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In the land of heritage, the Beast-taming Mountain Range was temporarily being used as a human stronghold.

More than half of the human Beastmasters were gathered here, and 99% of them were at the overlord level.

As the most special member of the entire training ground, Chu Feng and Wan Wanqing had also arrived at this stronghold.

As soon as they arrived, they were welcomed in by the Royal King and the Dragon King.

Apart from Fan Zhengqi and Bai Yong, who he was already familiar with, Chu Feng also met the Sword King, Xiang Yunfei, here.

The man was quite dashing, exuding an indescribable celestial-like demeanor as if he was about to conquer the world with his sword.

Although his sword was in the scabbard, his sharp sword intent did not diminish in the slightest.

It was as if he was a sword himself.

When Fan Zhengqi saw Chu Feng, he immediately sighed.

His heart, which had been hanging when he didnt find Chu Feng, was finally relieved.

He said helplessly, “We, your two guardians, came in later than you.”

Bai Yong explained, “The magnate urged us to join forces with the other human Beastmasters in here after we entered the land of heritage.

We must protect you even if we have to fight against the foreign races!”

Chu Feng said with a smile, “To be honest, theres no need for special protection.

I know what Im doing.”

Wan Wanqing, who was next to him, widened her eyes in shock at the scene.

These two were… Dragon King Bai and Royal King Fan Since they had each obtained titles.

it meant that they were both peak overlord-level Beastmasters who could kill peak overlord foreign races without batting an eye! It was precisely because of her admiration of the Dragon King that Wan Wanqing had specially chosen the Frost Dragon as her beast.

But to think such an idol-level figure had come out to welcome Chu Feng at this moment Moreover, according to their words, the key reason for them entering the land of heritage was to protect Chu Feng Moreover, it was such that even if they had to start a battle with the foreign races, they still had to protect him well Wan Wanqing looked at Chu Feng, then at the Dragon King and Royal Kings incomparably solemn expressions.

For a moment, she even felt that she had walked onto the wrong set, or she might have heard wrongly! But… how could such a thing be faked!

Wan Wanqing pulled on Chu Fengs sleeve, feeling that he was both familiar and unfamiliar, “Chu Feng, what exactly did you do during those two months in the Overlord Reserve Camp”

“Its a long story.

In short, Chu Feng is bound to become a legend-level Beastmaster in the future.

So those foreign races naturally want to kill him as soon as possible,” Fan Zhengqi interjected, “If you insist on asking Chu Feng about his battle achievements, it will be an endless story.”

Wan Wanqing was silent.

It had only been a few months, but why did she feel as if she had missed a few years

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Xiang Yunfei sized up Chu Feng for a while and suddenly let out a sigh.

“Its said that we should look at others in a new light after three days.

I didnt expect you to become so strong now.

Youre much stronger than me.”

Even he, who was proud to be the Sword King, couldnt ignore Chu Fengs dazzling light.

After all, the other party could easily kill ten peak overlord-level foreign races, while he, who had been stuck at overlord level 10 for the past ten years, had only killed six peak overlords.

Hearing Sword Kings words, Wan Wanqing, who was already very confused, was even more confused now.

What the hell! The Sword King had just said that his combat power was weaker than Chu Fengs! But… in the entire Tiannan Region, Xiang Yunfeis combat power was undoubtedly the best!

Chu Feng asked Xiang Yunfei with some nostalgia, “How is Xiang Yufeng now”

“Hes currently at the commander-level, incomparable to you.”

“I remember back then, his Mirage Dragon had fought with my Wild Bear.”

Xiang Yunfei recalled that at that time, he had made given Chu Feng a promise and a crystal as thanks to the latter for not killing Xiang Yufeng.

His gaze met Chu Fengs gaze, and he vaguely understood something.

Chu Feng slowly stated, “I have a plan here that can slaughter all the foreign races in the land of heritage! To prevent any small fries from escaping, I hope that you can cooperate with me in battle.”

The three people who had killed several overlord-level foreign races looked at each other in shock.

