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“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon let out an excited roar.

Its strength was beyond compare!! After reaching the sixth realm of the origin of the universe through the Dragon Gods inheritance in the Ancient Tower of the Gods, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon could now completely crush totems! With the sub-dragon races totems death, the spatial secret treasure that Elton had brought along with him was dropped.

Chu Feng put away the sub-dragons skeleton, the totem-level beast core, as well as the treasures.

After the sub-dragon had gone through the tempering of the dragon breath, only its skeleton was left.

From this, one could see how terrifying the destructive power of a totems combat power was.

Unfortunately, that skeleton was broken, so it was at most worth 20 million points.

For Chu Feng, who currently had a huge amount of points, it was barely better than nothing.

At this point, he didnt really need enhancement points anymore.

Even if the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had more than 40 new super skills to be enhanced, it would at most only need 100 million enhancement points.

The various resources that Chu Feng currently had, at the very least, could amount to more than 3 billion points.

Since his resources were so abundant to this extent, even if he advanced to the legend-level and bonded with 12 beasts in total, the enhancement points converted from points would be more than enough.

Or perhaps, he could directly use his points to exchange for some supreme treasures and extract the divine source from the treasures to meet the enhancement requirements of the myth skills on the interface of his five beasts! Therefore, the more points, the better!

“This sub-dragon is quite rich.

Just his treasures alone are worth more than one billion points,” Chu Feng clicked his tongue in wonder, “As expected, as long as its a dragon, it cant escape from the desire to accumulate everything that shines Even the sub-dragon has so many…”

No one knew what exactly he thought of, but he suddenly looked up at the high platform with an unfathomable gaze.

That gaze made the hearts of the four Dragon Kings and the Azure Dragon Prince on the higher platform involuntarily thump.

The five dragon race members were jolted out of their shock in an instant.

Their foreheads were sweating crazily.

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that Chu Feng seemed to have a crazy idea.

Moreover, they put themselves against the other party, and realized that they might really not be able to defeat the other party!

If even the young dragon Geer could instantly kill a totem that ascended in the first realm, then what about his other beasts Perhaps… The five Dragon Kings felt a chill down their spines and their scalps went numb.

They could not help but hint at the Dark-sky Azure Dragon crazily, “Geer! Quickly stop Chu Feng! He seems to have a terrifying idea!”

Seeing that the Dragon Kings were frantically avoiding his gaze, Chu Feng smiled slightly.

After chatting with the Dragon Kings for a while, he turned around and prepared to leave the Dragon Gods space.

As for his previous thought, well… The dragon race and the human race had a good relationship.

Even if he had some thoughts as well as the ability to make it into reality, he wouldnt turn the human races ally into a mortal enemy.

“Its still a friendship, please do cherish it,” Before Chu Feng left, one of the Dragon Kings couldnt help but remind him.

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The ancient desolate dragon races totem-level Dragon King, Rayne, had a serious look on his face, “Chu Feng, your talent is indeed more outstanding than the magnates, Wu Yu and Zhong Hen! But dont forget one thing, as the saying goes, the more outstanding you are, the easier it is for you to become a living target.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “In the Ancient Tower, you can rely on the rules to kill the foreign races totems separately.

But after leaving the land of heritage, the remaining hundred or so totems of the Foreign Races Alliance will definitely not let this go.

If they really unite to attack you, Im afraid you wont be able to gain anything either.”

Lance, who was from the gem dragon race, also said, “Both the dragon race and the human race hope for the collapse of the Foreign Races Alliance.

From the looks of it, you are the most likely to achieve this goal.

As such, compared to you dying halfway, we would like to see you grow into a person who can hold up the sky.”

Chu Feng stopped in his tracks and took the words to heart.

There was nothing wrong with what they had said.

If the foreign races were really forced into a corner, the hundred or so totems would besiege him.

No matter how much manpower the two magnates had, they would not be able to defend against it… if he was really killed, then everything would be in vain.

Chu Feng replied seriously, “Thank you for your reminder, seniors.

I will definitely be more careful.”

Since he had killed so many foreign races, he had naturally also thought about the possibility of being crazily retaliated by the foreign races totems.

However, such

a matter was never something that could be solved by simply running away.

What Chu Feng could do now was to continuously increase his combat strength.

As long as his strength was strong enough, no matter how many totems came at him, they would still have to kneel!

In the past, the two magnates had beaten fear into those totems.

Only then did the human race gain some breathing space and gradually settle down.

Now, what Chu Feng wanted to do was the same.

Only by making the totems so afraid that they did not dare to come and kill him would he be able to obtain true peace.

The few Dragon Kings did not say anything more.

They looked at Chu Feng with extremely complicated gazes as he teleported out of the Dragon Gods space.

“Looking at how skilled Chu Feng is at killing foreign races like slaughtering livestock, Elton should not be the first totem that he has killed.”

“With totems being killed one after another, the Foreign Races Alliance will definitely cause a ruckus.

There might really be a war.”

“Although this great war is between the humans and Foreign Races Alliance, if there really is a war, our race as an ally of the human race will definitely be implicated.”

“So be it.

The dragon race has never been afraid of battle! Furthermore, Chu Fengs potential is extremely strong.

If we take the initiative to help the human race now, we might be able to obtain great benefits in the future!”

“Speaking of which, what exactly is Chu Fengs beast tamer talent Didnt they say that it was a nurturing type But how could Geer be able to instantly kill a sub-dragon totem that advanced in the first realm when he had just become a peak overlord! Tell me, what realm do you think Geer has reached in the Universes Origin Realm”

“Its definitely higher than the third realm.

If we had made a move just now, we wouldnt have been able to do it so easily.”

“The fifth or sixth realm”

“Thats impossible.

Until now, I havent heard of any race that has produced a totem who has reached the fourth realm…”

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The Dragon Kings discussed for a while more.

In the end, the ancient desolate dragon races Rayne came to a conclusion, “In the tens of thousands of years up to now, there has never been an incomparably monstrous figure like Chu Feng.

Someone like him might never appear in the future either.

Even if he does appear, no one knows when it will happen.

Since we have met Chu Feng now, whats there to hesitate about Everything aside, my race will definitely participate in the war!”

“I strongly agree!”

“I agree!”

In the meeting hall of the Myriad Beast Mountain.

This time, the atmosphere in the hall was even more depressing… Ever since the Titan thunder beast races totem-level Ortes had stepped down, the new leader was the frost phantom races ancestor, Reisha.

At this moment, Reisha was emitting an extremely cold murderous intent.

On the light screen, the scenes of the deaths of seven totems were being repeatedly projected.

They were the shadow elf Elma, the Deishe flower Desno, the aerial wolf Feirui, the mystic elephant Sado, the shadow monkey Bankov, the aurora wolf Edwin, and the sub-dragon Elton.

She pointed at the screen, her tone extremely cold, “Seven totems from the Alliance have died in battle in the Ancient Tower of the Gods! The culprit is Cu Feng, a mere overlord-level Beastmaster!!”

When she said the name, she gritted her teeth and seemed to be squeezing it out.

If Chu Feng was in this great hall right now, Reisha would definitely let him experience what it meant to wish for death.

Below, most of the totems were seated.

Only the seven foreign races who had lost their totem-level ancestors were crying miserably, especially the peak overlords of the mystic elephant race, shadow monkey race, and aurora wolf race.

They were crying miserably.


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