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Both the Mythical Tree and the Mirage Butterfly had reached the peak overlord level.

As their Beastmaster, Chu Feng was deeply gratified.

There were indeed many benefits to the inheritance, so they had to continue accumulating strength! Chu Feng continued to climb the platforms, level by level… every level of the platform space was filled with high-purity energy that would never be found outside.

It was even purer than totem-level energy.

“The energies of the various attributes in these Gods spaces are as if they will never decay.

Its really amazing,” Chu Feng sighed in amazement and continued to climb.

When he reached the 24th platform, he met an acquaintance — the Dragon King.

Seeing Chu Feng, Fan Zhengqi was very surprised, “Why did you enter the Wolf Gods space too”

The reason why Fan Zhengqi had come in was mainly to increase the strength of his two beasts, the Azure Dragon and the Time Dragon.

Both of them were absorbing the attribute energy in the space.

Among them, the Time Dragon was quite rare.

There were only a few of them even in the entire dragon world.

Fan Zhengqi usually hid it away and wouldnt release it easily.

It could be considered a trump card.

Even with such a rare Time Dragon, he was stuck at the 24th platform.

Chu Feng smiled and replied, “Of course, Im here to receive the inheritance of the Wolf God.”

Fan Zhengqi was even more puzzled, “I remember that you dont have a time-type beast, so how did you absorb the time energy in the space”

Chu Feng smiled and let the tree and butterfly begin their performance.

The space-time energy on the 24th platform was quickly absorbed by the two beasts…

The Dragon King was shocked, “The Mythical Tree can also absorb the energy of time!”

Chu Feng did not explain further.

He simply said, “Theres a totem level from the aerial wolf race down there.

Please be careful, senior.”

Then, he walked up to the 25th platform.

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Hearing this, Fan Zhengqis face turned slightly cold.

He quickly looked down.

Just as Chu Feng said, there was indeed a huge wolf on the fifth platform absorbing energy who would look up from time to time.

“This wolf seems to be looking for someone” Fan Zhengqi suddenly came to a realization, “It was chasing after you”

With that thought, Fan Zhengqi was even more shocked, “This totem is considered extremely difficult to deal with among all the foreign races totems! Especially since its time-space domain skill was blessed with the divine source.

Its equivalent to a space domain that can control the flow of time.

If we really go up against it, even the magnates totem-level beast would have a headache!”

From a higher platform, Chu Fengs voice was faint, “Dont worry, hell definitely die today.”

The Dragon King was immediately stunned.

His first reaction was: Are you kidding me Then, he shook his head.

No, Chu Feng would never joke about such things.

That means…

As he was thinking, Fan Zhengqi suddenly realized something that he had overlooked just now.

Chu Fengs Mirage Butterfly had risen to the overlord level 10! Strange, wasnt it just at the king level 10 a while ago How did it suddenly advance… Fan Zhengqi couldnt guess what Chu Feng had done during the time he wasnt with him.

However, since the Mirage Butterfly was able to slaughter overlord-level 10 existences when it was at the king-level 10, now that it had advanced to the overlord level 10, could it kill totems!

As he thought about it, he came up with a very bold and impossible conclusion.

Under normal circumstances, no matter how powerful or how powerful an overlord was, it would not be able to withstand a casual attack from a totem.

However… Chu Feng could kill peak overlords at the king-level, so how could he be an ordinary person ! Perhaps, to Chu Feng, there was nothing impossible in this world.

The Dragon Kings expression was complicated.

He should just wait and see.

On the other side, Chu Feng heard two happy beast howls coming from the beast space.

Wild Bear, “Awoo!” It had broken through!

Dark-sky Azure Dragon, “Roar!” It had also reached the overlord level!

After absorbing a large amount of the pure energy converted by the Mythical Tree, the Wild Bear and the Dragon had successively reached the overlord level! Chu Feng was very gratified by this.

With this, out of the five beasts he had now, apart from the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet that he had just contracted not long ago, the others had all broken through to the overlord level.

Thinking about how the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets combat strength was now far behind the main force, he thought that it might be time to enhance it.

Speaking of which, it was a pity that the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet wasnt able to experience the inheritance grand meal this time.

Hmm… The matter of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet would have to wait.

Chu Fengs expression changed slightly.

His Beastmaster level could no longer be suppressed.

After the four beasts had all leveled up to the overlord level, the beast spaces leveling up process had also begun… Compared to before, the current beast space was more than ten thousand times larger! A full thousand royal sky crystals emerged from the tree world and fused into the beast space.

After that, incomparably pure spatial energy also fused into it.

After absorbing the royal sky crystals and the spatial energy, the beast space immediately transformed from a slightly illusory state into an extremely solid state!

The various barriers in the space also became extremely thick! After the 1,000 crystals were completely digested, Chu Fengs Beastmaster level rose to the overlord level 10.

At this moment, his mind sank, and his entire being was immersed in an extremely mysterious state of comprehension.

With that, he saw the Universes Nine-layer Origin Realm that had been mentioned many times before.

Chu Fengs mind floated within the Nine Realms, and along with it came a mysterious feeling.

As long as he wanted to, he could now imprint a personal mark on the Universes origin! If he succeeded, he could directly break through to the legend-level!

At this point, Chu Feng finally understood why the two magnates thought so highly of him… The most important reason was that anyone with SSS-grade beast tamer talents could most definitely upgrade their beast space all the way to the Universes origin as long as they had enough royal sky crystals! In other words, any human Beastmaster with SSS-grade beast master talent could definitely advance to the legend-level!

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No wonder the Mythical Tree races totem had specially set the SSS-grade selection criteria.

The reason was very simple.

Since they were going to invest, they naturally had to choose the one with the highest potential.

They had to choose a human Beastmaster who was bound to become a legend in the future and support them while they were still weak.

As such, they would definitely be able to obtain a high return of hundreds or even thousands of times in the future!

His consciousness floated around the origin of the universe, and his sense of time became extremely blurry.

Chu Feng felt as if he had stayed there for an endless amount of time, but it also felt as if it had only been two or three seconds… When he stopped at the fifth realm of the origin of the universe, he wondered what realm the human magnates had chosen when they broke through to become a totem.

Chu Feng himself would definitely not stop at the fifth realm, though.

His mind left the origin of the universe and returned to his current body.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly was flapping its wings anxiously.

Chu Feng chuckled, “Ive also gone to the origin of the universe and am currently at the fifth realm.”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterflys eyes sparkled with stars as it looked at its beastmaster with extreme worship.

As expected of its boss, he was extremely powerful and had exceptional talent!

Chu Feng patted its head and walked to the higher platform… 40, 50th platform… 80th platform! Following this, a huge amount of memory fragments flowed to the butterfly and the tree, and Chu Feng also saw the scene.


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