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When they reached the second platform, Chu Feng still asked both the Mythical tree and Mirage Butterfly to absorb the plant and spiritual energy at their own paces.

The Mythical Tree was already at the overlord level 10, so its absorption speed was naturally much faster than the Mirage Butterfly.

In the tree world, batches after batches of vine treants continued to were being created.

Currently, the plant life forms created by the Mythical Tree were no longer limited to a single form.

Instead, they included various forms such as weeds, vines, shrubs, and trees! Affected by the vine treant skill, the high-level life-forms produced by the Mythical Tree were basically wild grass treant, flowering vine treant, shrub treant, and forest treant…

These treants were all commanded by the Mythical Tree! Chu Feng was certain that there might be a difference in the combat strength of the different kinds of treants, but all of them could be bonded by others.

He thought to himself, “When under the totem level, Veastmasters usually rely on their beasts to level up.

Now that I have so many beasts, I can just create an army of overlord-level human Beastmasters!”

He could do that, but he didnt plan to take that path.

After all, even if he created such an army now, with his current level, such an army wouldnt be of much use at all.

Chu Fengs more specific thoughts for the future were, “After I become a legend-level Beastmaster, Ill go slaughter all those totem-level foreign races.

When that time comes, big brother Wu Yu and second brother Zhong Hen can develop the human race in peace.

On the other hand, Ill be responsible for challenging the Gods and letting them understand that the era of the Gods is over!”

As endless thoughts churned in his mind, he was advancing step by step.

10th platform, 20th platform, 30th platform… When Chu Feng stepped onto the 50th platform, Desno, who had thought of killing to the thorn in the Alliances side while he was here to receive the inheritance, was dumbfounded.

He, a totem, was only on the 15th platform, yet why was the other party, a mere overlord, already on the 50th platform!

Before today, Desno had a clear understanding of himself.

He knew that even among all the foreign races, he was a top genius.

However, even if he was a genius, the speed at which he absorbed the inheritance energy was not much faster than other living beings.

After all, after absorption, he still had to refine it.

And if he overestimated himself by absorbing too much, it would only cause his body to explode.

To avoid such a situation, every time Desno felt that he could no longer absorb any more, he would stop to refine the energy.

Only then could he continue to absorb and convert more elemental energy!

It was precisely because of the need for absorption and transformation that the speed at which normal living beings received the inheritance was not very fast.

Desnos speed was very normal, but unfortunately, there was a monstrous genius right next to him! It was fine if Chu Feng was just fast, but he was getting faster and faster!! It was as if his tree and butterfly didnt need to convert the energy at all.

They just kept absorbing the wind crazily.

Did they not feel so full that they were about to burst!

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Ever since he entered the Flower Gods space, the terrifying contrast had been jumping repeatedly on Desnos sensitive nerves.

He simply couldnt accept such a difference… Was the person there who was climbing up the platforms without stopping really human Desno was extremely nervous.

He would subconsciously look up every few minutes, afraid that he would see Chu Feng, but even more afraid that he would not.

With such a state of mind, it was clear that he was unable to completely focus on the energy absorption.

Realizing that he needed to stop to transform energy again, Desno was extremely frustrated.

However, with the number of the platform he was on, he could not see Chu Fengs figure at all.

What was even more terrifying was the imagination of the unknown! Chu Feng, damned Chu Feng… which platform was he on now!

On a very high platform, Chu Feng looked down and smiled.

So what if it was a totem It still couldnt compare to the foundation of his two beasts.

On the stairs to receive the inheritance, only creatures with a deeper foundation could absorb and transform elemental energy more efficiently.

Compared to high-level totems, overlords naturally should have a more shallow foundation.

However, Chu Feng was no ordinary overlord-level.

As such, an ordinary totem could naturally not be compared to Chu Fengs beasts.


[Deishe flower race, totem-level, advanced overlord bloodline.]

[Super talent in life and spiritual domain.]

[Skills: spiritual erosion, bewitch, vitality absorption, life exhaustion… ]

Chu Feng lowered his head in thought.

Looking at the skill interface, Desno probably weakened his opponent by casting a debuff on the other party, then completely digesting the opponent! The Deishe flower race was particularly attention-catching because they would often slowly torture humans to death, and digest them to the point that not even their bones were left! As for souls That was also one of their nutrients.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly curiously moved closer and looked down.

It didnt find anything interesting and went back to absorbing spiritual energy.

Now, it was already an overlord level 3 butterfly! The aura emanating from the Mirage Butterfly could even crush the void around it.

The Mythical Tree that was absorbing elemental energy with it was still at the peak overlord-level.

Noticing its Beastmaster looking over, Lila said slowly, “The distance between me and the core of my origin seems to have shrunk a little…”

Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

No matter how much it increased, it was already good enough that it was still improving.

Unlike the one below, although it was at the totem level, it was just useless.

Because the difference between Desno and his beasts was too great, Chu Feng didnt even bother about the foreign race toward the end.

Time passed bit by bit, and they rose steadily up the platforms.

The Mirage Butterfly and the Mythical Tree absorbed all the elemental energy on the 78th platform.

Just as Chu Feng was about to step onto the next platform, he felt a barrier, a long-lost feeling.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows.

was there someone there Or…

Although he was blocked outside the 79th platform, he wasnt worried.

The barrier couldnt be maintained forever, and it would last for about a day.

If the creature that first boarded the platform could not absorb all the energy there within the limited time, then the temporary barrier would be broken.

At that time, the creature on the lower platform would naturally be able to enter the upper platform.

The Ancient Tower of the Gods involved the academic concept of N-dimensions.

For example, two people were in the same level of space, absorbing elemental energy at the same time.

In space, they overlapped and could come into contact.

However, the elemental energy that they were absorbing from this level of space was not in the same dimension, so they did not affect each other.

Even the Mirage Butterfly and its myth skills would not be able to achieve such a level of control over space and time.

This conclusion made Chu Feng feel that the world that he came to was incomparably vast and mysterious.

There were unspeakable supreme existences here, as well as all kinds of methods that went beyond ones imagination… The time he spent in reverie was both long and short.

When he snapped back to reality, Chu Feng suddenly realized that the barrier was gone.

Stepping onto the 79th platform, he was greeted by Dino.


[Life elf race, totem-level, advanced overlord bloodline.]

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[Super talent in life and spiritual domain.]

[Skills: Elf arrow, spiritual arrow, redemption arrow, slaughter arrow…]


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