somewhat pleased.

Sharp shuttles suddenly flashed behind Chu Feng, and they instantly turned into countless sharp shards, shooting straight at his neck! The many sharp objects were as if they were about to mince him in the next moment.

“Thats all” Chu Feng did not even bother to respond, teleporting away from his original position.

At this time, the void where Alan was standing was suddenly separated from the other dimensions, and a terrifying nuclear explosion was concentrated here! the super offensive weapon skill… extreme nuclear explosion! Was a nuclear explosion something that a mortal body could withstand On top of that, the creature that was being restricted in the space didnt even have the chance to escape.

Alan was in extreme despair.

He was a superior race from the wild domain, but to think he was suppressed to such an extent by a mere native… He didnt have the chance to think anymore, because, in just two seconds, the terrifying nuclear explosion had destroyed his body! His soul had lost its place of residence, and it swayed as it floated, like a sick person who was too weak to walk.

Taking advantage of the opponents weakness, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet immediately poured unleashed boundless spiritual energy, using quantum invasion to rewrite the will of the creature upon its Beastmasters decree.

Alan couldnt even resist.

His willpower quickly dissipated, and he knelt respectfully to Chu Feng, “Alan is willing to give up everything for Master!”

His eyes flashed with an incomparably fanatical light.

He was like a moth to a flame, willing to throw away everything for the sake of his faith, including his life!

Seeing that their companions had submitted to the enemy, the remaining two from the wild region were so agitated that their eyes turned red.

Although they didnt know how the other party did it, such a terrifying method was even worse than death!

Belina felt a chill down her spine as she said with a trembling voice, “Demon, demon!”

She held a sword in her right hand.

Originally, she had wanted to go forward and kill the enemy, but now, she did not even dare to take a step forward… In less than two minutes.., Ruskin and Charlie, who had been drinking happily together just a moment ago, had both been killed.

Alans end was even worse than death.

To think he acknowledged the enemy as his master!

Belina was not afraid of death, but she could not imagine how terrifying being a slave, and a spiritual slave at that, would be.

Seeing that his companions fighting spirit had been destroyed, Yunad simply stood in front of her and waved his hand to summon his ghost.


[Broke through to the totem level in the fourth realm, advanced overlord bloodline.]

[Super talent in the soul and space type.]

[Skills: Ghost domain that has been blessed with the divine source, soul invasion, ethereal realm, spirit slash… ]

Seeing the ghost that suddenly appeared, Chu Feng pouted, feeling bored.

Before he saw the other partys beast, he had thought that since the other party was a human beastmaster from the wild domain, he should at least have something new and special, right This was it If the bonded beasts were all from the same range of species, what is the difference between humans in different domains After summoning his beast, Yunad immediately stacked his S-grade talent, soul bonus, on the ghost.

In that instant, the ghost domain descended!

Yunad ordered coldly, “Possess him!”

The ghost immediately disappeared into a phantom that couldnt be seen with the naked eye.

It was supposed to go over and possess Chu Feng, but was intercepted halfway by the fighter jet and even subdued.

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Seeing the enemy showed an expression that read “impossible”, Chu Feng kindly explained, “You should know quantum detection, right”

After being maxed out, quantum detection that was formed from super components could capture energy, and that included even phantoms.

With quantum detection, all stealth techniques were just amusing.

After all, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could definitely sense them.

Basically, if they could not defeat the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, the enemy would not be able to touch even a hair on Chu Fengs head.

After all, among the six beasts, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could be said to be omnipotent.

It didnt have any weaknesses.

Suddenly, an invisible and untouchable cosmic constant wave streaked across the ghost.

The ghost which had broken through to the totem level in the fourth realm of the universe origin was dissipating!

Yunad could no longer stay calm and shouted urgently, “Dont kill, please dont kill it! As long as you stop, I can provide you with anything!”

At this moment, his heart was already in his throat.

The resources needed to train a fourth realm totem beast were countless and costly.

Yunads talent wasnt considered outstanding.

It could be said that he had used up all his savings to raise this fourth realm ghost totem!

The ghost could be said to be his trump card.

If it was killed, he would be the first to be injured.

Not only would his battle strength be greatly reduced, but he would also lose the right to inherit the Karu familys branch on Onar Planet! The competition between aristocratic families had always been cruel.

Yunad did not wish to fall to that situation.

Chu Feng let out a “ha” and said, “After you die, everything will be mine.”

In the next moment, the ghost was completely annihilated! Yunad immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, his face pale.

He had lost the strong support of the ghost, so the barrier of his beast space was rapidly crumbling! Playing with the freshly obtained white totem beast core, Chu Feng thought to himself, “Didnt Lila just unlock a skill that could bring the dead back to life If I let her use this beast core to resurrect the just-killed ghost, what effects would it have


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