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Chu Feng stopped in front of a shadow monkey and looked at the foreign race who had the strength of a peak overlord but was now no better than an ant.

Its confused eyes indicated that it was a dying monkey.

“Peak overlord, kill it!”

As soon as he finished saying this, the monkeys head was cut off by a thin thread and rolled on the white floor of ice and snow.

Its death was not much better than those foreign races who were not peak overlords.

This thread, which was sharper than divine weapons, was one of the evolved versions of the Mirage Butterflys spatial blade.

After the Mirage Butterfly instantly killed a peak overlord foreign race, Chu Feng kept the overlord level 10 beast core produced by the monkey.

Then, he came to the side of the next peak overlord.

Different from the previous one, this was an aurora wolf, but its ending was the same…

“Kill it,” A calm voice sounded.

“Whoosh–” Another spatial line flashed past, and another peak overlord died instantly!

“Clack,” The sparkling beast core fell onto the snow carpet.

After harvesting the spoils of war, the man and his butterfly walked past the nether beast and lava behemoth who couldnt escape the fate of being beheaded as well.

Other than Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly, it seemed that only the spatial line was the most vivid existence in the ice palace.

It flashed here and there, attracting even more attention than the most beautiful dance.

As it danced, it cleanly harvested the lives of the foreign races! Under the thin line, only the beast cores, the spoils of war, could remain as they were.

“An overlord level 10 beast core can be exchanged for over a million points!” Chu Feng thought happily.

Low-level beast cores were not worth much, but the peak overlord-level beast cores were different.

In other words, if gathered, they were naturally worth a lot.

In the land of heritage, there were over a hundred peak overlord foreign races!

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“In other words, after killing all hundred of them, Ill get over a hundred million points!” The smile on Chu Fengs face deepened as he continued to deduce, “I can kill all the other foreign races here, so that I can get the other overlord-level beast cores in the land of heritage while Im at it.

By then, just these foreign race beast cores will be enough for me to exchange for four alternate dimension.

In addition to the treasures that these foreign races carry with them, this sum of points that I can earn will be doubled…”

As he muttered, he took out the corresponding space secret treasures that he had obtained from killing the foreign races just now and sensed the value of the treasures within.

As expected, these treasures were not just equivalent to the beast cores, they were even more valuable! Chu Feng did not find this strange.

Under most circumstances, if the foreign races obtained treasures that they could not use, they would exchange them for points, military merits, and other common currencies to prevent them from being obtained by their enemies after they died.

However, the land of heritage was filled with countless treasures.

None of the overlords who were able to live until now had empty pockets.

No matter what the previous owners had in mind, these treasures were now Chu Fengs.

Chu Feng, who was leisurely strolling in the ice palace, came to the front of the last peak overlord in the ice palace.

Looking at Windsor, who was as beautiful as an ice sculpture, he could not help but sigh, “As expected of an overlord-level foreign race from the frost phantom race.

She is indeed so beautiful that she doesnt look human.”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly lowered its antennae in agreement.

Though, no matter how beautiful the other party was, she could not be compared to it.

Chu Feng curled his lips and said with a smile, “Kill her.”

“D*mn… human!” An inaudible mutter was heard, which surprised Chu Feng for a moment.

“Heh, it seems that the top of the peak overlords is still a little different.

To think it can still maintain its willpower…”

A cold killing intent flashed in Windsors eyes, and her slightly dazed eyes regained their clarity, “Chu Feng! Today is the day you die!”

Chu Feng did not even lift his eyelids and said flatly, “You may be very strong, but the spiritual power that the Mirage Butterfly has used on you is far less than one-tenth of its entire power.”

Windsors expression was slightly stunned.

Far less than one-tenth! Her previous experience in the illusionary realm suddenly flashed in her mind, and she could not control herself to gasp.

“Youre lying!” Her voice was extremely cold.

Chu Feng said casually, “Believe it or not, youre going to die anyway.”

“Crack–” Before Windsor could react, she was cut into countless pieces by countless spatial threads.

With that, there were no more peak overlords in the ice palace!

Chu Feng put away the beautiful diamond-like ice core, feeling overjoyed, “I got another million points!”

Overlord level 10 beast cores from the foreign races were very valuable.

Although they were far less than the resources needed to nurture a foreign race to the overlord-level 10, it wasnt his loss anyway.

He had profited a lot this time!

Feeling its Beastmasters joyful mood, the Mirage Butterfly was even more excited, “Mi-meh!” It still wanted to kill!

“Mhm, go ahead,” Chu Fengs expression was indifferent.

After all, the foreign races werent humans, so it didnt matter if they died.

The human and foreign races had long been used to life-and-death battles.

Their relationship was as straightforward as the food chain, so there was no need for them to pretend to be reconciled and coexist peacefully.

There was really no need for that.

After all, showing mercy to the enemy was a form of cruelty to themselves.

Countless spatial lines flew past, faintly taking the shape of a sword array, and some sort of shockwave spread out.

In response, Chu Feng expressed his speechlessness, “Its just some foreign races who havent reached the overlord-level.

Do you need to use the vibration sword formation”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly appeared in a flash, with many foreign races beast cores and treasures floating in the air behind it.

It stopped on its Beastmasters shoulder, indicating that it couldnt help it… but it felt so good to use the skill! The Mirage Butterfly flew around Chu Feng excitedly.

It was so happy!

Chu Feng stretched out his hand and flicked the Mirage Butterfly.

Without lecturing it anymore, he turned around and began to go through the various treasures and beast cores.

Hmm, after a rough estimate, the total value of all the beast cores and treasures he had now was about 30 million points! Chu Feng thought to himself happily, “One stronghold of the Foreign Races Alliance can already bring me so many rewards.

If I were to kill all the overlord-level foreign races in the land of heritage, I would at least have a few hundred million points!”

Thinking of this, his heart was filled with anticipation.

Treasures and beast cores could be brought out of the land of heritage to exchange for points.

At the same time, he had things that he couldnt take with him.

He took out all the Gods blood he had on him and began to count: one drop of Black Gods blood, one drop of Tree Gods blood, and two drops of Ancient Gods blood.

The land of heritage only required him to collect all twelve Gods blood, but it didnt say how many drops each…

“Hmm… I have three types of Gods blood now.

I still need to collect nine more,” After he finished counting, Chu Feng and the Mirage Butterfly left.

In the next moment, they flashed to where they had been before.

Wan Wanqing, who was sitting uneasily on the spot, saw Chu Feng and her eyes lit up.

She sized him up carefully.

Seeing that his expression was normal, his clothes were clean, and his breathing was calm, it was obvious that he wasnt injured.

Her originally anxious mood immediately relaxed.

“Geez, I told you earlier that you shouldnt have gone.

You left me here alone to worry…”

Chu Feng smiled.

“All the foreign races in that stronghold are dead.”

Wan Wanqing frowned, “Dead You went to kill the foreign races Why didnt I feel a commotion!”

Chu Feng said, “A true expert can kill without being noticed.”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly couldnt agree more.

The Titan thunder beast Barker that had been waiting as well had eyes filled with admiration as it shouted, “Master is the strongest!”


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