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After rushing for about tens of thousands of miles, an ice palace built on a towering snow mountain appeared before them! Barker pointed at the ice palace from afar.

“That was created by the strongest peak overlord in the land of heritage, Windsor.

Shes from the frost phantom race and the stronghold is now basically under her control.”

Chu Feng asked, “Does the Foreign Races Alliance have Gods blood”

Barker replied with uncertainty, “If a foreign race obtains Gods blood, they will usually use it to exchange for military merits from Windsor.”

Chu Feng muttered, “In that case, Windsor should have some Gods blood in her hands.”

To the west of the Aurora line, there was a mountain called the Myriad Beast Mountain.

Different from the usual mountains that rose from the ground, Myriad Beast Mountain floated in the air! This mountain was tens of thousands of miles long and thousands of kilometers tall.

Only the peak overlords of the foreign races had the right to live here.

In addition, this mountain was the headquarters of the Foreign Races Alliance.

It could be said that it was the core of the center.

All the totem-level beasts in the Alliance could have a designated place of residence at the peak of this mountain.

And at this moment, at the peak of the Myriad Beast Mountain, in a grand and spacious hall, there were clearly many totems that seemed to be able to solve any problem, but the atmosphere was gloomy.

The lava behemoth ancestor, Bodes expression was very ugly.

It slowly stood up and said in a heavy voice, “Ive received news that our races genius, Beecher, has died in the land of heritage.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sneer immediately sounded from within the hall.

The mystic elephant races totem, Okan, spewed out a burst of mist from its long nose while saying impatiently, “Bode, did you summon us here just to tell us that your race has lost an overlord level 3 I dont suppose that the lava behemoth race hasnt really fallen to a state where you have no more powerful members, right”

The other totems chimed in one after another, saying things along the lines of “Bode was making too big of a fuss over a tiny matter”.

Although in this hall, other than Bode who had summoned everyone else, the rest of the foreign races that came for the meeting were all illusory spirits, nobody was willing to be in meetings all day, regardless of whether it was humans or foreign races.

If it was truly a huge matter, they wouldve just pinched their noses and accepted it.

But now, they had been summoned just for such a small matter.

Who could tolerate It Besides, to most of the totems present, those below the totem level were all ants, including the overlords.

They were not worth a thought at all.

In fact, if it wasnt that they were not sure which peak overlord would rise to the totem level next, they would also treat those existences as ants.

The frost phantom races totem, Windsor, said coldly, “Bode, if you really have nothing to say, then dismiss the meeting at once.”

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As soon as she said this, the atmosphere in the hall instantly turned cold and silent.

Everyone present knew how much weight the frost phantom races words carried in comparison to the mirage butterfly race! The frost phantom race was extremely rare and had low numbers, but every frost phantom that reached its peak would be able to rise to the peak overlord level.

The frost phantom race could be considered as a high-level race amongst the overlord level! Even among the foreign races where there were a total of ten thousand, similar races were quite rare.

Most of the foreign races were similar to the mystic race such that their bloodlines were not fixed and they usually nurtured their juniors purely based on talent.

As for the foreign races that were similar to the frost phantom race, every one of them was born with super talents that had extremely high growth potential.

They were extremely rare in the Foreign Races Alliance.

Their rarity didnt mean that there werent any, though.

For example, the Titan thunder beast race in the alliance had similar attributes.

Of course, the other more ordinary foreign races wouldnt lag too far behind.

After all, no matter how rare geniuses were, a large base would always produce batches, though the vast majority tend to die halfway due to one reason or another.

Take the lava behemoth race that had initiated the totem level meeting this time for example.

Their bloodlines were basically at the advanced king level.

Some of the geniuses could even have overlord-level bloodlines, with fewer that had advanced overlord bloodlines and were born with super talents.

Putting that aside, geniuses did not mean that they were born with talent.

Take the genius Beecher who was the reason for this meeting and had died in the land of heritage, for example.

Beecher had been showered with resources since its embryo stages.

There were also many other ways to “catalyze a genius”.

Seeing that none of the foreign races presents understood the urgency of the situation, the lava behemoth totem, Bode, immediately played a video to show its main point.

“This is the footage that has been sent to us, of Beechers last moments.”

On the screen, the lava behemoth Beecher was fighting with a human Beastmaster.

Although the two fought rounds, it was obvious that the battle was one-sided.

Watching the footage, some of the totems started commenting as if they were watching a show.

A shadow monkey named Lockett made a sound and pointed casually, “This person seems to be the human races little genius Wan Wanqing.

There are many foreign races with the same S-grade talent, so shes nothing much.”

An aurora wolf named Evan howled, “Shes only an overlord level 1.

Even if she has three beasts, theyre nothing.”

“Thats right, this human cant threaten Beecher at all!” A nether beast named Kerviel said in a sarcastic tone as it almost laughed out loud, “Bode, it cant be that you want us to punish this human, right Is there a need for that”

The other totems also started laughing and chatting, as if they were watching a comedy.

However, in less than two seconds, their eyes widened.

The scene was still the same, but the number of humans and beasts had increased.

Moreover, this “change” came without warning…

All the foreign races present could recognize that the human and beast who had appeared out of thin air were the human Beastmaster Chu Feng and his beast, the Mirage Butterfly.

Both were extremely detestable to them! What was especially strange was that Chu Fengs cold eyes were looking straight into the lens as if he was attending the meeting!

“Kill him,” After that cold tone, the spatial tide dissolved Beecher! All the foreign races were mute, and the meeting hall was filled with a strange silence.

Two seconds later, many totems gasped as if they had just woken up from a dream where they had been possessed by a malicious spirit.

“Its too terrifying!”

“Its Chu Feng!”

“The beast didnt even use its skills, and the overlord level 3 Beecher was instantly killed!”

“Even a peak overlord couldnt kill an overlord level 3 without using any skills! How did that Mirage Butterfly do it Could it have already reached the totem level!”

“Only a totem could kill an overlord-level foreign race so easily… Whats going on with Chu Feng”

“I can sense that Chu Fengs current level is at the king level 10.

How can he kill an overlord as easily as a totem!”

“Thats not right! Chu Feng has the beast tamer talent to evolve beast skills.

He cant be considered using conventional thinking!”

“Just his Mirage Butterfly can kill an overlord level 3 without using any skills… Think about it, if Chu Feng goes all out, will he be able to kill all the overlords! Wait, why is he even in the land of heritage!”

At this moment, all the foreign races remembered the rules of the land of heritage — only existences at or below the overlord level could enter!



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