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Chu Feng blinked as he looked at the Mirage Worm that had burrowed its head into his chest.

It shocked him.

He thought, “Why didnt you just pounce into my arms and burrow into my chest instead”


The Mirage Worm pulled its head out of Chu Fengs chest.

It hadnt restrained its strength when it jumped just now.

The Mirage Worms super spatial talent made it seem like real spatial life.

It had perfectly blended into its surroundings.

To be more precise, it wasnt even in the same spatial dimension as Chu Feng.

It was in its special state.

Chu Feng wasnt worried because a pet beast could not harm its Beastmaster after the bonding.

They had made the contract when the Mirage Worm was born in the beast space.

With the bond, the Mirage Worm became Chu Fengs pet beast.

Chu Feng was shocked when he saw the Mirage Worms interface.

Its advanced overlord-level bloodline was a level higher than the Wild Bear.

Most importantly, the Mirage Worm was just like its name.

It possessed super spatial talent and super spiritual talent.

Even the top-level illusionary talent was nothing compared two those two talents.

Chu Feng finally understood what the advanced overlord-level bloodline was after seeing the skill list of the Mirage Worm.

It had three top-level skills and two super skills.

Compared to the Mirage Worms skills, the Wild Bears four skills were rather shabby.

The little Wild Bear sneezed in the beast space.


Its instinct told it that its Beastmaster was looking down upon its skills.

But it didnt have proof about it.

However, the Wild Bears mood brightened when it saw the Mirage Worm hatching.

Its heart almost melted.

From the perspective of the beast, the Mirage Worm was indeed cute!

However, the Wild Bear also felt the crisis apart from being happy.

The gap between their bloodlines was big.

It seemed that the Mirage Worm would soon catch up to its level with the growth points from Chu Feng.

It began to wonder if the Mirage Worm would take over its duty.


The Wild Bear took the initiative to contact Chu Feng and asked him to start the resistance training.

It wanted to double the training intensity!

The Wild Bears request amused Chu Feng, but Chu Feng didnt hesitate.

He started the resistance training for the Wild Bear.

The resistance made the Wild Bear gasp for breath.

But it did not complain at all and silently endured it.

The Wild Bear would leave the resistance zone and start eating sweet honey whenever it could not bear it anymore.

After advancing to the Extraordinary Level 1, the Wild Bears appetite had increased drastically!

Chu Feng felt that the sweet honey wouldnt last long with the Wild Bears appetite increasing that rapidly.

“The little Wild Bear probably feels the pressure too.

After all, even I think that the Mirage Worms skills and talents are dope.”

After all, the weakest skills of the Mirage Worm had been at the top-level.

The Mirage Worms skills were at the next level compared to the Wild Bear.

Chu Feng smiled bitterly, “The level of the Mirage Worms skills is high.

Although it is powerful, the enhancement points needed to get the growth points are unbearable.

That makes it happy yet terrifying news!”

Chu Feng had difficulty getting even the growth points needed for the Wild Bears top-level skills.

The Mirage Worm had three top-level and two super skills, which was quite a burden for Chu Feng.



The Mirage Worm tilted its head and blinked its eyes.

It could see that something was troubling Chu Feng.

So, it affectionately rubbed against Chu Fengs arm.

This time, it came into direct contact with Chu Feng instead of going through him.

After the Mirage Worm digested the power of the eggshell, it could already begin to use its skills even though it was still at awakening level 1.

Che Feng felt the place it touched was cold as if it came from another world.


“Dont worry, Ill make you the most powerful space and spirit type pet beast,” Chu Feng assured the Mirage Worm.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Worm nodded seriously.

It possessed a very high level of comprehension and could easily understand Chu Fengs words.

“Master, you can do it!”

An obscure spiritual fluctuation emerged in Chu Fengs mind that amused him.

Chu Feng wondered if that was the super-spiritual talent the Mirage Worm possessed.

The Mirage Worm had just been born.

However, it could already communicate with its Beastmasters directly.

Chu Feng pondered for a moment and sent a message to Principal Gao.

“Principal Gao, what kind of food do space and spirit type pet beasts eat”

Principal Gao was in a puzzle when he saw Chu Fengs message.

So, he immediately gave Chu Feng a call, “Why are you asking this Dont Wild Bears have no spirit or space type talent”

Chu Feng said, “That pet beast egg hatched.

Its a spirit and space type Mirage Worm.”

Principal Gao fell into silence.

“Are you sure its a Mirage Worm and not a Dream Caterpillar”


The Dream Caterpillar only had an extraordinary level bloodline.

It tended to get the spirit and illusionary-type talents.

As for the Mirage Worm, it was completely different.

It used space type as its core.

Meanwhile, its support talents were spirit and illusion-type talents.

Rumors said that when the Mirage Worm reached its peak, it could even construct a real-world of illusions.

The illusionary real world could even let someone live a real-life within it.

Only those who could achieve such a level were qualified to become an overlord-level beast! An overlord-level beast could become the master of power even in a different space.

It proved that an overlord-level existence was something terrifying and magnificent.

“Its indeed a Mirage Worm,” Chu Feng confirmed and continued, “Principal Gao, dont tell me you think the final reward of the heritage ruins is only an extraordinary level pet beast egg”

Only then did Principal Gao remember Chu Feng had only obtained this pet egg after passing the heritage ruins.

Since ancient times, there had been many challengers participating in the heritage ruins, but only one person had won the challenge.

It was normal no matter how good the rewards were.

Principal Gao stroked his beard and gradually accepted it.

Chu Fengs fortuitous encounter was even more miraculous.

It was beneficial to the Diming High School and even the Diming Base City.

He said with a serious expression, “Although the Mirage Worm has space and spirit type talent, fundamentally speaking, it is still an insect-type pet beast.

Naturally, it eats the leaves of planets.

The higher the level of the plant, the better.”


It surprised Chu Feng that Principal Gao meant to let him feed the Mirage Worm with plant-type pet beasts leaves Principal Gao even said that the higher the level, the better But there were very few plant-type pet beasts, not to mention high-level plant-type pet beasts.


Chu Feng probed, “Principal, can you…maybe help me find some of those”

Principal Gao was speechless, “Dont underestimate the connections that a king-level Beastmaster has.”

Chu Feng chuckled, “Thank you, principal.”

Chu Feng knew that Principal Gao had a way to find him some plant-type pet beast.

Naturally, Chu Feng wanted to give the Mirage Worm the best food.

The higher the level of a pet beast, the higher the requirement for food.

What pet beasts needed was the pure energy in their food.

Principal Gao said, “I know a king-level Beastmaster who happens to have a king-level Giant Elven Tree.

I can trade some Elven Tree leaves with her.

It will be beneficial to your Mirage Worm.”


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