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As soon as they entered the Desolate Gods space, the Wild Bear cried out, “Awoo”.

No one was absorbing the divine energy on the lowest platform, so Chu Feng and his beast directly stepped onto the first platform.

As far as the eye could see, it was all a piece of wilderness.

The Wild Bear revealed an expression of incomparable enjoyment.

It was experiencing the supreme pleasure that the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had experienced earlier.

As expected of the Desolate God, the endless divine energy that poured into its body made the Wild Bear very pleased.

The Wild Bear closed its eyes to absorb the endless energy that was crazily surging in from all directions.

At the same time, it could even sense that its bodys attributes were rapidly increasing!

As the saying goes, those who are involved in the matter may be confused, but those who are watching from the sidelines can see the situation clearly.

Chu Feng, who was standing at the side, could see it even more clearly.

The Wild Bears absorption of the Desolate Gods power was even more exaggerated than Geers earlier.

Its efficiency was frighteningly high.

Not long after, the desolate energy in the first platform was completely absorbed.

The man and the bear moved to the second platform and continued their absorption.

“Awoo!” The aura on Wild Bears body was accumulated, breaking through to the overlord level 4!

“Awoo, awoo!” The Wild Bears excited cries continued to ring out.

If this continued, it would not take long for it to surpass that dragon again!

At the same time, on the 80th platform, Tru, the totem of the ancient wild ape race, was walking down from the 82nd platform.

Due to its enormous size, an earthquake-like shaking sound could be heard when its feet landed on the ground.

Senter, the field tiger race, who was absorbing divine strength on the 80th platform, said with a dark gaze, “Tru, what are you trying to do”

Trus expression was serious as he growled, “The two of us have been competing for a thousand years and still havent been able to determine who is better.

Now, theres something more important than victory before us.”

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“More important than victory Thatll be to accept the inheritance,” Senter was puzzled, “What exactly are you trying to say”

Tru pointed downwards, “Havent you noticed Chu Feng has already entered.”

Hearing this, the field tiger immediately lowered his head and saw that it really was Chu Feng.

His tiger eyes immediately exploded with killing intent, “To think Chu Feng dares to enter.

He cant possibly think that we dont know that the Wild Bear has already awakened the Desolate God bloodline, right Is he trying to throw his life away”

Tru laughed, “After waiting for so long, hes finally here.

Why dont we go down and kill him together Since Chu Feng is still alive, he might have a new trump card with him.

If we go down together, we can guarantee that nothing will go wrong.”

“Sure”, The field tiger nodded his head, and the killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

That damned Chu Feng had killed two peak overlords that were highly favored in his race.

To be more precise, in that peak overlords massacre, other than the Titan thunder beast that hadnt been killed for some unknown reason, the other hundred or so races all had peak overlords that were killed by Chu Feng.

With new grudges and old grudges all stacked together, coupled with the great threat of the “hope of the human race”, all foreign races totem yearned to kill Chu Feng!

The ancient wild ape and the field tiger hit it off and walked straight down.

Not long after, the humans and foreign races met on the 10th platform.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

He could feel their ferocious killing intent, and at the same time, it was accompanied by a terrifying pressure.

Looking at how aggressive the other parties were, it was very likely that they had been purposely waiting for him in the Desolate Gods space.


[Ancient wild ape race, broke through to the totem level in the first realm, advanced overlord bloodline.]

[Super talent in strength and defense, supreme talent in speed.]

[Skills: Wild domain that has been blessed by the divine source, wild body, giant transformation, wild-aura body… ]


[Field tiger race, broke through to the totem level at the first realm, advanced overlord bloodline.]

[Super talent in strength and defense, supreme talent in speed.]

[Skills: Savage body that has been blessed by the divine source, wild body, wild domain, wild power… ]

The ancient wild ape race was huge.

Tru looked down at Chu Feng and the Wild Bear and said coldly, “Chu Feng, today is your death date!”

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Before he even finished his sentence, he had unleashed his wild domain, covering the 10th platform firmly.

When he said the sentence, Tru felt that Chu Feng was a dead man.

After all, no one could come out of his wild domain that had been blessed with the divine source alive… The human was nothing but a piece of dead meat, but what about the bear that the dead man had previously bonded

Tru had also thought of this point.

If the bear was willing to submit, then it would be accepted into the Foreign Races Alliance.

In any case, so many peak overlords had died, and the Alliance was quite in lack of beasts.

The field tiger exploded with a terrifying aura, making it just like the most terrifying fierce beast in the wilderness, “Dont talk nonsense, just kill them directly!”

As Senter spoke, the aura on his body became even more terrifying.

After activating a variety of wild-type skills, his strength that was already at the top of the totem level was immediately increased by a hundred times! For his skills to be increased by so many times, it was obviously related to his savage body skill that was blessed with the divine source.

“Awooo!” Facing powerful enemies of the same attribute, the Wild Bears body also expanded explosively, instantly turning into a huge bear that was over a thousand meters tall! The side that was being looked down upon previously had now become the one to look down on the other party.

Even if the ancient wild ape races Tru used its great transformation skill, he would not be able to grow to such height.

Facing the menacing enemies, Chu Feng ignored them and only smiled as he asked, “Two totems are attacking, do you want to face the enemies on your own”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear nodded its huge bear head, full of fighting spirit! To it, fighting two totems at the same time when it had just reached the overlord level 4 was a rare challenge.

It was just nice for the enemies to come over now.

If they had waited until it reached overlord level 10 before coming, the two totems would be no different from sandbags.

They would not be able to withstand a punch!

The two totems on the opposite side heard the words of the man and the bear.

“How arrogant!” Tru roared ferociously, “To think a mere overlord-level 4 bear dares to speak such big words!”

“Roar! The totems dignity can not be sullied!” Senter also roared angrily.

Chu Feng, “…”

Why did he feel that the two beasts on the opposite side were quite silly as if their intelligence was not enough He shot a glance at the huge bear next to him and suddenly let the question go.

Perhaps the heads of huge creatures were bound to be empty.

The Wild Bear felt that the way its Beastmaster looked at it was a little strange.

It scratched its head.

Forget it, it decided not to think about it.

Humans always had a lot of strange thoughts anyway.

Chu Feng smiled, “Hmm… Just kill them.”

“Awooo!” With that, the Wild Bears paw suddenly expanded! After great transformation had been upgraded to the max level, the Wild Bear could expand itself by a hundred times.

On top of that, it could control its body parts to expand again after they had already been expanded by a hundred times!

Solidity was another matter.

At the very least, it could expand its body size to the maximum.

Other than expanding its body parts, the Wild Bear could also adjust its body shape! After all, it walked the path of body refinement.

After its skills had been maxed-out, its control over its body was profound.

It could also do things like growing big or shrinking small now.

The huge bear paw suddenly expanded into a gigantic bear paw and smashed onto the head of the ancient wild ape! Faced with such unbelievable speed, Tru could not dodge at all and took the palm head-on.

“Since its two against one, lets kill this ancient wild ape first.”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear replied happily and gave Tru a good beating!


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