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Feirui wanted to use the space-time domain that he was the proudest of to suppress the enemy, but the Dark-sky Azure Dragon also had a domain.

It used two max-level super skills at the same time, the dragon god realm and the elemental realm! After the two overlapping domains were activated, the enemys domain that originally engulfed the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was forcefully pushed aside.

“Roar–” Dragon Gods roar was once again cast.

Even though Feirui had already taken precautions, he was still unable to completely defend against it this time.

His entire body and mind were stunned by the furious roar.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon immediately flew forward and spat out a terrifying dragon breath towards the wolfs face! The dragon breath was not as simple as it looked.

It was filled with a chaotic aura, causing the head of the totem from the aerial wolf race to be corroded until only its skull and wolf eyes were left.

Through the gaps between the bones, one could even see its brain!

“Ahhhh –” Suffering such heavy injuries, Feirui almost went crazy from the pain.

As a well-known totem on the list of foreign races, he had only ever tortured other creatures to the point where they wished for death.

When had he ever experienced such pain Not to mention, this was pain brought to him by a mere overlord level 3.

The opponents level was far lower than his, yet it could suppress him in battle.

The pain that fact brought was even more painful than what his body felt!

“Damn it! Damned dragon!!” Feirui roared several times and was extremely furious.

He immediately condensed dozens of spatial blades in his domain, vowing to cut the dragon to death.

“Roar” The Dark Sky Azure Dragon glanced at the giant wolf with contempt.

The other party wanted to kill it with just dozens of extremely ordinary spatial blades When the Mirage Butterfly condensed a torrent of swords, this wolf was probably still a baby.

Truthfully speaking, the difference was not just ordinarily small.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon used its entire body of dragon scales as its battle armor, and without saying a word, started to attack! Since the other party dared to block in front of it, then he should stay here forever.

In an instant, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon once again became the terrifying killing machine that made the enemy tremble in fear with just the sight of it.

Several bangs rang out successively, and the dozens of spatial blades were like plastic knives smashing into rocks.

They couldnt even scratch the dragon skin.

To be more precise, they couldnt even leave a mark on the dragon armor!

Feiruis expression changed drastically, already having thoughts of retreat.

The difference in combat power between the enemy and himself was too great.

To prevent anything unexpected, he had to widen the distance between them.

Once he left the battle, he would teleport out of the Wolf Gods space!

At this moment, Feirui was both anxious and afraid.

Chu Feng must be some kind of combat monster.

Otherwise, he couldnt possibly be even more terrifying than those two legend-level Beastmasters! His beasts are also monsters in combat.

To think this dragon could crush him, a totem-level, in battle while only being at the overlord level 3! If that overlord level 10 butterfly had been his opponent…

At this point, Feirui had completely thought it through.

If he couldnt beat the other party, he had to run! At this moment, Feirui even felt that Chu Feng had most probably killed the foreign races in the previous two heritage spaces.

Elma and Desno might be dead already! The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became.

There was only one thought left in his mind — run!

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Feirui used his teleportation skill, wanting to escape the battle and teleport out of the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

At this moment, he did not even have the thought of going to another heritage space to receive the inheritance of a God.

After all, if Chu Feng really wanted to chase after him, he would not be able to escape to any corner.

He had to completely leave the land of heritage! In just an instant, the aerial wolf races totem level had reached the edge of the Wolf Gods space.

“Roar!” Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared furiously.

The little bug wanted to escape No way! It followed closely behind the wolf and flew over, once again using the dragon gods roar.

“Roar –”

The terrifying Dragon Gods intimidation within the dragons roar caused Feiruis mind and even his soul to tremble violently.

He was very well aware that if he was unable to break free from the terrifying intimidation and quickly retreat, he might never have the chance to escape alive! His survival instinct made the aerial wolf subconsciously struggle.

First, it used wolf kings deterrence, but perhaps because the other party had the protection of the dragon scale armor, it was not intimidated at all.

Feirui did not give up even though his attack failed.

The eyes of the wolf abruptly became incomparably sharp.

The gaze it looked at the Dark-sky Azure Dragon seemed to have turned into real blades that ruthlessly sliced towards the enemy… The line of sight slice! Facing the extremely sharp slice attacks, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was not the least bit afraid.

It simply bore the damage and charged toward Feirui.

The dragon world that had already descended earlier was now pressing towards the foreign race.

The true dragon that carried both order and chaos along with its elemental attribute power instantly engulfed Feirui! The wolfs head that was originally only left with its skull and eyes was instantly eroded into nothingness.

Without the body, the aerial wolf races totem-level had no choice but to use its spiritual body to escape.

However, just as Feirui was about to run, he was directly captured by the dragons claws.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon let out an incomparably cold roar as if it was saying “go to Hell”.

The spiritual body of the foreign race that was bound kept on struggling, but the struggle made it weaken even faster until it disappeared.

With that, the aerial wolf that had been entrusted with the foreign races wishes of “killing Chu Feng” was completely dead.

The dragon scale armor, which had been damaged due to breaking through the line-of-sight slice formation just now, had now been restored by the two attribute energies in the Dark-sky Azure Dragons body.

After the dragon gods body had been enhanced to the maximum level, no matter when, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons body would be covered with a layer of dragon-scale armor.

It was as if the armor was its skin.

Chu Feng smiled and touched the dragons head, “Well done.”

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon waved its tail.

It was both happy and a little embarrassed.

Chu Fengs praise was not so easy to get.

“Roar!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon immediately gave Chu Feng all of the gains from killing the foreign race, including the totem-level beast core and all sorts of secret treasures.

“You didnt even use the dragon worlds explosion to kill the aerial wolf races totem, so of course, I have to praise you.”

“Roar!” The dragon indicated that using the explosion skill once would burn a huge amount of resources.

Even though Chu Feng had a lot of resources, there was no need to waste them.

Chu Feng smiled and did not say anything.

There were many ways to use the dragon world.

Currently, the destructive power produced by an explosion was the greatest.

It could even be considered as the dragons trump card.

Although the Dark-sky Azure Dragons skills were relatively scarce in numbers, the dragon worlds explosion alone was enough to make its combat power comparable to the Mirage Butterfly!

Of course, this comparison was based on the combat power of the same realm.

For it to be able to be on par with the Mirage Butterflys destructive power, one could also see a hint of how terrifying this move was.

Along with the extremely great combat power of the dragon world explosion was the enormous amount of money needed to execute this move.

If the Dark-sky Azure Dragon that was currently at the overlord level 3 were to fully execute this move, using it once would burn a huge amount of resources worth 3,000,000 points…

“Forget about the enemy today, but if you encounter an enemy that is difficult to deal with, you can use whatever move you want.

Dont think too much on the battlefield,” Chu Feng patted the dragon and said confidently, “Besides, we have a lot of money on hand.

Burning money is also to get more resources!”

He weighed the battle gains in his hand and smiled, in an extremely good mood.

Totems were truly worth a lot of money.

Killing such a foreign race would easily earn him hundreds of millions of points! Just the various secret treasures and resources in Feiruis dimensional pocket were worth more than 500 million points..

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