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“All of us Dragon Kings broke through at the third realm of the origin of the universe, especially Rayne, who even awakened the bloodline of the Desolate God.

His foundation can be said to be the strongest, and he almost reached the fourth realm back then.

Even so, it was still so strenuous for us to absorb the divine power…”

“Looking at that little dragon again, its like hes really walking on a flight of ordinary stairs.

He didnt stop at all!”

“Thats right.

If other people who dont know the truth see it, they might think that were just old.”

“Old Were not old! It must be because Geer is special!”

“So, which blind person judged that Geer couldnt cultivate If…”

The four Dragon Kings became more and more annoyed as they spoke, their emotions incomparably complicated.

To think such a talented dragon was bonded by a Beastmaster contract… no matter how they thought about it, they felt that the dragon race had suffered a great loss!

But then again, how could there be many “what ifs” in the world Besides, if Geer hadnt met Chu Feng, perhaps he wouldnt have been able to walk very far on the path of cultivation.

They knew Chu Feng.

He was a special person who had accomplished many miracles.

Perhaps the human was really the one who had changed Geers fate.

At this moment, Chu Feng walked to the 81st platform.

Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

On the first platform, there was a familiar aura of a totem from the foreign races.


[Sub-dragon race, broke through to the totem level in the first realm, moderate overlord bloodline.]

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[Super talents in dragon, strength, and defense-type.]

[Skill: Ancient dragons body blessed with the divine source, wild domain, ancient dragons wild eyes, dragon breath… ]

This totem from the sub-dragon race was one of the more than ten foreign races who wanted to take Chu Fengs life outside the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon also recognized this foreign race.

Since the other party had intended to kill Chu Feng outside, it couldnt allow the other party to leave the Dragon Gods space alive since it had encountered him.

At the same time, the four Dragon Kings also sensed the aura of the dragon race.

“The totem-level of the sub-dragon race Rayne, that dragon seems to have your aura.”

“The sub-dragon race What does it have to do with the dragon race Since the day that Elton joined the foreign races, he hasnt been on good terms with us.”

“The sub-dragon race has habitats that are vastly different from the dragon race.

They might not think that they are dragons.”

“That makes sense.

Pandas dont think that they are cats either.”


The ancient desolate dragon races totem level that had been called out was very displeased, “God knows how many generations have passed, so what if it has traces of my blood”

The Dragon King of the luoshui white dragon race, Gloria, glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, “Rayne, stop being stubborn.

Do you think if you dont admit the mistakes you made in the past, the mistake would disappear”

“What do you mean by admitting the mistake Dont taint my innocence!” Rayne glared, “Besides, the sub-dragon race has been like fire and water with us for a long time.

You wont forget how many dragons and humans Elton killed in that totem battle, right”

At this point, the eyes of the few dragons present turned cold.

Everything else could be joked about, but a blood debt could not be forgotten.

The Dragon King of the black shadow dragon race, Harrys eyes flashed with a cold killing intent, “Since he dares to come in, then, of course, we should kill him!”

The Dragon King of the gem dragon race, Lance, shook his head and refused repeatedly, “Elton has always been very cunning.

Once he senses that we are also in the Dragon Gods space, hell leave immediately.

Even if he is teleported out of the Ancient Tower, he can gather the twelve Gods blood and come in again.”

At this moment, the few royal tribe Dragon Kings were silent.

They wanted to kill him for revenge, but they could not directly go over to prevent him from running away when he sensed something was wrong.

Their killing intent was stuck for a moment.

What should they do next…

“Hey, why is Chu Feng walking down with Geer Theres only the sub-dragon down there.

It cant be that he wants to go down and fight Elton, right” Suddenly, Raynes

voice sounded.

The other three Dragon Kings subconsciously followed his line of sight.

They saw that Chu Feng was walking down, and at an extremely fast speed.

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“Chu Feng and Geer are still only at overlord-level.

Are they really going to attack the totem of the sub-dragon race”

“Whats going on Even if Chu Feng is rash, why is that young dragon also being rash We must stop them!”

“Elton was able to kill many humans and dragons back then.

He must be even more bloodthirsty now!”

As they spoke, the few Dragon Kings were about to go down to save those two… On the other side, Chu Feng had already stopped on the first platform.

He glanced at the totem-level of the sub-dragon tribe, whose eyes were full of killing intent.

He didnt even want to say anything.

After all, the sub-dragon race had too deep of a grudge with the humans and dragons.

It wasnt something that could be settled in just a few words.

Chu Feng simply said bluntly, “Kill him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon beside him immediately covered its body in battle armor.

The battle dragons body and the dragon gods body overlapped to form a dragon-scale armor.

It then roared at its enemy, “Roar –”

The dragon gods roar which was filled with rage and killing intent, causing Elton to freeze on the spot.

It was as if he had really seen the appearance of the Dragon God.

Facing the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Elton, the totem level of the sub-dragon race, was firmly suppressed.

He couldnt even lift his claws.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon activated its talent.

The Dragon Gods power and elemental power in its body gathered in its throat.

Immediately after, a dragon breath that was formed from the two terrifying powers was spat out.

The dragon breath condensed and compressed repeatedly, continuously producing explosive sounds.

“Boom –” A loud sound rang out, and the entire sub-dragon was drowned in the dragon breath! Elton naturally did not want to die.

He unleashed his incomparably vast amount of totem energy, but it was like mud entering the water.

It was unable to block the extremely terrifying dragon breath! Not long after, the dragon breath dissipated, leaving behind only the skeleton of a giant dragon and the sub-dragon totems beast core.

Meanwhile, the four Dragon Kings, who were originally extremely anxious, were all dumbfounded.

“What the f*ck! The dragon whelp spat out dragon breath, and Elton only lasted for a second before dying!”

“Geer did well! His kill was frank and fast!”

“Putting that aside… Isnt this too unreasonable Elton should still have some trump cards he hasnt unleashed yet.

How did he just die in the blink of an eye!”

“To think the overlord-level Geer can instantly kill a totem that ascended in the first realm… What kind of method did Chu Feng use Why do I feel that his talent is even more terrifying than a legend-level Beastmaster…”

“Indeed, I feel that its a terrifying power that normal people cant possibly control.”

“Even if we, the Dragon Kings, were to make a move to kill Elton, Im afraid it wouldnt have been so frank!”

“With such killing speed, I dare say that the sub-dragon didnt even have time to react before it died…”

“Did you guys notice Geers roar It clearly has the might of the Dragon God!”

“Just looking at the battle situation, if none of us say the levels of both sides, those who dont know the truth will definitely think that Geer is the totem!”

Suddenly witnessing such a crushing battle, the four Dragon Kings could no longer maintain their demeanor as senior dragons and were shocked to the point of numbness.


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