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“Mirage Butterfly!” Chu Feng called out.

“Mi-meh!” After replying, an extremely mysterious spatial energy surged out from the Mirage Butterfly.

The head left of the Desolate Gods statue was locked in a space completely controlled by the Mirage butterfly.

Chu Feng looked at the head and stated coldly, “If my level had been the same as yours, you wouldnt have lived past one move.”

The Desolate God statue flew into a rage and roared, “Youre courting death! When the Gods return, Ill crush you with one finger!”


The space around the Desolate God statue collapsed and crushed it into dust.

At this moment, the Desolate God statue that was also the guardian of the Ancient Tower had completely disappeared! Even the willpower of the Desolate God within the statue had completely disappeared.

“Awoo,” The Wild Bear gradually shrunk back to its normal size, and its steps were heavy.

Chu Feng comforted it, “Dont be disappointed.

No matter how powerful the Gods are, theyre only in the past.

Even if the Gods return in the future, its not like we cant fight them at all.”

He saw things very clearly.

The Gods couldnt possibly return in a short period.

As long as there was time, he believed that he and his beasts could grow to a level far stronger than their current level.

“Awoo, awoo…” The Wild Bear nodded repeatedly, indicating that it will work harder in the future.

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When he mentioned that era when the Gods were numerous, Chu Fengs heart felt a little heavy.

After all, the Desolate God was one of the Gods.

He couldnt possibly be just saying threatening words for fun.

Then… there might really be a return of the Gods in the unseen future!

“According to the legends, all the Gods in the ancient era had already fallen.

Then why is there still a return of the Gods Could it be…” Chu Feng thought to himself.

After thinking for a while, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Who cares Since the Gods had fallen back then, they couldnt possibly suddenly revive with full health.

He would not sit around and wait for death either.

He would definitely continue to become stronger.

At that time, he might even have a chance to kill the Gods!

“The guardian has been defeated.

The challenger has received ten drops of Desolate Gods blood.”

A notification flashed past Chu Fengs eyes.

With that, ten drops of Desolate Gods blood appeared in the void!

In the land of heritage, a voice filled with the aura of ancient times suddenly resounded throughout the entire arena, “The first phasemelee has ended.

The next phaseinheritance has begun.

The Ancient Tower has been upgraded to the Ancient Tower of Gods.

Next, trial-takers with the twelve types of Gods blood may enter the Ancient Tower of Gods.]

Chu Feng was slightly shocked.

The “inheritance” stage had begun just like that With the level restriction removed, those at the legend level could also come into the land of heritage to fight for the Gods blood and enter the Ancient Tower of the Gods

Just these two pieces of information could infer how terrifying the fight in the land of heritage would be… It would probably be no better than Hell.

He did not think further.

Just as he put away the ten drops of Desolate Gods blood, he was sent outside by the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

The minute he reached the outside of the tower, Chu Feng saw the solemn-looking magnate Zhong Hen.

Obviously, after Zhong Hen had learned that the rules of the land of heritage had changed, he rushed over immediately.

The first phase of the battle was just a drizzle compared to the second phase.

What followed would be a bloody storm!

“Second brother, youre here,” Chu Feng smiled and greeted Zhong Hen, looking very energetic.

It was not surprising that Zhong Hen would rush over.

After all, from the moment he stepped into the land of heritage until now, Chu Feng had already killed over 300 overlord-level foreign races, with 200 at the peak overlord level.

It would be strange if those totem-level foreign races were not angered to the point that they only wished to kill humans!

Whether it was Chu Feng or the other humans in the land of heritage, they could all potentially be torn to pieces by the incoming totems! At such a dangerous time, the human magnates naturally wouldnt sit idly by.

Zhong Hen nodded and immediately asked, “How many drops of the Desolate Gods blood did you obtain”

“I have ten drops of Desolate Gods blood.

To enter the Ancient Tower of the Gods, one only needs one drop of Gods blood from each of the twelve Gods,” Chu Feng continued, “I have many of the other types of Gods blood now too.

Other than the minimum requirement, I can give the rest away.”

Zhong Hen nodded and said, “Ill distribute the Gods blood very quickly, giving priority to the overlord-level Beastmasters who have a good relationship with you.

Is that alright”

“Yes, its fine,” Chu Feng took out the many drops of Gods blood he had and handed them over to Zhong Hen.

Either way, the Gods blood could only be used to open the door, so he might as well hand it over to the humans to strengthen the race.

Zhong Hen took them and reminded him, “The foreign races are about to arrive.

Hurry up and enter the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

Ill enter later as well.”

Chu Feng didnt waste any more words and turned to leave.

Now wasnt the time to chat idly.

From the corner of his eye, he had already caught a glimpse of over ten totem-level foreign races rushing over.

Zhong Hen summoned his Aerial Fighter Jet from his beast space and protected all the human Beastmasters that were gathered here.

He held the laser sword in his right hand and stood in front of everyone.

Then, he waved his hand and drew a line before announcing, “Those who cross the boundary will die!”

His cold voice resounded throughout the land of heritage, unconsciously bringing out a terrifying legend-level aura that intimidated all the foreign races.

The ten or so totem-level foreign races who had rushed over at extreme speed were still afraid of death, so all of them stopped in their tracks.

In the face of life and death, they had to be cautious.

The ten or so foreign races thought about their respective combat strengths and muttered, “The human magnate can kill a totem in an instant.

If we really insist on killing Chu Feng by force, how many of us can survive”

“Moreover, Zhong Hen will definitely be furious after Chu Fengs death.

At that time, none of us will be able to escape…”

Ortes stomped his feet, “Well, we cant just let Chu Feng go, right !”

“Either way, Im not going.

Whoever wants to die can go…”

The ten or so foreign races looked at each other.

Some of them even retracted their feet, thinking, “No, I cant go… What if I die!

While hesitating, the other side also had some breathing space.

In front of the Ancient Tower of the Gods, Chu Feng turned around and took a deep look at the ten-odd totems.

He had already recorded these foreign races in a directory.

“Chu Feng, enter the tower,” Zhong Hens thoughts came over.

Chu Feng turned around and was about to enter the tower when he heard, “Chu Feng, how dare you kill more than three hundred overlords of our Alliance! With such a deep blood feud, I, Ortes, will definitely not let you off!”

Chu Feng replied without turning his head, “We are partners, so why are you acting like this Its obvious that you want to maintain your position as the leader of the Alliance and make the Titan thunder beasts in charge, which was why you used me to weaken the other foreign races.”

As soon as he said this, the other foreign races looked at the former leader of the Alliance, Ortes, in a strange manner.

Although they knew that Chu Fengs words had the element of provocation, what if Just in case! What if what Chu Feng said was true What if Ortes was really putting on an act What if…

Some of the totem-level foreign races thought for a while and couldnt remain calm anymore.

There were even totems who pointed straight at Ortes face and scolded him on the spot, “Youre really vicious.

To think you would harm your allies for your selfish interests! Do you know the price that my race paid to nurture a peak overlord!”

“Thats right, thats right! A peak overlord couldve contributed greatly to the Alliance… Ortes! Why did you join forces with Chu Feng to kill them!”

“Stop arguing! What if Chu Feng made it up to annoy us Earlier, he even said that he wanted to take Ortes life.”

“Who knows if its true or not What if its an act…”


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