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Chu Feng would usually bring the Mirage Butterfly with him when he went around now, while the other beasts would return to the beast space.

The reason why the Mirage Butterfly was left outside was mainly because although its main body was relatively weak, it basically had no weaknesses other than that.

It could be said to be able to both defend, and attack!

As long as the Mirage Butterfly was around, even if a totem came to attack, Chu Feng would be able to make all sorts of timely countermeasures according to the situation.

All in all, not only could the Mirage Butterfly save his life at the crucial moment, but it could even find an opportunity to counterattack!

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly shrunk its body and flew back onto Chu Fengs shoulder.

It could be seen that after being the battle auxiliary where it had to be extremely focused spiritually, it was a little tired.

That being said, thanks to the Mythical Trees miracle of life, this negative effect was basically eliminated as well.

As such, although the Mirage Butterfly was mentally tired, it could still fight a few more battles physically.

Therefore, it was also quite eager to do so.

It was all thanks to the tacit cooperation between his beasts that Chu Feng could count his gains so easily after the battle.

For example, in this battle, the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon had been the main attack force, while the Mythical Tree controlled the attacks of the treants and provided auxiliary support for its teammates in the front.

There was also the Mirage Butterfly that controlled the enemy so that its teammates could kill to their hearts content.

They complemented each other and were each indispensable.

After all the beasts other than the Mirage Butterfly entered the beast space, the spatial door immediately closed and disappeared.

At this time, Xiang Yunfei flew to Chu Fengs side.

With an indescribable expression, he said softly, “I originally thought that your combat strength was about the same as Dragon King Bai and Royal King Fans.

I didnt expect that just your beasts alone had the combat strength equivalent to the totem level.”

Xiang Yunfei was, after all, an expert who had obtained a title based on his strength, so he was naturally quite knowledgeable.

Just from this battle alone, he could see that the combat strength displayed by Chu Fengs beasts was not much weaker than those totems! As for which party would win in a real battle against a totem, that could only be determined by the actual battle.

Originally, the difference between a totem and those below the totem level was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

If Xiang Yunfei hadnt personally witnessed Chu Fengs beasts slaughtering peak overlords like livestock, he wouldnt have thought that the difference could be so close.

Of course, a close difference didnt mean anything either.

After all, totems were still high-level existences that creatures below the totem level couldnt easily defeat.

Most importantly, Chu Feng was only at king-level now… To think a king-level Beastmaster had combat strength close to the totem level.

If word got out, no one would believe it.

Xiang Yunfei praised with great satisfaction, “As expected of the hope of the human race!”

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Chu Feng smiled, “With my current strength, theres still a huge gap between me and the magnates.”

Xiang Yunfei nodded in agreement.

Those two were supreme existences who single-handedly protected the human race and helped it rise to power.

Even if there were people whose battle prowess were comparable to the magnates in the future, Zhong hen and Wu Yus achievements could never be replaced.

Chu Feng was indeed very strong compared to the others, but when compared to the human magnates, he naturally was still quite far off.

Lets put it this way.

All the changes before a Beastmaster reached the legend level were quantitative, while the changes brought about by a Beastmaster reaching the legend level were qualitative! Firstly, in terms of quantity, overlord-level Beastmasters could contract up to six beasts, while legend-level Beastmasters could contract twelve.

Secondly, in terms of efficiency, legend-level Beastmasters could easily raise totem-level beasts.

At the peak of the existing human Beastmasters combat strength were the two magnates.

Each of them had twelve totem-level beasts under their command, and each of those beasts was an extremely powerful existence that was invincible! Chu Feng was currently only at the king level, so he could only have five beasts even if he broke through the sky.

The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet that he had got from the research institute was currently unable to participate in the battle.

On the other hand, the other four beasts under his command all had extremely powerful combat strength that was on par with the totem level.

Chu Feng followed the Sword King back to the stronghold.

Halfway there, he asked in puzzlement, “I already have a lot of Gods blood, but I lack the Desolate Gods blood… among the human Beastmasters, has anyone obtained the Desolate Gods blood”

“The Desolate Gods blood” Xiang Yunfei shook his head, “I dont know either.

Why dont you ask Ancient King later All the Gods blood that we humans have so far is in his hands.”

Chu Feng said in a low voice, “Ancient King is…”

“Hes the well-acknowledged strongest person among the peak overlord-level Beastmasters! Other than that, Ancient King is also the oldest man among the humans.

He has lived for more than 500 years now, even older than the magnate!”

Chu Feng nodded, recalling the memories in his mind.

Similar to his title, this seniors antiquity could be considered the top in the entire human race.

Before humans had even awakened their beast tamer talents, the Ancient King was already over a hundred years old.

Later, the Ancient King, who was already a hundred years old then, was appointed as the human races chief.

Not long after, he awakened an SS-grade beast tamer talent.

The more time passed, the stronger his beasts were.

From then on, he embarked on the path of bonding with beasts that were older than ancient.

The first beast he bonded with was the Ancient Bronze Bell of the human race! During that period of darkness, it was all thanks to the senior Ancient Kings support that the human race did not completely withdraw from the history of the Blue Planet.

Currently, the common knowledge among scholars was that if not for the Ancient King, the human race might have been exterminated, and the appearances of the two magnates wouldnt have occurred.

Chu Feng didnt expect such an extraordinary figure to enter the land of heritage.

However, thinking about it carefully, it did make sense.

If the Ancient King was the one in charge, all peak overlords would most definitely listen to orders.

As soon as Chu Feng arrived at the human stronghold, all the Beastmasters came out to give him a warm welcome.

In the hearts of many, those who knew the outcome of this battle were all shocked and impressed.

“Chu Feng single-handedly killed nearly a hundred overlord-level foreign races at level 9 and below, as well as 200 peak overlords… Just how strong is he

“Although most people said that Chu Feng killed the foreign races through tricks, I feel that with the strength he has revealed now, he can just slaughter them head-on.”

“To think so many foreign races headed in that direction, I wonder what Chu Feng for that to happen…”

“How strange.

I simply cant understand why all the overlord-level foreign races in the land of heritage would rush to the canyon.

Could it be that they wanted to besiege him

“Chu Feng can easily kill 200 peak overlords right now.

Doesnt that mean that his combat strength is close to the totem level!

“Thats too terrifying.

Hes only at king-level now!


To celebrate the great victory of the human race, a bonfire party that had been passed down since ancient times was going to be held in the stronghold tonight! During the party, the expressions of the human overlords relaxed a lot, and many of them couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“A great victory!”

“Congratulations to Chu Feng!”

“Theres hope for the human race!”

“The human race will definitely become stronger and stronger in the future! !”

It didnt take long for many to become drunkards.

Not only were they hugging all sorts of things, but they were also laughing foolishly.

The wine was naturally no ordinary wine.

It was a precious spiritual wine shared by the Beastmasters in the stronghold.

Currently, there were only humans in the land of heritage, so the celebration was naturally a little indulgent.

When the bonfire party was completely over, Chu Feng, who had been dragged along to drink, could finally leave… When he reached the entrance of a side hall, he heard an old voice, “Come in.”


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