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The Dragon King at the side had long been dumbfounded.

At this moment, his eyes were wide open as he looked at the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Was the dragon before him really the Dark-sky Azure Dragon that Chu Feng had just bonded with two months ago!

Before Fan Zhengqi had witnessed the dragons combat strength, he had thought that even if Chu Feng had reached the peak overlord level, he wouldnt be able to have such a steady foundation in such a short time.

As such, the other party should at most only have a little more accumulated foundation as compared to him.

He estimated that the gap shouldnt be too shocking.

If he worked hard and put his life on the line, he should be able to catch up.

After all, he had been at the overlord-level 10 for more than a hundred years! Perhaps after another thousand years, he would also be able to touch the edge of the universes origin.

But now, after witnessing the Dark-sky Azure Dragons performance in battle, Fan Zhengqi realized that his previous thoughts were too naive.

Chu Fengs overlord-level 3 Dark-sky Azure Dragon could easily kill the aerial wolf races totem that had always been extremely difficult to deal with! In the battle, the foreign race totem had been completely crushed! The aerial wolf had wanted to escape, but still couldnt escape the suppression of the overlord level 3 dragon! Such a one-sided battle only showed the huge gap between the two sides.

Seeing Fan Zhengqis gaze as if he was looking at an unfamiliar dragon, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon snorted unhappily, “Roar”

How long has it been He didnt even recognize it anymore

“Its mainly because your level changed too quickly and your combat strength is too strong.

I dont even dare to say I know you anymore,” The Dragon King smiled awkwardly, then sighed, “Speaking of which, your current combat strength is even stronger than your fathers.

Even with the blessing of the dragon world, the Dragon Emperor wouldnt be able to defeat you.”

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon calmly hovered in the air, responding to the statement with a natural dragons cry.

It was only natural for him to be stronger than his predecessors.

After all, his Beastmaster was Chu Feng! Even so, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was still very respectful to his father.

He didnt have the kind of “righteousness above family” thoughts that the Wild Bear had in the past.

After all, during his hundred-year-old childhood, the Dragon Emperor had taken good care of him and taught him well.

It wasnt like the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had a stone heart.

No matter what, he couldnt ignore the care of his family.

Fan Zhengqi turned to look at the Beastmaster beside him, his face solemn, “Chu Feng, since youve already reached the overlord level, have you sensed the origin of the universe”

Without a doubt, this was an extremely important matter.

When a human Beastmaster sensed the origin of the universe, it meant that he could advance to the legend level at any time! Such a sensation could only be obtained through increasing ones foundation! Most peak overlord-level Beastmasters were in the extremely long process of accumulating their foundation.

Lets put it this way.

Even Ancient King, the strongest human among the peak overlords and the oldest human Beastmaster, had yet to touch the edge of the origin of the universe!

Chu Feng didnt answer directly.

He simply chuckled and released a wisp of aura.

In an instant, the Dragon King felt like an extremely weak ant.

He didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

He had only sensed such a suffocating and terrifying oppression from a totem, or even the two magnates…

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Fan Zhengqi was extremely shocked.

He forced himself to calm down and asked, “The origin of the universe has nine realms.

Based on your current foundation, which realm have you sensed”

The origin of the universe was as vast as the sea, and the foundation of living beings was like a boat.

To which realm one could reach showed how deep ones foundation was.

The deeper ones foundation was, the more powerful ones battle strength would be after breaking through!

Chu Feng did not hesitate at all to reply frankly, “The fifth realm.”

Fan Zhengqi was even more shocked.

His hand and his voice trembled, “It… Its really the fifth realm”

He paused, not knowing how to look at Chu Feng, “Even the two magnates of the human race advanced at the fourth realm of the origin of the Universe!”

“The fourth realm” Chu Feng was slightly surprised, but then he understood.

Both of them had SSS-grade beast tamer talents, so big brother Wu Yu and second brother Zhong Hen should have had the potential to become stronger, but in that situation back then, they probably didnt have much time to grow.

The best choice at that time was to break through and protect the human race.

Otherwise, there might not be any humans left.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng felt a little regretful and helpless.

The pressure he could see now was just the tip of the iceberg.

At this point, all he could do was to grow into the strongest human under the protection of the two magnates and take over their heavy burden.

Heroes were humans too, and humans would tire sooner or later.

Chu Feng hoped that his two brothers would not be so tired in the future.

Fan Zhengqis eyes were filled with joy.

He was proud of Chu Feng, “You are a blessing to the human race!”

“It is a blessing to be a human,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

After learning that the “hope of the human race” could advance to the legend level now, Fan Zhengqi understood why the magnates valued Chu Feng so much.

He said happily, “The fifth realm is not bad!”

Chu Feng was noncommittal.

He only said, “I dont have any thoughts of breaking through recently.

I dont even have a sixth beast yet.”

After breaking through to the overlord-level in the Wolf Gods space, he had obtained another beast slot.

Let alone a sixth beast, even the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, which he had already bonded with, had yet to train into a true combat strength.

If he really wanted to break through to the legend-level, putting aside the other troubles, just these six beasts were enough to give Chu Feng a headache…

“Yes, you just broke through to the overlord-level 10.

Its indeed a problem to choose the sixth beast,” Fan Zhengqi asked frankly, “What beast do you want to bond with”

“If I dont meet a suitable one, then I might go to the humans treasure trove to choose a young totem beast.”

Hearing this, the Dragon King couldnt help but say in surprise, “But even a young totem beast would need 100 million points to exchange for… Wait, after killing so many foreign races, you should have accumulated a lot of points.”

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Chu Feng smiled but did not say anything.

He did not have to worry about points.

After all, the life of a totem-level foreign race alone was worth 100,000,000 points.

Since he had the money to exchange for it, then what he should consider next was what to exchange for.

“In the humans treasure trove, most of the totem-level cubs were born in the past 300 years by magnate Wu Yus beasts.”

“Hmm,” Chu Feng asked, “What about the other totem cubs”

Fan Zhengqi continued, “Some of them are foreign races totem cubs that were abducted after their race had been completely exterminated by us humans.

Those kinds are not recommended though.

After all, with blood feuds, they might rebel at any time.

Other than that, there are also some special totem cubs.”

“Special” Chu Feng was slightly surprised and had some thoughts.

If there were special-type totem beasts that he liked in the treasure trove, then he had to bond with the beast no matter what!


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