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“Awoo!” As soon as the Wild Bear left the beast space, it immediately expanded to become a thousand-meter-tall giant bear.

Its huge figure was very obvious even in the canyon that was densely packed with overlord-level foreign races.

Ever since Chu Feng had entered the land of heritage, the Wild Bear had been waiting for an opportunity to display its skills.

Now, it finally had an opportunity to make a move, so it vowed to slaughter all of its enemies!

In an instant, the Wild Bear activated the skills of the Desolate God and the Demon God.

Right now, its physical strength alone had been strengthened by over 100,000 times! It punched out with an endless amount of strength, and even the void was trembling violently.

The flood-like fist wind tore through the space and blasted towards the enemies in a certain direction.

Just this punch alone caused over a dozen of overlord level 7 and above foreign races to be blasted into pieces! Among them, there was even a peak overlord-level lava behemoth that was slightly closer to the attack.

It was killed on the spot! Just this punch alone from the Wild Bear was enough to make the foreign races tremble in fear.

“Isnt this a Wild Bear How can it be this strong!”

“To think its single punch can kill a peak overlord… Can we really withstand Chu Fengs Wild Bears attack!”

“This… Who, who is killing who!”

“Arent we here to kill Chu Feng today!”

“Hes definitely not just at the king level!”

The many overlord-level foreign races were at a loss.

Should they not have come today How could Chu Feng, who could easily kill overlords, only be at the king level! Judging from the current situation, it was clear that they were the ones at the king level.

Otherwise, why was the difference between them like Heaven and Earth!

“Roar!” A roar filled with killing intent came from the sky.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon that appeared on the battlefield was wearing dragon armor.

Other than its teeth, the rest of its body was covered with armor.

With the support of its maxed-out skills, its roar was like a Dragon God.

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All the foreign races in the canyon, even the peak overlords who had some spiritual resisting abilities, were unable to defend against the roar.

They were all intimidated.

Taking advantage of their pause, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon flashed out its sharp dragon claws and charged over.

Every time its dragon claws flashed with a sharp light, a foreign race would die.

Even those at the peak of the overlord-level were no exception! More and more foreign races blood pooled on the ground.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who was flying through the air as blood spurted out, was so excited that it snorted.

Its eyes were red, a clear sign that its killing lust had been unleashed.

“Mi-meh!” Seeing that the other beasts were having a good time, the Mirage Butterfly did not want to fall behind.

The true world of illusion and the illusion world was immediately activated, dragging the foreign races who were already intimidated by the dragon aura into the endless abyss.

“Dont let any of them escape.

Kill them all!” Chu Feng said coldly when he saw that some of the overlord-level foreign races were trying to escape from the land of heritage.

Even though the spatial door to leave this place was open, they would have no chance to leave! After all, Chu Feng had spent great strength to gather them, so how could he let them leave alive Since they wanted to kill him, then he would kill all of them.

Receiving its Beastmasters will, the Mythical Tree in the beast space issued an order to all the treants outside: Kill all foreign races! All the vine treants immediately responded respectfully, “We will obey orders!”

Boom! This time, the max-level vine treants that had gathered into an army formation broke away from the formation and scattered.

Putting aside their ability to attack peak overlords when attacking together, these over a thousand vine treants had a powerful combat strength equivalent to the overlord level 7, to begin with! All of the vine treants were made by Lila, and they contained the maxed-out skills of photosynthesis, energy creation, life creation, and vine treant, as well as tree world!

Unlike those lifeless treants, these vine treants all possessed unique vitality.

Even totem-level existences couldnt create high-level creatures with strength equivalent to the vine treant without limits! It could be said that Chu Fengs Mythical Tree was already close to the Life Gods level.

To put it bluntly, even the ancient Tree Gods comprehension of life would probably not be as profound and thorough as Lilas!

As soon as the thousands of treants that were originally gathered into an army scattered in all directions, they immediately began to harvest the foreign races lives… The foreign races that had previously been clamoring about fighting and killing could only stretch their necks and be slaughtered!

“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!” With the support of many skills, the Wild Bear was no different from a god of war at this moment.

Whether it was the foreign races that had fallen into the abyss of the illusion or the terrified overlords that were scurrying in attempts to escape, the Wild Bear killed them to its hearts content! At certain times, it did not even need to aim specifically.

Just the shockwaves from its punches could kill an overlord on the spot.

This canyon that had been said to be “easy to attack but hard to defend” by the foreign races was no different from an overlord-level foreign races slaughterhouse at this moment.

“Roar!” Hearing the Wild Bears wild cries while it slaughtered the foreign races, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was unwilling to fall behind.

With the battle divine body, its battle prowess was no weaker than the Wild Bear! If the two beasts were compared, the Wild Bear was more inclined to attack with absolute violence, while the Dark-sky Azure Dragon would use some energy elements to engage in close combat, making its moves relatively gorgeous.

Chu Feng descended from the sky and spread his telekinesis power, collecting all the foreign races crystal cores and various treasures on the battlefield.

He let out a faint sigh.

He had thought that the battle would be more exciting.

After all, 200 peak overlords that were unrivaled below the totem level were here.

The results, unfortunately, made him speechless.

The combat strength of both parties in this battle was too far apart… It was completely one-sided.

“Its not hard to understand though.

After all, the Mirage Butterfly is too strong.

200 peak overlords are just a piece of cake in front of it,” As he lamented, Chu Feng looked at the Mirage Butterfly.

In this battle, it was basically just an auxiliary force at the back and didnt go all out.

After all, the amount of spiritual power expended to control so many peak overlords at the same time wasnt any less than in battle.

Illusionary spells worked by controlling the opponents with layers of illusions under precise control.

The slightest carelessness could result in death from the backlash.

This battle started and ended fast.

The foreign races in the land of heritage were depleting at an extreme speed… At the same time, nearly a hundred overlord-level human Beastmasters led their nearly six hundred beasts to sweep through the land in a frenzy, vowing to wipe out all the foreign races!

Even if there were some foreign races who didnt come to the canyon to die for various reasons, Chu Feng wasnt prepared to let them off.

He thought to himself, “When Ortes and the other totems learned that all the foreign races in the land of heritage have been exterminated, what kind of ugly expression would they have”

It was said that people tend to laugh when feeling extreme anger.

He wondered if they would still be able to laugh when the time came

While Chu Feng was bored and watching the sky, his beasts were slaughtering the peak overlord-level foreign races… Gradually, the number of foreign races in the canyon decreased.

Finally, with the Wild Bears “awoo” and the sound of its punches, the last foreign race in the canyon was killed as well! At this point, other than the Titan thunder beast, Rampus, there were no other foreign races in the canyon!

Chu Feng began to take stock of his gains, “Just the foreign races beast cores I have now are worth 300 million points.

If I include all the other treasures, I should have close to one billion points now!”

He took a deep breath.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the sum of points was sky-high.

Of course, compared to the huge sum of points, he was even happier that all the foreign races in the land of heritage had been cleared out.

As expected of the good place that he had specially found.

Not a single foreign race that had entered the canyon could escape!

Thinking of this, he felt very regretful, “Illusionary spells are good in all aspects, other than the fact that I cant see the vivid fear of the foreign races.”

After sighing, he turned to Rampus and said, “You should go.

Remember to pass a message to Ortes.

Tell him to protect himself.

Ill go and get him.”

Probably due to shock, Rampus left the land of heritage in a daze.

As for Barker, Chu Fengs other spiritual slave, he had already been transferred out.

This chess piece might come in handy in the future.


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