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“Alliance leader! Please help us obtain revenge!”

“My ancestor died too tragically, I beg everyone to take revenge on our behalf…”

“Chu Feng is too much of a bully! We must crush his bones and scatter his ashes to appease our ancestors spirit in heaven!”

“Chu Feng must die! Chu Feng must die!!”


Continuous wails and furious roars came from outside the hall, finally converging into the same chant: “We wish to punish Chu Feng! Chu Feng must die!!”

The atmosphere in the hall was at a breaking point.

Most of the totems turned their gazes to the leader of the Alliance.

At this moment, Reishas emotions were actually very complicated.

On one hand, as a member of the Foreign Races Alliance and the leader, she naturally wished that Chu Feng would be tortured to death immediately.

On the other hand, she could also see from the footage that was sent back, just how powerful Chu Feng was now.

With his indescribably terrifying strength, he could even kill totems consecutively with overlord-level beasts! Even as the leader of the Foreign Races Alliance, Reisha couldnt help but be in awe of Chu Fengs growth, and she was terrified of it! Chu Feng had only become a Beastmaster for less than half a year, and he had already grown to such a monstrous level.

In some time, wouldnt he become a legend-level Beastmaster soon and completely destroy the Foreign Races Alliance! If this continued, all the races in the Alliance would probably have no choice but to flee!

Homeless races could only wander in the void, and the void had always been filled with endless dangers.

Even with the protection of a totem, it might not be able to protect the entire race… Moreover, refining an alternate dimension would take a very long time.

However, if they couldnt refine an alternate dimension, they probably wouldnt be able to bring many members with them.

If they could only bring a portion of their race members and escape in a sorry state, it would be no different from exterminating their entire race!

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In the main hall, the hearts of the foreign races were scattered, and their morale was low.

Many of the foreign races totems were already thinking about all sorts of tragic situations.

In an instant, the atmosphere became even more gloomy..

“Chu Feng must die!” The former alliance leader, Ortes, suddenly stood up, “The Foreign Races Alliance and Chu Feng are like fire and water.

Either Chu Feng dies, or we die!”

He then suggested, “We cant wait any longer.

We must gather a hundred totems to go to the periphery of the Ancient Tower of the Gods to kill Chu Feng!”

Currently, there were a total of 110 totems in the foreign races.

Now, Ortes was suggesting that only ten would stay guarding here, while the other 100 should join forces to kill Chu Feng.

It could be seen how intense his killing intent was.

“I agree!”

“I also think…”

All of a sudden, the hall was filled with voices of agreement.

At this time, almost all the foreign races totems felt that they could no longer hesitate.

Chu Feng must die!

Suddenly, an aged voice sounded, “If thats the case, then this old man will also participate in the battle.”

An invisible ripple spread out in the space of the hall, and an old totem from the mirage butterfly race appeared.

“Senior Moer!”

“With senior Moer joining us, we will definitely win this battle!”

“This time, Chu Feng will definitely die!”

All the totems present were joyful as they chimed in.

The reason why they were so much more confident was that this senior held a lot of weight.

The senior from the mirage butterfly race was extremely old.

He had been traveling around since ten thousand years ago.

He had just returned to the Blue Planet less than a hundred years ago! After traveling for 10,000 years, Moer no longer had a sense of belonging to the mirage butterfly race.

In addition to his different worldviews, he no longer remained neutral.

Instead, he chose to join the Foreign Races Alliance that was opposed to the human race.

As such, Moer was the only totem among all the foreign races present that didnt have a race to worry about.

It was said that this old senior had broken through to the totem-level at the fourth realm of the origin of the universe 10,000 years ago!

In fact, the first, second, and third realms were only the borders of the nine realms of the origin of the universe.

Therefore, the combat strengths of the creatures that broke through to the totem-level at the first, second, and third realms were almost the same.

However, the fourth realm was different.

It could be considered as stepping into the origin of the universe! Even in the entire mirage butterfly race, Moers combat strength could be considered the strongest.

Reisha bowed humbly and smiled, “With you participating in this battle, I believe that the Foreign Races Alliance will definitely be able to achieve a complete victory!”

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In the Ancient Tower of the Gods, on the Dragon Gods door in the temple.

[Dragon Gods Inheritance Ranking]

[1st: Chu Feng, human race, 100th platform]

[2nd: Rayne, ancient desolate dragon race, 86th platform]

[3rd: Gloria, luoshui white dragon race, 84th platform]

[ … ]

The ranking of the Dragon Gods door had changed.

Now, Chu Feng was at the top of the list, while the others had dropped a rank.

Chu Feng looked at the “Elton, sub-dragon race” at the bottom and fell into deep thought.

“Foreign Races Alliance… more than a hundred totems…”

The reminders of the Dragon Kings just now once again lingered in his ears.

It was not the first time that the foreign races had tried to besiege him.

The latest large-scale encirclement had been the gathering of three hundred overlord-level foreign races that had vowed to kill him in the land of heritage.

It was very likely that a totem-level encirclement would appear next.

Chu Feng had long expected this.

The cause was very simple.

The images of the deaths of the foreign races would all be sent back to Myriad Beasts Mountain.

No foreign race could possibly remain calm.

The more furious and fearful the foreign races were, the more totems they would send over.

Perhaps, the Foreign Races Alliance would reveal their trump card..

Chu Feng shook his head and did not think any further.

For now, the only thing he could do was to continue increasing his strength.

Before entering the Dragon Gods space, Chu Feng had gathered that his priority should be the Dragon God and Desolate God based on compatibility.

Now, it was naturally the Desolate Gods spaces turn! In the beast space, when the Wild Bear saw Chu Feng walking towards the Desolate Gods door, it cried out excitedly.

So, it was finally its turn!

“Awooo!” The Wild Bears eyes shone with anticipation.

Hadnt the Desolate God said something about the return of the Gods At that time, if it used the divine strength it received from the Desolate Gods heritage space to kill the other party, the Desolate Gods expression would be a view to see.

[Desolate Gods Inheritance Ranking]

[1st: Rayne, ancient desolate dragon race, 88th platform.]

[2nd: Tru, ancient wild ape race, 82nd platform.]

[3rd: Senter, field tiger race, 80th platform.]

[ … ]

“Oh, it seems that the ancient desolate dragon races Dragon King, Rayne, had gone to the Desolate Gods space before going to the Dragon Gods space,” Chu Feng was slightly surprised, but he soon revealed a knowing smile.

Although Rayne was from the dragon race, he had awakened the Desolate Gods bloodline when he broke through to the totem-level.

This was where he was different from the other Dragon Kings, which naturally prompted him to go to the Desolate Gods space first to receive the inheritance.

However, even the Dragon King Rayne who had awakened a compatible bloodline had only reached the 88th platform! From this, one could see how deep the foundation required for the final inheritance of the Gods was.

When Chu Feng walked over, he glanced at all 12 doors of the Gods and found that other than himself, no other creatures had reached the 100th platform.

This meant that as of now, only one person had obtained the final inheritance.

Chu Feng had been worried that if he was slow and became the second to reach the top, he might not be able to obtain the final inheritance.

But now, it seemed that he was worrying for nothing.

Time was not a problem.

Ones foundation was the only obstacle to accepting the inheritance.

By now, Chu Feng, an overlord-level Beastmaster, had already monopolized the four Gods inheritance.

If the foreign races saw this, they would probably be even angrier.

“Tru in second place and Senter in third place.

These two wild-type totems are also foreign races…” A cold killing intent flashed in Chu Fengs eyes, “If they dare to have thoughts, then they can just go to Hell.”


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