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“An SSS-rank beast tamers talent is indeed extraordinary!”

Chu Feng sighed in his heart and slowly stood up.

After opening up the beast space, he could go to the schools training centre and choose his pet beast! Every Beastmaster had their own contracted pet beast!

After Chu Feng stood up, he saw that the other students were also slowly waking up.

It seemed that they had already opened up the beast space.

“Chu Feng, Ive awakened the C-rank beast tamer talent [spiritual amplitude].

What talent have you awakened”

Qiao Xingran was Chu Fengs good friend.

The main reason was that Qiao Xingran lived together with Chu Feng.

Otherwise, with Chu Fengs mentality, he wouldnt be friends with a youth.

Seeing his excited expression, Chu Feng strongly felt that Qiao Xingrans awakening of the C-rank beast tamer talent was beyond the latters expectations.

Generally speaking, many people either had an E-rank or D-rank beast tamer talent.

C-rank beast tamer talents were already considered relatively outstanding.

If one could awaken a B-rank, he could already be considered a genius.

Chu Feng casually replied, “Ive awakened a B-rank beast tamer talent, [skill enhancement].

It can add points to the pet beasts skills, but there is a certain limit.”

Qiao Xingran said in astonishment, “You have a B-rank beast tamer talent! This talent is great, it can accelerate the pet beasts growth rate! In the future, the pet beast will learn a lot of skills and you can guarantee that it will be very proficient in every skill.

Its amazing!”


Chu Feng smiled, “Although I can learn a lot if the strength isnt enough, I still cant compare to an A-rank Beastmaster.”

Qiao Xingran said, “Your skills are already very good! The power gap between the different ranks of the beast tamer talent is already very big, and it isnt easy to overcome! I think your skills are already very powerful, at least more powerful than mine.

My beast tamer talent is destined to only be able to nurture spirit type pet beasts.”


Chu Feng smiled and didnt say anything else.

He and Qiao Xingran walked together to the pet beast training center.

The pet beast training center of Diming high school year 3 was huge and could accommodate thousands of students.

It didnt seem crowded at all.


Currently, most of the pet beasts that could move freely in the training center were babies that had just been born this year.

They had all kinds of bloodlines.

Whether or not they could form a contract depended solely on the ability of the Beastmaster.

The pet beast realm was divided into awakening, extraordinary, sovereign, commander and monarch.

Each realm was divided into ten levels, which represented the growth level of the pet beast.

Pet beasts with extraordinary-level bloodlines could reach the extraordinary level as long as they could reach adulthood.


According to this method, pet beasts with the sovereign, commander and monarch bloodlines could reach corresponding levels when they reached adulthood.

The bloodline of a pet beast will determine its starting line and how strong the initial combat power was! Bloodline suppression had always been cruel.


In the training center, the number of pet beasts with awakening-level bloodlines was the highest, occupying the vast majority.

Awakening-level pet beasts were usually chosen by Beastmasters who only had E-rank and D-rank beast tamer talents.


Beastmasters with higher beast tamer talents would consider directly contracting a pet beast with extraordinary bloodlines.

For example, Qiao Xingran hoped to obtain a pet beast with extraordinary bloodlines, a Dream Caterpillar.

The Dream Caterpillar could evolve and become a butterfly, eventually becoming a Dream Butterfly at the extraordinary level.

Qiao Xingrans talent matched well with the Dream Butterflys illusionary technique.


Qiao Xingran said with a sigh, “Have you heard The school seems to have released a baby pet beast of the king bloodline this time.

Im not sure what kind of pet beast it is.

In any case, its impossible for us to form a contract with it.”


Chu Feng was surprised, “It seems that the school attaches great importance to this contract event.”

That was because in Diming high school year 3, only the principal, Gao Zhenan, was a king-level Beastmaster! For the new students pet beast contract event, a baby pet beast of the king-level has appeared!


Qiao Xingran said, “Yes, but I dont know if this news is reliable or not.

Maybe its just a smokescreen released by the school to increase its status in Diming base city”

Chu Feng nodded.

This was a possibility.

At this time, Qiao Xingran said, “Ive found the position of the Dream Caterpillar.

Ill go first.

Chu Feng, all the best to you! Grab the opportunity to form a contract with a pet beast of the sovereign-level bloodline!” He waved his hand and left.


Chu Feng smiled helplessly.

Qiao Xingran had been playing together with him since they were young.

Under his influence, their personalities were much more stable compared to their peers.


He wandered around the training center alone, but there wasnt the slightest bit of anxiety in his heart.

With an SSS-rank beast space that had a growth rate of 250 times, if he were to casually reveal a bit of his aura, all the pet beasts in the training center would come to him like a flock of ducks! Every pet beast wouldnt reject a Beastmaster with SSS-rank beast tamer talent!


The Howling Deer, the Azure Cloud Swallow, the Great Rock Lizard… Chu Feng had his eyes set on quite a few good pet beasts along the way.

For example, the Storm Eagle was very good.

It had two kinds of high-level talents and belonged to the advanced sovereign bloodline.

There was also a pet beast named “Sea Clam” which also had the advanced sovereign bloodline and possessed high-level illusionary and spiritual talents.

But because mussel-type pet beasts moved very slowly, Chu Feng didnt choose it for the time being.


“Just which pet beast does that person want to form a contract with He has been walking around in circles but why hasnt he released the aura of the beast space on any of the pet beasts” A girl wearing a sky-blue dress asked, she was taking care of the pet beasts in the training center when she noticed Chu Fengs eccentric movements.

She was extremely puzzled.


The other girl beside her was wearing a white sportswear and had a high ponytail.

She looked very refreshing and said helplessly, “Why do you care what he does”


Li Siyus face was flushed red as she muttered, “He seemed pretty good-looking, so I looked at him a little longer.”


Sheng Nana clicked her tongue and proceeded to tease her, “Why didnt I realize in the past that you were such a nymphomaniac Arent those seniors chasing after you all quite handsome And theres even a Beastmaster with an A-rank beast tamer talent.

You are not attracted to them”


Li Siyu and Sheng Nana were very good friends.

They both awakened their A-rank beast tamer talent and became extraordinary Beastmasters in their second year of high school.

Many teachers, including the dean and the principal, had high expectations of them.


Li Siyu said softly, “I dont know why either.

He seems to have a unique aura about him that makes him feel more special than those who pursue me.”


Sheng Nana echoed, “Indeed, I also feel that he is very special.

I wonder what kind of pet beast he will choose in the end.”


From morning till dusk, Chu Feng had been wandering around the training center, but he had yet to make a decision.

“In another half an hour, the training center will close.

If I dont sign a contract with a pet beast successfully, I will have to come back tomorrow.”

He sighed.

He had yet to make a decision, not because he was too conflicted, but because he had a better choice.

The rumours that Qiao Xingran was talking about were actually true.

There were king-level pet beasts!


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