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Chu Feng followed Wu Yu, passing through the spatial passage and arriving at another place.

Here, every corner revealed a sense of extraordinary technology.

[Human of the Blue Planets modern era, youve come to exchange for something again.]

A mechanical voice resounded throughout the technological space.

Wu Yu went straight to the point, “Id like to exchange for the infant Astral Spirit.”

[The infant Astral Spirit That would require 10,000 supreme treasure points.

You currently only have close to 6,000 supreme treasure points, short of 4,204 supreme treasure points.]

Although it was a mechanical voice, one could still hear the surprise in it.

Wu Yu took out his spatial secret treasure and placed a large amount of rare resources on the exchange platform, “Is this enough”

[If these are included, you will only have 106 supreme treasure points left after exchanging for the infant Astral Spirit.]

[Do you still wish to proceed]

“Yes,” Wu Yu said.

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[The transaction is complete.

Please collect your goods in time.]

The spatial secret treasure that contained a large number of precious resources sunk into the stage while a special metal box appeared.

Chu Feng couldnt hold his questions in anymore.

He asked in surprise, “Brother, whats going on”

Wu Yu chuckled.

He took the special box and handed it to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng didnt open it straight away.

Right now, he was more curious about this space.

Wu Yu brought him to a reception room in the space and sat on the sofa.

Chu Feng looked around curiously.

The technological decorations of the alternate dimension made him feel refreshed.

Moreover, to think they could exchange for a young Astral Spirit in this space! Chu Feng took a cup of tea from Wu Yu, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“Did you know that the Blue Planet of the previous era also had a human beast-taming civilization”

Chu Feng nodded slightly, “Yes.”

Not only did he know, but he had also even obtained the inheritance of the God Controller from Luo He, a super expert of the previous era, thus awakening a second SSS-grade beast tamer talent.

“Brother, youre saying that this space is a product of the human beast-tamer civilization of the previous era”

Wu Yu shook his head with a smile, “Thats not entirely true.

You could say that its been passed down from the previous era.

In fact, even the human beast-tamer civilization of the previous era that had developed to its peak couldnt solve the mystery of this mysterious space.”

Chu Fengs heart jolted.

It couldnt be, right God knows how powerful the human race from the previous era on the Blue Planet was.

There were probably many immortal-level gods then.

After all, even senior Luo He, who was above the Gods, was from that era! If even such a powerful civilization could not unravel this mysterious space, then just how mysterious was the treasure trove!

Wu Yu had a serious expression as he said solemnly, “Just as you can see, this space is like an inexhaustible treasure trove.

Zhong Hen and I have studied it.

This huge treasure trove should be connected to the vast worlds… or parallel worlds.”

Chu Feng was very confused, “Is it really endless But why would such a treasure trove appear in the Solar System”

While he was puzzled, he was also extremely shocked.

Wu Yu did not know much about the treasure trove either.

He only smiled and said, “Dont bother about the mysteries.

In any case, if you want to exchange for anything in the future, you can come to this treasure trove.

There is everything here.”

Chu Feng nodded, memorized the coordinates of this huge treasure trove, and returned with Wu Yu.

After the two of them had completely left this area, a faint sound could be heard in the air.

[To think that brat is connected to Luo He… the human branch of the Blue Planet from the sky domain is quite interesting.]

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After returning home, Chu Feng immersed himself in the beast space.

He came before the special box that he had just obtained from the mysterious treasure trove.

Only then did he notice that the material of the box was quite familiar.

It was a little like the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and opened the box.

In that instant, it seemed as if countless stars were shining.

In the box, a young beast that looked like a kylin was curled up.

That young beast didnt look like a creature that could exist on Earth, but for some reason, he felt very fond of it and a warmth suddenly rose in his heart.

It was a creature equal to the will of a planet, yet so gentle in temperament.

An indescribable feeling arose in Chu Fengs heart, and he immediately bonded with the auspicious beast.


[Astral Spirit (Hera)]

[Level: Overlord-level 1.]

[Bloodline: Advanced Immortal.]

[Talents: Refinement (myth-level), origin (myth-level).]

[Skill (myth-level)]


Origin Spirit Power (level 1): The soul and body can automatically convert into the origin that is immune to most damage.]


Planet Refinement Derivative Ability (level 1): When refining a planet, it can extract the planets origin and derive corresponding skills.]

Chu Feng gasped, his face revealing shock.

To think the Astral Spirit infant had an immortal-level bloodline, and it was born at the overlord level!

Alright, it wasnt too surprising.

After all, this was exchanged for with 10 billion points and 10,000 supreme treasure points! Currently, this beast had four points that could be enhanced, but all talents and skills that were already at the myth level.

If he wanted to enhance them even once, each would consume the divine source.

There was no need for enhancement points at all.

Putting the matter aside for now, he looked at the talents of the Astral Spirit Hera first.

Whether it was the refining talent or origin talent, they were far from the talent attributes that Chu Feng had learned about in the past.

There was no connection between them and the conventional ones at all! Aside from that, there was something extremely surprising: It only had two skills.

However, after pondering for a while looking at the interface, he came to a realization.

These were, after all, two myth-level skills that were so powerful that they were unimaginable.

For example, origin spirit power.

It was slightly similar to the element transformation of elemental creatures, but it was much stronger! Elemental transformation was the ability of an elemental creature to transform its body into elements.

However, this skill had many limitations.

For example, it could only be immune to a small portion of attribute damage, moreover, when faced with countering attributes, there was even added damage.

For example, a fire-type creature could transform into fire.

When it was attacked by water-type creatures, more damage would be dealt as opposed to when it was fighting beasts of other element types.

Similarly, when darkness-type creatures were faced with light-type creatures, it would be the same.

In short, when creatures that had countering attributes fought each other, they would just be hurting each other.

However, the Astral Spirits origin spirit power was different.

Not only was it immune to a wide range of powers, but it also did not have a countering attribute! Of course, Chu Feng could tell from the bond that even if the Astral Spirit were to face a totem, it would still be very difficult for it to receive any major damage..

Next was the other myth-level skill, planet refinement derivative ability, which was clearly the main skill of the astral spirit race.

Looking at the skill description, the Astral Spirit should become stronger by refining planets.

At this point, Chu Feng also realized why only ten billion points were needed to bring the Astral Spirit infant home.

In other words, exchanging for it was only the beginning.

The real difficulty lay in how to train the Astral Spirit! No matter how many planets there were in the endless universe, they were not something that ordinary people could have.

Every single star was priceless, so how could they be used as food for the Astral Spirit

Chu Fengs head hurt as he rubbed his temples, “I cant possibly refine the Blue Planet, right!”


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