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Compared to being flattered, Chu Feng preferred something more substantial.

He casually asked, “Other than this base, can you find the other Foreign Races Alliance bases”

He had to kill all of them before the enemy could react.

They were all points…

Barker said respectfully, “Yes, I can contact the foreign races through the Alliances unique communication device.

I can also contact the surrounding Alliances bases and join them.”

“Very good,” Chu Feng patted the other partys shoulder.

He felt that the Titan thunder beast did not look so ugly anymore.

Its appearance was not important as long as it was useful.

Its Master, its utmost religion, has patted its shoulder.

Barker immediately knelt and kowtowed in fear, “I will definitely not disappoint Masters trust!”

It took out the communication device from its spatial sphere and opened the interface by injecting its spiritual power to contact the other foreign races.

Obviously, the anti-counterfeiting of the communicator was the spiritual power of the foreign races.

It was mainly to prevent the human race from getting information about the Alliance.

If they tried to defend themselves with technical means, the foreign races would not be able to defend against the human race at all.

After all, ever since the appearance of mechanical beasts, human technology had developed rapidly.

Barker held the communicator and anxiously waited for a reply.

Finally, it obtained the location of a foreign race stronghold.

“My lord, I have obtained the coordinates of the nearest Foreign Races Alliances stronghold.

However, I am currently unable to deduce the exact situation in it.

Please forgive me,” Barkers entire body was sprawled on the ground, as if it had truly committed a great sin.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to the slaves state of mind.

He said flatly, “Take me there.”

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At the Myriad Beasts Mountain, the meeting continued.

Reisha stared expressionlessly at the image in the air.

It was the last memories of the frost phantom races overlord, Windsor, before she died.

The atmosphere in the hall was unprecedentedly stagnant.

Many of the totems looked at each other in dismay and were all dumbfounded.

Although they were not saying anything, their hearts were in a mess.

To be precise, their state of mind was heavy and filled with shock.

“Five peak overlords have died, but only Windsor of the frost phantom race has left behind her memories… Thats saying that the other four died in illusions before even seeing Chu Feng himself!

“This is simply terrifying! To think its an AOE illusion skill! Even the Mirage Dragons who have both spirit-type and illusion-type talents cant achieve such a feat.

They can only bewitch three enemies at the most…”

“Is what Chu Feng said true If the spiritual power used by the Mirage Butterfly was truly one-tenth of its full power, arent all the overlords in the land of heritage dead meat!

An indescribable silence spread throughout the conference hall, and it lasted for a long time.

Reishas body was filled with killing intent.

“Chu Feng must die!”




All of a sudden, the conference hall was filled with the words “Chu Feng must die”.

At this moment, a voice with a different opinion was suddenly heard.

The totem of the Titan thunder beast race, Ortes, slowly walked into the conference hall and sat on the main seat, “Chu Feng is now a king who can kill overlords with a wave of his hand.

How are you going to kill him”

“Compared to me, shouldnt you be the one who wants to kill him more” After throwing the question back, Reisha continued to mock him coldly, “As the actual leader of the Foreign Races Alliance, to think youre just taking the loss silently after Chu Fengs provocation.

You havent done anything useful to the Alliance at all.

Youre definitely responsible for Chu Fengs safe and sound growth up to this point.”

Ortes chuckled and retorted, “Reisha, your ability to shift the blame is as strong as ever.

Back when I took the initiative to invite you to fight against the humans together, you were very arrogant!”

Reisha snorted and couldnt be bothered with him.

Ortes began to analyze the situation, “Based on the footage, we can deduce that Chu Feng relied on the Mirage Butterfly to fight against many foreign races.

He didnt have work with any other overlord-level human Beastmasters.”

The shadow monkey races totem, Lockett, scratched his monkey head, “Chu Feng is currently in the land of heritage.

Since were totems, we cant just go in and kill him.”

The aurora wolf races totem, Evan, muttered, “Why dont we wait for him to come out and gather the Alliances totems to kill him together When that time comes, the two magnates of the human race wont be able to target a specific totem of our Alliance.

Besides, there are so many of us.

We will definitely be able to kill Chu Feng!”

The nether beast races totem, Kerviel, agreed and laughed.

“Haha, the expressions of those two magnates will definitely be very ugly when they see the hope of the human race dead.”

After such a discussion, the atmosphere in the hall immediately eased up a lot.

Chu Feng was still at the king-level after all, and not a legend-level that couldnt be defeated! As long as they worked together, his death would come!

Ortes voice was slightly heavy, “Are all of you just going to sit back and watch him have his way in the land of heritage With his potential, if he really obtains the inheritance, what do you plan to do then In my opinion, we cant wait any longer.

We must let the overlords kill Chu Feng in there!”

Hearing this, the scene fell silent for a moment before the same word rang out again.


Just as the foreign races were about to ask Ortes for more details, an overlord suddenly rushed into the main hall, howling in a hoarse and ear-piercing voice, “I beg all the emperors to act quickly! Dozens of Overlords and a few peak Overlords from the Foreign Races Alliance have been killed by Chu Feng again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ortes was so angry that his face turned green.

He slammed the table and stood up, “Chu Feng must die!!”

In the land of heritage, on a towering mountain where the rumbling of thunder was incessant, stood a palace made of thunder crystals.

A total of six foreign races sat in the palace.

The one at the head was a peak overlord Titan thunder beast, named Rampus.

The other five peak overlords sat in five different seats.

Rampus gaze was cold.

He used a declarative tone to ask the others, “Do you know that Chu Feng is in the land of heritage right now”

Hearing this, the hall immediately burst into discussion.

“Isnt Chu Feng the hope of the human race Those two magnates dared to let him come in and throw his life away”

“The land of heritage is filled with foreign races.

How dare he come”

“The humans are amusing.

To think they sent themselves to our doors and beg for death! Lets not stand on ceremony and just kill him!”

“I wonder what the humans are thinking.

Could it be that…”

“Maybe they think that Chu Feng can obtain the final inheritance They must be dreaming! Dont tell me they really think that the 12 types of Gods blood can be obtained so easily”


A hint of killing intent flashed through the eyes of a few peak overlords.

There wasnt a single high-level foreign race that didnt want to kill Chu Feng.

Just his existence alone was enough to pose a huge threat to the Foreign Races Alliance, and his threat was increasing by the day.

All the foreign races knew that as long as Chu Feng advanced to become a legend-level beastmaster, the foreign races would definitely be weakened, and countless foreign races would be exterminated! The tragedy of extermination was unacceptable to all of them.

They didnt want the tragic scene from 300 years ago to happen again!


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