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At the moment of life and death, there was a sudden movement in the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

Chu Feng walked out of the tower with a cold expression.

“Mi-meh!” Feeling the surging battle intent outside, the Mirage Butterfly was extremely excited, and its killing intent spread!

Chu Fengs voice was calm, “Kill them all.”

“Mi-meh!” At the same time, the spirit-space domain that was formed from the spiritual and space domains descended!

Following that, the three arrays of space-break, space-tear, and psychedelic came together! With the spirit-space domain and the three-layered absolute array, the Mirage Butterfly was the best field control.

In this aspect, even the invincible and terrifying Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had to take a step back.

Of course, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had super combat strength, but no matter how comprehensive its firepower was and no matter how meticulous it was in actual battle, in the aspect of spatial and illusionary techniques, it was still inferior to the Mirage Butterfly who had corresponding super talents.

To put it simply, each beast had its specialties, so teamwork was the best option.

Ortes, who had just proposed to kill Zhong Hen, rolled his eyes when he heard Chu Fengs words.

He sneered, “Chu Feng, it cant be that youre not seeing the situation clearly till now, right The human race will be destroyed today, even if youre here!”

The other foreign races totems also laughed, “Looks like this kid is really sick.

Otherwise, how could he come out at this time to send himself to his death”

“Haha, he cant really think that hes capable of withstanding over a hundred totems, right What a joke…”

“Could it be that Chu Feng really thinks that he and Zhong Hen can fight against us”


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The current leader of the Foreign Races Alliance, Reisha, also came.

Behind her were dozens of totems!

“Chu Feng, youre dead meat!” The frost phantoms anger could not be quelled, “Today, I will use your tragic death to console the heroic spirits of the foreign races!”

Chu Feng couldnt be bothered with them.

As long as one was still alive, no one would just stand there and wait to be slaughtered.

He took a step forward, revealing his beast space.

Seeing the enormous space hovering in the sky, many foreign races couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

“Isnt this too big!”

“Look at the thickness of that barrier, it seems to be even stronger than a legend-level Beastmasters space!”

“As expected of a monster!”

“Hes clearly an overlord, but his beast space is actually comparable to the magnates!”

“Strange, why is Chu Feng summoning his beast space at this time”

“Could it be that he wants to fight to the death without leaving any way out for himself”

“Why bother with that soon-to-be dead man!”

Under the gazes of the hundred over totems with different expressions, the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet flew out of the beast space.

[Photon calculation, overloaded origin, quantum detection… ready.]

[Mechanical treasury, open.]

Many cracks appeared in the void next to the fighter jet, and a large number of weapons were warming up inside…

[Sealing the area!]

Hearing this, all the foreign races outside the tower were starting to panic.

What was this It was just weird.

Zhong Hen, who had an unparalleled understanding of machines, understood it at a glance.

The shock in his eyes could not be hidden, “This fighter jet is extremely terrifying!”

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He was, after all, the first person to contract with a mechanical beast.

He could see the true terror of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

Even though the large number of cannons that came out from the spatial rifts were not aimed at him, he could still feel chills coming from the bottom of his spine.

Zhong Hen simply could not imagine how Chu Feng had managed to train such a terrifying killing machine.

“Fight!” Chu Feng ordered.

“Mi-meh!”The Mirage Butterfly immediately responded with a skill.

All the foreign races present felt that the space around them turn almost solid, and their sense of time, which was usually unrestrained, suddenly became chaotic… For a moment, most of the foreign races were frozen on the spot.

Moer narrowed his eyes and shouted, “A junior dares to play with spatial and spiritual domains in front of me Dont tell me you dont even recognize the mirage butterfly races ancestor !”

As he said that, he also used spiritual and spatial domains to retaliate! The Mirage Butterfly simply glanced at the domains that were being released and retracted its gaze with some boredom.

Just this

Moer did not sense any feedback from the domains that he had released and was immediately shocked, “This is impossible!”

He was so shocked that his old eyes were wide open.

He was clearly the ancestor! Why was he suppressed by the fledgling Mirage Butterfly instead!



