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The space folds stacked, and the spaceship soon reached its destination.

The five of them got off the ship, and when they saw the Blue Planet, their faces were filled with joy.

Yunad sighed, “Its so beautiful.

I didnt expect this life planet to be a precious ocean planet! There must be endless resources in that vast blue ocean!”

Alan also smiled, “If a planet like this were to be auctioned in the wild domain, it would be worth at least 10 million universe dollars!”

“I wonder if the natives on that planet have the qualifications to be slaves” Belina pursed her lips and smiled, “If it can produce slaves, then it would be much better than a one-time deal.”

Ruskin directly drew his long saber and reminded the people beside him, “I can sense the existence of some alternate dimensions, and those can only be refined by totems.

This ocean planet shouldnt be as simple as it looks.”

Charlie let out a hoarse laugh, “Keke, I hope those natives are beautiful enough…”

As he said this, the few of them already regarded the planet before them as theirs to take.

However, just as they were about to step into the Blue Planet, an extremely cold gaze suddenly shot over.

The magnate, Wu Yu, appeared in the void and blocked the path of Yunad and the others.

He sized up the few of them carefully and asked, “Who are you guys”

“To think the natives on this oceanic planet have totem-level humans, and theyve even cultivated to the fourth realm.

Hm…” After making a few comments, Alan suddenly raised his eyebrows, “Yunad, this person also has a beast space! Looks like hes one of you Beastmasters.”

Yunad smiled and faced Wu Yu, “Hello, were from the wild domain.

As the saying goes, all who come are guests.

Why dont we go in and have a chat”

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His words sounded nice, but… even children knew that strangers couldnt be trusted! Moreover, if he were to allow them to enter, who knew what they would do.

Wu Yus expression changed immediately.

It seemed that this matter couldnt be settled peacefully.

Through his realm perception, he could sense that he could only stop one of these people here.

Moreover, the smiling hypocrite who said “all who come are guests” made him feel a deep pressure.

He was afraid that he couldnt deal with the other party.

Wu Yus face was as calm as usual.

He said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “The Blue Planet doesnt have anything good to entertain guests.

Please return.”

“What do you mean! Are you looking down on us” Ruskin brandished his sharp blade, “Even in the wild domain, not many people dare to show such an attitude!”

“Hey, why are you shouting” Belina smiled charmingly at Wu Yu, “I dont think thats what he meant.

Hello, big brother.

Weve just been floating in the void for a long time.

Its not easy for us to see such a vibrant ocean planet, so we cant help but feel close to it.

As humans, we should help each other out.”

Wu Yu had been in office for many years and had seen countless tricks.

How could he not see through the good-cop-bad-cop trick Moreover, the more they wanted to enter, the more it meant that they had other thoughts about the Blue Planet.

Wu Yu now looked very calm, but in fact, he was already burning with anxiety.

Zhong Hen and Chu Feng would not be able to rush over in a short while, but the other party did not seem to have any good intentions.

They could possibly make a move at any time, yet he was alone.

He was afraid that he would not be able to stop so many totems.

If he thought about it carefully, he definitely wouldnt be able to defeat their leader.

The combat strength of the other few seemed to be stronger than his as well.

The gazes of the five from the outer regions were burning, and they occasionally exchanged glances with each other.

Just as Wu Yu was burning with anxiety, he suddenly heard a familiar voice, “You want to enter the Blue Planet as a guest That depends on whether you have the qualifications.”

Chu Feng stood in the air, looking at them coldly.

In fact, he had arrived earlier than Wu Yu, and had even heard the conversation between the other parties clearly.

Slave… auction… natives… the words lingered in his mind.

With the attitude those people had just displayed, it was clear that they didnt treat the humans on the Blue Planet as human beings!

Since Chu Feng had been observing for a long time, he had naturally obtained some useful information.

For example, the leader was also a Beastmaster, while the others cultivated different systems, and were able to display totem-level battle prowess… It wouldnt be easy to defeat them.

This was the first time Chu Feng had come into contact with the other cultivation systems of the human race.

That being said, compared to Beastmasters, the other cultivation systems seemed to be slightly weaker.

There was only one Beastmaster among the five outlanders.

Judging from this, it seemed that Beastmasters were quite rare

The people present looked over and saw that the person who spoke was actually at the overlord level.

Immediately, their expressions changed.

The burly man glared and said angrily, “A mere overlord, how do you have the right to speak here!”

As he spoke, he raised his long blade and swung it down! That blade did not look eye-catching, but when it slashed down, it seemed to have become a hundred thousand feet long.

That terrifying blade momentum that was swung out shattered the void.

Facing such an aggressive slash, Chu Feng was still calm as ever, “Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, the second status of the totem armor.”

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet immediately flew out of the void.

A thick layer of armor covered its body, transforming into a fortress armor.

Faced with the terrifying space-breaking blade momentum, the fortress armor easily withstood it.

Ruskin was very shocked, exclaiming, “A mechanical creature! How is this possible Could it be that there are Beastmasters on this indigenous planet who have awakened the SSS-grade talent, void creature!”

“Impossible!!” Belina immediately concluded, then, shook her head, “Awakening a talent to become a beastmaster is already a rare occurence.

How can there be an SSS-grade beastmaster on this remote and backward planet! You have to know that even Yunad only awakened an S-grade talent!”

Hearing this, Chu Fengs eyes flashed.

Hearing their words, could it be that the majority of the human race was unable to awaken to become a Beastmaster But on the Blue Planet…

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“Ruskin, when did you become so weak To think you lost to an overlord-level opponent,” Alan was a little puzzled, “When this news gets back to the wild region, Im afraid youll become a laughing stock.”

Ruskins expression was unsightly.

He angrily retorted, “I didnt use much strength just now.”

Then, he raised his saber and slashed again! This time, he flew past the mech and arrived in front of Chu Feng.

Since he wanted to slash someone, it was naturally better to just behead the other party! After a Beastmaster died in battle, the beast that lost the blessing of its Beastmasters talent wouldnt be much stronger.

Chu Feng shook his head slightly, feeling a little disappointed, “Youre too weak.”

Hearing this, Ruskin was burning with rage.

He immediately roared and slashed forward! Seeing that the other party was about to be cut into two pieces by his saber, he grinned, “Go to hell!”

“Clang!” The sound of metal colliding rang out, drawing out an arc of light.

Ruskin was slightly stunned.

The feeling was not right, why had he suddenly cut into the mecha

At this time, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had already changed into the humanoid armor form, which was also one of the three battle forms of totem armor.

“How dare you make a move against my boss! You must be tired of living!” Mocking, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet used its broken fragment wings to wrap around its two fists, combining them to launch a huge punch!

Facing this punch, Ruskin was like a paper tiger that only seemed mighty.

All the bones in his body cracked and he disappeared in an instant.

No one knew how far he had been blasted away.



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