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Chu Feng waved his hand and cast the skill miracle of life.

With that, Reishas body was instantly reconstructed.

Reisha was flattered and thanked him respectfully, “Thank you for the reward, Master.”

Chu Feng nodded and did not make any unnecessary movements.

After regaining her physical body, Reisha took the initiative to turn around and chase after the totems of the foreign races!

With this, the originally “boiling frog” atmosphere suddenly changed.

Chu Feng looked around the battlefield and said helplessly, “Lila, come out and fight.”

The Mythical Tree, who was still in the beast space, smiled and said, “I havent watched the show for long.

In the end, I still have to make a move.”

Chu Feng said calmly, “Dont leave any of them alive.”

“Yes, yes,” Lila nodded with a smile and directly merged into the Mythical Trees main body.

Mythical return… A hundred-fold increase in strength! Just like what her Beastmaster had used earlier, Lila did it even more easily… With the miracle of life, all the injuries of the foreign races were healed!

“The so-called miracle of life doesnt just mean healing.”

On the battlefield, the foreign races totems didnt understand what was going on.

But in less than two seconds, they felt that something was wrong…

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“F*ck, wasnt I healed Why am I even weaker!”

“Somethings not right! I cant use my totem power at all!”

“Its poisonous! This healing is definitely poisonous! I feel that my vitality is being consumed at a crazy rate!”

“How can my vitality be extracted What kind of negative state is this…”

The dozens of foreign races were extremely tired and feeling extremely bitter.

The pain of their vitality being depleted was not something that normal creatures could endure.

Suddenly, a totem noticed that a new space filled with plants, or rather, a world, had suddenly appeared high up in the sky.

Their vitality had rushed out of their bodies uncontrollably and surged into the tree world!

“Thank you, God, for your reward.

Your most loyal plant believers are willing to throw away their lives for you and offer their faith,” In the tree world, there were endless voices of gratitude.

Along with them was the devout faith in the god of life, Lila, who had created plant life.

Gradually, more and more foreign races totems were almost drained of their lives.

While the atmosphere on the battlefield was gloomy, the tree world fell into ecstasy.

As if having received the gift of God, dozens of treants who had just been upgraded to the totem level immediately rushed out of the tree world and began to slaughter the foreign races who were basically unable to resist! Their vitality had already been squeezed out, so how could they resist the plant believers who were in a frenzied state One side was extremely weak, while the other side was in perfect condition.

Before long, the foreign races totems were killed one after another!

“Why are there still dozens of totem-level treants in the domain skill of the Mythical Tree which is at overlord-level!”

“These vine treants are too demonic!”

“What should I do The meager totem power that I can mobilize cant withstand the attacks at all! But I dont want to die! !”

“If I knew this would happen, I wouldnt have come here to die!”

“If I die in battle, what will happen to the rest of the mystic heron race…”

“After being an invincible totem for so many years, why did Chu Feng suddenly have to appear! Is it wrong to want to live!”


Being slaughtered like livestock one after another, the foreign races were in despair.

Lila said slowly, “Any plant creature that has the merit of killing the enemy can share the path of glory with me!”

The moment this faint voice came out, the totem-level treants on the battlefield immediately went crazy, “Fight for the God of Life! We would rather die in battle than live like a coward! Kill!!”

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They had clearly been upgraded to the totem level and could even become the chief of a race in the Solar System, but when they went crazy, they were even crazier than the idols fans on Earth! It was understandable, though.

The Mythical Tree was the mother of life to all the creatures in the tree world.

No other existence could compare to Lila.

To obtain the affirmation of the God of Life, the totem-level treants were willing to offer everything, including their lives!

“Boom! Boom!” Under the bombardment of the madmen-like vine treants, the totem of the foreign races gradually diminished.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly, who was in control of the entire scene, suddenly looked into the distance, quietly looking at the old totem of the same race.

That old ancestor had broken through to the totem level in the fourth realm ten thousand years ago.

It wondered how much combat power he had.

Moer, who was originally fighting with the elven empress Dino, suddenly met Zhong Hens totem Laser Sword which was also aided by the latters SSS-grade talent.

It turned out that Zhong Hen saw that Chu Feng didnt need help from others, so he simply sent out his totem beast.

Facing two totem beasts that had been blessed with their Beastmasters SSS-grade talent, even the Mirage Butterfly ancestor had no choice but to retreat! Back then, he had only joined the foreign races because he didnt feel a sense of belonging to his race.

Currently, Moer had only joined the Foreign Races Alliance for less than a hundred years, so he naturally didnt have deep feelings for them either.

Seeing that the battle was one-sided, he immediately wanted to retreat.

“The human race has some good luck.

To think Chu Feng can use the final Gods inheritance to defeat the foreign races.

Forgive me for not continuing this fight with you!” Before he could finish his sentence, Moer wanted to teleport.

As the Mirage Butterfly Races ancestor, he had a deep understanding of space.

The two magnates could not stop him at all! It was precisely because he knew that he had a way out that Moer could still smile and say that he would not be continuing the battle.

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“You want to escape Have I given my permission” Chu Feng flashed out from the sky, his gaze cold.

Moer chuckled and said disdainfully, “Who can stop me if I want to leave”

Chu Fengs thoughts move, and he said coldly, “Butterfly, suppress him.”

“Mi-meh!” Sensing its Beastmasters thoughts, the Mirage Butterfly immediately pressed its multi-layered domain on Moer.

With that, the Mirage Butterfly ancestor, who had always been calm and at ease, turned pale with fright.

He couldnt sense his space domain anymore! Such a phenomenon would usually only happen when the enemys understanding of space was ten times greater than his own… Otherwise, how could the totem power in his body not listen to his commands

“This is impossible!!” Moer cried out in surprise.

He discovered that his spiritual and illusionary powers had also been greatly weakened.

Due to the great suppression, this old Mirage Butterfly could only use powers slightly stronger than the overlord-level 10.

Chu Feng walked over and said in a cold voice, “You want to kill the magnates”

“Rip!” Moers butterfly wings were directly torn off.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere, and intense pain assaulted him.

“Chu Feng! Youve gone too far!!” His roar was filled with anger.

Moer was a totem of the fourth realm, after all.

Even in the entire sky domain, no living being dared to bully him like this!

“Heh, do you believe that I can enslave you”

Moer was both shocked and suspicious.

He said angrily, “How are you worthy!”

With another rip, the other remaining wing was torn off as well.

Chu Feng mocked, “Indeed, youre not worthy.”

Without his beautiful wings, the current Moer was no different from an ugly caterpillar.

Chu Feng retracted his disdainful gaze.

He finally understood that his Mirage Butterfly was probably the only one whose body was so beautiful that it looked like otherworldly.

Moer screamed, “Chu Feng, how dare you humiliate me !”

“So what if I did so” Chu Feng felt bored and turned to leave.

He was not interested in killing insects.

Zhong Hen hesitated and said, “Moer has been traveling in the sky domain for so long.

He must have established a deep connection with some creatures.

Are you really going to keep him alive”

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “Second brother, you should do it.”

Zhong Hen felt the warmth in his heart.

He knew that his third brother had heard the other partys shouting and threats when he first came out, which was why he handed over the right to kill.

“Moer, when you were talking about killing the magnates, did you think that you would end up like this”

Moers face was livid, “If it werent for the help of external things, you wouldnt have had the chance to kill me!”

“Youre still stubborn even when youre about to die,” As he said that, Zhong Hens totem Laser Sword slashed towards him.

At this moment, an anxious voice suddenly sounded, “Magnate, please stop!”


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