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“Chu Feng! I will kill you!!” Desno roared like a madman.

He could not accept the situation where his strength would be greatly reduced if he lost his main body.

“Hey, dont tell me you really think that with your meager spiritual power, you can break free from the illusion created by the Mirage Butterfly, right” Chu Feng said with a smile, “Look at your current situation and stop roaring.”

At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly activated the virtual reality plus that it didnt use before… Virtual-reality switch! Desno was dazed for a long while before he gradually came to his senses.

It turned out that he was so weak that he didnt even have a bean of spiritual power anymore! This was the effect of the virtual reality plus being upgraded to the maximum level.

Even if the enemy was in reality, the Mirage Butterfly could turn reality into an illusion! All spirits would be completely under the control of the Mirage Butterfly!

At this moment, Desno was on the verge of collapse.

He roared angrily, “Chu Feng, what on Earth are you trying to do!”

Chu Feng said frankly, “The Deishe flower race once belonged to the human camp, yet you always coerced the humans to hand over young children as sacrifices.”

“Young children Me eating some snacks is a part of your business too” Desno asked in disbelief, “Dont you humans eat other creatures Since everyone does it, why cant a powerful totem like me eat young children!”

“The strong prey on the weak, huh” Chu Feng was expressionless, “Then, you weakling should watch how you die.”


Sensing its Beastmasters displeased mood, the Mirage Butterfly immediately controlled the vibrating space swords to surge forward.

Damn man-eating flower, go to hell!

Desno, who had already lost all ability to resist, could only watch helplessly as his main body and spiritual body were sliced into nothingness bit by bit.

The torture was even ten thousand times more painful than dying straight away.

It was as if he had really become a fish on a chopping board…

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In the end, the weak spiritual body could only emit scattered consciousness murmurs like “pain, so painful”.

Soon, the foreign race on the 30th platform was completely dead.

Seeing the totem-level of a race fall just like that, Chu Feng was unperturbed.

He walked down the steps and took the beast core and treasures of the foreign race.

Without looking for another place, he started going through his gains on the spot.

Desnos spatial secret treasures were a little more than Elmas from before.

He had treasures worth 600 million points.

Added with the beast core and the killing reward, the total gain from this battle was 800 million points!

“Desno does not have a supreme treasure with him, so my gains are not as great as the previous battle,” Chu Feng sighed regretfully in his heart.

Supreme treasures were, after all, extremely rare and valuable, so he couldnt possibly find two just on a trip out…

Even the spiritual compass that had been treasured by the mystic race in the past could not be called a supreme treasure.

At most, it was just a high-grade secret treasure that was more special.

Those that could be called supreme treasures must contain the power of the divine source.

Similar to when one would absorb a bit of the divine source from the universes origin when advancing to the totem level, if a supreme treasure nurtured a living creature, it would be no different from the totem level.

From this aspect, a supreme treasure and a totem level could be considered the same existences on two different paths.

“Its a pity that when a totem is killed, the divine source in its body will also dissipate…” Chu Feng was especially regretful towards this point.

Dino, who had been watching the battle from the side, had already recovered from the extreme shock but was still very shocked that she was even stuttering.

“You, how did you kill Desno just like that!”

She couldnt understand why Chu Fengs Mirage Butterfly could have such terrifying and extraordinary strength.

How could it still be at the overlord level 9 with such terrifying combat strength Even she, a totem that had broken through at the third realm of the origin of the universe, couldnt compare to this Mirage Butterfly!

If she had been blessed with Wu Yus talent, Dino felt that she should be able to display such terrifying combat strength as the Mirage Butterfly, but… that butterfly was currently only at the overlord level 9! Dino, on the other hand, had been a totem-level beast for three hundred years! Of course, seniority didnt necessarily mean that she was strong.

For example, the Deishe flower that had just died had been a totem for at least a few thousand years.

But… generally speaking, seniors were always stronger.

Dinos expression was conflicted.

It was precisely because she could tell that she was weaker that she didnt want to let Chu Feng call her senior.

“To be honest, its not that exaggerated.

After all, hes so weak,” Chu Feng chuckled as he said.

Hearing this, Dino was even more speechless.

However, she was still a little curious.

“Looking at how youre acting now, it doesnt seem like its the first time youve killed a totem…”

Chu Feng acknowledged her doubts and replied, “Previously, when I went to the Tree God space to receive the inheritance, I met the Shadow Elf races chief, Elma, and had the Mythical Tree kill her.”

Dinos emotions were extremely complicated.

She sighed and said, “Elma has betrayed the elf race and the human race.

If I had met her, as the chief, I wouldve acted sooner or later.”

Chu Feng did not comment.

He had heard of the elf races matters.

Dino and Elma were not elves from the same era.

When Dino was born, the elf race had an old totem who was Elmas mother.

Elmas position in the race was no different from that of the princess who was respected and loved by all the people.

Later, Elma left the elf race and defected to the foreign races.

After the war started, the elf race and the human race helped each other.

During the war, the elf races totem had gone deep into the enemys army to kill Elma with her own hands.

Unfortunately, she was killed by the combined efforts of many other foreign races totems.

After that, more than ten years passed before Dino became the chief.

Chu Feng, who knew about these things, could naturally understand how complicated Dinos emotions were towards Elma.

It was no longer a matter of who was right or who was wrong… Now, this grudge from many years ago had finally ended.

Dino sighed deeply and said, “No matter what, since you killed Elma, it is a great contribution to the human race and the elf race.”


Chu Feng did not comment further and said frankly, “I should go to the heritage space of the other Gods.”

There was no time to delay the matter of accepting the heritage.

After all, it was still unclear whether the second creature to reach the highest platform in the space of Gods would be able to obtain the final heritage.

Chu Feng did not want to give up o something that had great benefits like the heritage of Gods!

Currently, the Mythical Tree had reached the overlord level 10 thanks to the Tree Gods inheritance.

If it were up to Chu Feng, he naturally hoped that his other beasts could also obtain the Gods inheritance.

This way, when they broke through to the totem level, they would definitely be the strongest.

Unfortunately, the battle for the strongest would depend on the abilities of the beasts themselves.

Dino nodded, “Alright, lets go.”

Chu Feng directly teleported out with the Mirage Butterfly.

Dino sighed faintly on the spot, “Elma, you probably didnt think that you would be killed by an overlord, right…”

In the temple, the door of the Flower God.

[The ranking list of the Flower Gods inheritance]

[1st: Chu Feng of the human race, 100th platform]

[2nd: Dino of the elf race, 82nd platfrom]

[3rd: Desno of the Deishe flower race, 30th platform]

[4th: Bai Yong of the human race, 24th platform]

[ … ]

After coming out, Chu Feng subconsciously looked at the rankings on the door.

He was a little surprised to see that the Royal King had already reached the 24th platform.

After all, even the totem and chief of the Deishe flower race, Desno, had only reached the 30th platform!

He then turned his head to look at the four totems around who had shocked expressions on their faces, and laughed mockingly, “Hey, you guys havent left yet”


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