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While the Wild Bear beat up the ancient wild ape, the remaining field tiger totem was completely ignored.

The three beasts on this platform were all of the wild attribute cultivation.

Just like how the Desolate God focused on body enhancement and enjoyed pure hand-to-hand combat, wild-type beasts did not have many tricks up their sleeves.

Even if they had many skills, they still relied on primitive hunting methods when fighting.

For example, pouncing, biting, slapping, scratching, smashing… As such, the Wild Bear, who was also of the wild type, was bombarding Tru with a huge force.

At the same time, the field tiger races totem named Senter kept using his tiger claws to scratch the Wild Bear.

Seeing that it was ineffective, it even pounced onto the Wild Bear and bit it… However, no matter how crazily he used his skills, he was unable to break through the Wild Bears thick defense! The current Wild Bear could be said to be invincible in close combat! The reason why it was so confident that it could fight two totems at once was because it knew that the two that came over were both of the wild-types.

If those that came were not purely of the wild attribute, the Wild Bear wouldnt have been able to guarantee that the other party would not escape halfway.

“Bang! Bang…”

Continuous banging sounds rang out, and Tru, who was being beaten up badly, was dumbfounded.

It was resisting too, using its wild domain to block the Wild Bear so that it could find an opportunity to escape from the predicament, yet after countless failed attempts, Tru was in despair.

What was with this overlord level 4 bear! Why was its wild domain stronger than his wild domain that had been blessed with the divine source!

Tru had originally wanted to use his wild domain to suppress the Wild Bears movements, but now he was the one that was being completely suppressed! What was going on! Was the huge bear really an overlord-level 4! This was impossible… This was too illogical… The constant pain pulled Tru out of his dazed state, and he finally couldnt take it anymore.

The wild ancient wild ape covered its head and roared angrily, “Senter! Have you been starved Why are you scratching its head or combing its fur!”

Even after trying for a long time, the field tiger was still unable to leave any marks on the Wild Bears body, and he was starting to break down emotionally as well.

He roared back, “Of course, youre amazing! Youre so amazing, yet youre still being beaten! How would I know whats going on! This bears skin is so thick that I cant break through its defenses at all! Ahhhhh! !”

The two totems had started to break down, but the Wild Bear was getting more and more excited as it fought, “Awoo!”

The Demon Gods blood in its body was activated.

With that, the three skills, namely the power of the demon god, the body of the demon god, and demon god chasing moon were unleashed in the Wild Bears body, instantly causing its snow-white fur to be covered in a thick demon aura.

At this moment, the Wild Bear was as brutal as the Demon God! After the three maxed-out demon-type super skills were activated, the originally terrifying strength of the Wild Bears body was once again boosted!

Senter was extremely shocked, “The bloodline of the Demon God… Isnt the Wild Bear a wild-type beast How could it possibly awaken the power of the Demon God!”

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Tru was furious and terrified, “Monster! It must be a monster! Otherwise, its impossible to awaken the bloodlines of mutually repelling Gods!!”

“Boom–” Another powerful punch, but this time…

Trus eyes widened in horror.

Hi–his body had been pierced through! A large hole had been opened in the chest of the ancient wild ape races totem.

Through the bloody hole, one could even see the platform below.

“Boom, boom, boom –” Punch after punch was thrown out, and Trus huge ape body was smashed into a paste, already in a state of near death.

“Monster… Monster!!” Seeing this nightmarish scene with his own eyes, Senter let out a miserable howl and fled in a panic.

For a moment, it had completely forgotten its purpose for coming here.

All it could think about was to flee!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear, who seemed to have completely fallen into a state of berserk, turned around and punched the field tiger, who was trying to escape.

Senter was directly thrown to the ground by that terrifying strength, unable to get up.

His survival instinct was still there though.

The field tiger managed to barely hold himself up, but was pressed down to the ground again by the huge foot that came directly at him! The entire platform let out an intense rumbling sound, as if it was about to collapse in the next instant.

Meanwhile, the field tiger, who was under the bears paw, was already trampled to the point that he couldnt be flattened any further!

“Cough…” The field tiger spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He had clearly used his savage body, but he still couldnt resist the attack…

“No, its impossible…”

Facing the enemy that was already extremely weak, Wild Bear grabbed the field tigers left and right legs and directly tore it apart!

“Crackle–” A sound that made ones hair stand on end rang out as the field tiger totem was torn apart in half!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear let out an incomparably carefree and violent roar.

Its dense demon aura spread out in all directions, and a terrifying might spread throughout the entire space…

Finally, it had enjoyed another satisfying battle! The other parties of the battle, the ancient wild ape races totem Tru and the field tiger races Senter couldnt understand even till death: Why did an overlord level 4 bear have both the Desolate Gods blood and the Demon Gods blood Why was it that as totems, they had been killed instead

Chu Feng walked step by step into the bloody battlefield and took away the beast cores and the spatial secret treasures.

He estimated that they were only worth 1.2 billion points.

“So poor,” Chu Feng pursed his lips and sighed helplessly.

To be honest, he wasnt too puzzled.

After all, wild-type beasts had to enhance their bodies.

If a living creature wanted to make its body stronger, it was inevitable to consume treasures.

Even if one tried to reduce the consumption of resources, it was impossible for one to not eat.

As long as one was still alive, one had to eat.

To give a specific example, the Wild Bears food was overlord-level honey now.

That, and other desserts, staple foods, and side meals… With such a huge consumption, it could only be said that ordinary people couldnt even raise a bear.

“Awooo!” The Wild Bear walked back step by step.

When it reached Chu Fengs side, it had already returned to its normal state.

Even so, it was still ten meters tall.

It was the kind of height that could allow a normal person to roll on its back.

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Chu Feng smiled as if no battle had occurred just now, “Continue to absorb divine energy.”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear nodded and continued to absorb the wild energy in the platform space.

Not long after, the platform number under Chu Fengs feet changed from ten to twenty, thirty… all the way to the 80th platform!

The memory scenes unfolded, and a magnificent golden palace appeared before him.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the palace.

A towering figure came to the front of the palace and knelt down.

“I am the Desolate God, and I am willing to work for you.”

There was no response from the palace for a long time, as if there was no one inside.

No one knew how much time had passed, but the Desolate God, who had been kneeling in front of the palace, finally met the God of war.

The God of war in golden armor was not as tall as the Desolate God, but his aura seemed to be able to suppress the latter.

He still used that extremely casual tone to make a decision, “Since thats the case, then go guard a planet for me.”

Without any warning, the memory scenes dissipated into fragments… Chu Feng frowned and looked at the 100th platform under his feet, wondering if there was a bug.

What the hell was going on Why was there only a small part of the Desolate Gods memory that didnt make much sense at all Speaking of which, another memory that was similarly short was the Flower Gods memory.

However, compared to the Desolate Gods memory, the memory fragments hidden in the divine energy of the Flower Gods space were quite many.

Ever since the Desolate God had said that “the Gods would return”, Chu Feng had been very interested in the information about the era of the Gods.

There was very little information about the ancient Gods nowadays.

If he wanted to understand the secrets of that era, at present, he could only do it by accepting the Gods inheritances.

Unfortunately, even if he had obtained part of the memories of the Tree God, Flower God, Wolf God, Dragon God, and Desolate God, the information he collected was still very limited.

With the current information he had, he simply had no clear image of the ancient era of the Gods.


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