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The Beastmasters waiting outside didnt wait long before they saw Royal King Bai being expelled from the Ancient Tower as well.

With a bitter smile on his face, Royal King Bai said, “Ive lost.”

Looking at the Ancient Tower in front of him that soared straight into the clouds, Bai Yong felt powerless.

He only sighed, “I reckon that only those totem-level existences have the possibility of defeating the guardian in the Ancient Tower.”

After saying that, he fell silent, obviously not wanting to say anything more.

When the people beside him heard his words, they found the Ancient Tower even more unfathomable… To think the guardian of the Ancient Tower could only be defeated by a totem-level existence! Didnt that mean that all the overlord-level existences present were unable to defeat the guardian of the Ancient Tower, and were thus unable to obtain the Desolate Gods blood and enter the next stage!

After all, the overlord level and totem level were two very different levels.

Even if they tried their best and fought to the death, totems could easily wipe them out with a wave of their hands! Of course, the Ancient Towers guardian wasnt that cruel.

It just kicks the defeated challengers out of the arena.

Speaking of the eliminated, another Beastmaster was sent out at this moment.

This persons figure was very familiar.

It was the Dragon King.

Just like the Royal King, Fan Zhengqi lamented the “Ancient Tower guardians combat strength is super strong”, then sat quietly to the side.

Soon after, many other peak overlord-level Beastmasters were eliminated.

Even the Ancient King who was the strongest among the peak overlords could only smile bitterly and shake his head repeatedly.

He couldnt resist the attacks of the guardian of the Ancient Tower, let alone defeat him.

At this point, all the Beastmasters present understood that they, overlord-level Beastmasters, couldnt possibly take down the Ancient Tower…

“Sigh… It cant be that no one can advance to the next stage, right”

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“Theres nothing we can do about it.

Looks like the land of heritage is going to exist for a long time.

Maybe someone will be able to take it down in a few years.”

“Theres no need to be so negative, right Dont we humans still have Chu Feng”

“Chu Feng… Right, why havent I seen him”

“I dont know.

I havent seen Chu Feng around either.

Could he have gone in to challenge the guardian”

“If its Chu Feng, he might really be able to defeat the guardian of the Ancient Tower.

After all, his combat strength is no different from a program bug!”

“Speaking of which, if it werent for Chu Feng slaughtering all the foreign races, we wouldnt be so relaxed right now… In my opinion, those foreign races must be scared!”

“After all, more than three hundred overlords were gone just like that.

Those foreign races must be puking their hearts out.”


Inside the Ancient Tower, the surroundings could even be considered vast.

There was nothing here except for a stone statue in the center.

Sensing that a challenger was approaching, the stone statue turned slightly white and sent out a thought, “No matter what method you use, as long as you can defeat me, youll be able to obtain the Desolate Gods blood.”

Chu Fengs expression was slightly solemn.

He looked at the statue and did not attack it directly.

First of all, the combat strength of this statue was definitely at the totem level! Next of all, the aura that the statue was emitting was very familiar… It was the power of the Desolate God! Realizing this, Chu Feng immediately summoned his familiar, Wild Bear.

“Awoo, Awoo, Awoo!” Wild Bear growled in a low voice with hints of confusion.

This power came from the same source as its power

Chu Feng didnt summon his beast for the Wild Bear and the stone statue to chat.

In the next moment, the Wild Bear expanded into a thousand-meter-long giant bear.

It directly swung its bear paw at the stone statue!

With the sound of space being torn apart, the guardian of the Ancient Tower was directly pressed into the ground.

In that instant, the aura of the stone statue, which originally looked like an ice-cold machine, changed.

Its eyes seemed to suddenly come to life, and there seemed to be traces of stars in them.

A strong power suddenly filled the entire space.

“Your power is overbearing and powerful.

Did you inherit my bloodline No! You also have the Demon Gods bloodline! Damn it! !”

The vivid and strong emotion in the statues words stunned Chu Feng.

Why did this Desolate God statue use the word “I” It was as if there was a part of the Desolate Gods consciousness inside… On top of that, to think the stone statue could analyze the Wild Bears bloodline.

As if it was angered by the existence of the Demon Gods blood, the stone statue of the Desolate God began to attack the Wild Bear crazily and violently.

There seemed to be some kind of path hidden in the statue, making its attacks more and more mysterious.

“Awoo–” Wild Bear roared to the sky and unleashed all the power in its body! With a “boom” the Wild Bear that was going all out broke the left arm of the statue! Although its arm was also hit by the backlash and blood spurted out, it still continued to attack wildly without caring about anything else.

“What kind of power is this How can it be even more powerful than the power of the Totems path…” The tone of the Desolate Gods statue became colder and colder, “If it wasnt for the fact that I can only use 1/10,000 of my divine strength, a bastard like you, who has a mix of the Desolate and Demon Gods bloodline, would have been crushed by my punch! !”

Chu Fengs voice was even colder than his, “You old monster, youve been dead for God knows how many years.

Even if the Wild Bear has your bloodline, it doesnt mean anything.

Its none of your business.”

The Desolate God statue looked down at Chu Feng, his gaze slightly cold, “To think the Beastmasters nowadays can activate the Desolate Gods bloodline, and even activate the Demon Gods bloodline, that bastard who died long ago…”

As he spoke, the statue suddenly disappeared before them.

However, it didnt actually disappear.

It was just a visual deception under extreme speed! In just an instant, the Desolate God statue arrived in front of Chu Feng.

Its huge fist smashed down, full of killing intent!

“How dare you mix my Gods blood with the traitor Demon God! You deserve to die even more than that bastard!!”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear kicked the Desolate God statue away from its Beastmaster.

“Boom!” Probably due to the Wild Bears violent kick, but the Desolate Gods stone statue was split into two from its waist!

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear roared furiously, its gaze extremely cold.

It originally thought that meeting a creature with the same bloodline here would be a good thing.

However, it didnt expect that the Desolate God statues attitude would be so bad, and it even wanted to make a move on Chu Feng.

It was simply courting death! To hell with the bloodline talk! The Wild Bear did not care about so many things.

No matter what kind of existence it was, it was not worthy of being compared to Chu Feng.

At this moment, the Desolate God statue had been split into two.

It was probably because of the Desolate Gods willpower, but even though it was in such a crippled state, it could still continue to fight! The half with legs was still fighting with Wild Bear, while the half with the statues head charged at Chu Feng without any pause.

It seemed that the Desolate God statue would not rest until one of them died.

Chu Fengs heart was cold.

He simply summoned the Dark-sky Azure Dragon to face the half that was charging at him.

“Roar!” The moment the Dark-sky Azure Dragon appeared, it immediately released the dragon gods roar.

The Desolate God statue was immediately intimidated! At the same time, it equipped the dragon gods body and was instantly armed to the claws!

The dragon god realm and elemental realm followed closely behind, pressing down at the same time.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon abruptly spat out a large amount of terrifying dragon breath that carried such destructive power that ones heart would break from fear…

“Boom!!” The upper half of the Desolate God statue was instantly blasted into pieces, leaving only the stone head rolling on the ground.

The stone head suddenly stopped, and its gaze gradually focused.

Its eyes were filled with shame and fury.

“I am the Desolate God who can defeat Heaven and Earth.

If I wasnt trapped in this clay sculpture, how could I have been intimidated by a mere ant!”

As soon as it finished saying this, there was a boom, and the lower half of the Desolate God statue with legs was also shattered.


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