After receiving the battle signal, the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon were so excited that their eyes were slightly red.

They immediately rushed out of the beast space!

Geer was, after all, a flying dragon.

Once he left the beast space, he immediately dived.

The Wild Bear, on the other hand, was huge, to begin with.

It expanded into a huge bear that was thousands of meters tall in midair, and smashed into the ground, producing an incomparably loud but dull thud, as if the ground had been hit by a meteorite! The power of the Desolate and Demon Gods was activated simultaneously.

At this moment, the Wild Bear was no different from a god of war.

“Awoo!” As it roared, the giant bears palm grabbed onto a Titan thunder beast totem, looking as if it was pinching an insect.

Ortes, who was held down by the bears palm, immediately had a drastic change in expression.

He had finally managed to break free from the control of the Mirage Butterflys spirit-space domain only to find that he could not break free from the bears palm now!

With crackling sounds of electricity, the sound of thunder exploding rang out continuously.

He had used all his abilities, but he could not break even a single strand of the Wild Bears hair!

“Ortes, I will take your life,” Chu Fengs voice was very cold, “Do you still remember these words”

Ortes struggled wildly in the bears paw, roaring furiously, “Chu Feng! If you have the ability, then dont use your beast to suppress me.

Lets just fight one-on-one!”

“Oh”Chu Feng tilted his head and teleported to his opponent.

Compared to the large Titan thunder beast, the human floating in the air was like an ant.

Suddenly, the humans body was covered in a layer of dragon-scale armor.

Then, he threw a punch that seemed extremely weak but could tear space apart! The humans fist was very small, but the wind from the punch pierced through the beasts body!

In an instant, Ortes blood rained down from the sky.

He was in great pain, and he couldnt believe what was happening, “You… How can you borrow dragon power!”

When he asked this question, Ortes was at a loss.

If Chu Feng knew this move long ago, why hadnt he heard of it before Besides, human Beastmasters didnt have such a skill…

“Since you want to fight one-on-one, then let me fulfill your dying wish.”

“Awoo!” The Titan thunder beast, which had completely lost its life force, was tossed aside by the Wild Bear.

From the looks of it, the Titan thunder beast had died from a single punch.

In reality, aside from Geers dragon gods body skill, Chu Feng had also used Lilias miracle of life skill in reverse, taking away Ortes life force! With that, Ortes was like a kite without a string, falling straight to the ground.

Reisha came over to check and shook her head repeatedly, “No, I cant save him.

Theres no life force in his body at all…”

The frost phantom was very shocked and frowned.

She did not understand what had happened at that moment.

The punch had clearly been physical, so why was it like the same method as the vampires On top of that, it had sucked away the vital life force of the creature…

At this moment, a Titan thunder beast walked up to Ortes without saying a word.

“Ram- Rampus,” Ortes was extremely weak, panting as he said, “When I die, you must protect the Titan thunder beast race…”

“Rest assured and go to hell, chief,” The peak overlord, Rampus, had a smile on his face as he formed a thunder blade and pierced through the other partys throat!

“Ha… ha…” Ortes was filled with despair as he died with his eyes wide open.

Before he died, his confusion was finally solved.

So Rampus was able to live alone twice because…

“Haha! My master will exterminate all the foreign races!!” Rampus eyes were bloodshot and he looked extremely deranged.

Before he could do anything else, he was completely frozen by the ice that shot towards him from the side.

The frost phantoms totem, Reisha looked at Chu Feng coldly, “Spiritual control… Chu Feng, you do have many tricks up your sleeve!”

“Hehe, if it wasnt for me controlling Rampus, how could you have become the Alliance Leader”

“Youre still playing centrifuge tricks at this point” Reisha shouted coldly, “Only if you die can the Foreign Races Alliance survive forever!”

“Hm,” Chu Feng replied coldly.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon suddenly charged out.

Reisha was shocked and wanted to react, but was intimidated and glued to the spot by the roar!

The sharp claws clawed out, and the frost phantom instantly turned into pieces.

She was clearly the leader of the Foreign Races Alliance, but she couldnt even last more than a second!


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