Could they really wipe out the foreign races!

“Are you serious!” Bai Yong blurted, feeling extremely excited.

Once he said that, there wasnt even a need for Chu Feng to say anything before he had convinced himself, or rather, ever since Chu Feng had successfully killed the poluo beast totem, he completely trusted the boy.

Since Chu Feng could kill a totem, it was a given that he could kill overlords! However, although Bai Yong trusted Chu Feng very much, he could not think of any good plans to kill all the foreign races at this moment.

Fan Zhengqi said solemnly, “If its really a good idea, I will definitely cooperate.”

Xiang Yunfei said frankly, “I havent repaid the favor I owe you previously.

If theres anything you need, just tell me directly.”

Two days later, in the land of heritage.

The person who was the center of attention of many humans and fierce beasts left the human stronghold.

Chu Feng was the first to leave, followed closely by Xiang Yunfei, who was acting as if he was accompanying the former to protect him.

High in the sky above them, two figures with overlord-level auras followed them in secret… Halfway through the path, Chu Feng sensed the two sneaky figures and chased them away with speechless expressions.

The two couldnt possibly leave.

After all, they were still carrying the heavy responsibility of protecting the boy as ordered by the magnates.

Fan Zhengqi and Bai Yong kept a distance from them and continued to follow them.

Not long after, Chu Feng and Xiang Yunfei entered a canyon, planning to mine a rare mineral vein.

Naturally, the mineral vein that they targeted was no ordinary mineral.

It was a top-grade resource called the nether crystal that was extremely valuable.


think this canyon contained a large nether crystal mineral vein! As expected of the land of heritage, which had many secret treasures.

There were really treasures everywhere.

Xiang Yunfei waved his long sword, breaking the rocks.

Seeing the other partys unrestrained posture in using his sword, Chu Feng was very envious, “Your sword-shaped beast is so cool.”

“Haha, its only at the king level now.

When it reaches the overload level 10, my combat strength will probably be on par with senior Bai and senior Fan.”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “You can even use your newly bonded sword beast with such ease, as expected of the Sword King.”

While the two of them were chatting, the nether crystal mineral vein was gradually being separated.

At the same time, the foreign races who had long noticed Chu Fengs movements on the light screen displayed by Rampus had, without realizing it, followed Rampus, the temporary leader, and rushed to the canyon where Chu Feng was.

On the way, every time these foreign races looked at each other, they would reveal bloodthirsty and sinister smiles.

“Chu Feng is indeed as arrogant as the rumors say.

To think he went to the canyon with mineral veins where its easy to attack but difficult to escape.

He even found his own burial ground!”

“Before entering the land of heritage, His Majesty Ortes had instructed us to grind Chu Fengs bones into ashes.

This time, Ill definitely get military credits!”

“Judging from the terrain, even if there really is an ambush, the final victor will definitely be the foreign races!”

The many overlord-level foreign races thought the same and were extremely confident.

The closer they got to the canyon, the more their battle intent burned, and they were extremely excited.

Chu Feng, prepare to die!

Chu Feng, who had been chatting and joking with Xiang Yunfei, suddenly paused.

He looked around, and his expression changed.

“Nearly three hundred overlord-level foreign races What are you trying to do!” His gaze stopped on the Titan thunder beast that was at the front, and he was both shocked and furious, “Rampus ! I shouldnt have let you escape the day before yesterday!”

Rampus laughed coldly, “Chu Feng, today is the day you die!”

“You want to kill me Its impossible!” Chu Feng retorted, “Even if I die, I will drag all of you down with me!”

Rampus gave orders to the nearly 300 overlord-level foreign races behind him frankly, “Today, we must use Chu Fengs death as a sacrifice to the heroic souls of the foreign races! Everyone, please join me to kill Chu Feng!!”

The nearly 300 overlord-level foreign races shouted in unison, “Kill Chu Feng! !”

Surging battle intent covered the entire canyon, and the crazed killing intent even spread beyond the canyon.


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