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Chu Fengs hand reached out, but it touched some kind of medium, and he was unable to truly touch the Tree Gods blood.

“It seems that Gods blood cant be used now,” He thought to himself.

Thinking of the two notifications he had just received, Chu Feng began to analyze.

First, apart from this drop of Tree Gods blood, he had to collect eleven more types of Gods blood before he could enter the second stage of the land of heritage.

Then, why did he have a drop of Gods blood already Why was it the Tree Gods blood instead of any other Gods blood After all, the bloodlines his beasts had awakened were not just the Tree God, but also the Desolate God, Demon God, and Dragon God.

Chu Feng pondered for a moment, then shook his head.

He gave up on thinking about it now since it was useless to do so.

It would be faster to kill the overlord-level foreign races, especially the Titan thunder beast that had been clamoring outside just now!

A cold light flashed across Chu Fengs eyes.

He had already been enraged when he was outside of the spatial door of the land of heritage just now.

A thought stirred in his mind and he summoned, “Mirage Butterfly.”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly that was summoned out of the beast space flew around Chu Feng as it exuded a divine aura.

Chu Feng frowned, “Put away the divine aura.

Dont let others sense it.”

“Mi-meh,” The Mirage Butterfly flew up and down.

The divine aura that was originally exposed was retracted into its body.

After that, there didnt seem to be anything special about it apart from it being extremely beautiful.

Chu Feng imprinted a trace of his telekinesis power between the Mirage Butterflys brows, and with that, the two of them shared vision and consciousness.

After advancing to the king level, it became very easy for the Beastmasters to share vision and consciousness with their beasts.

Through the Mirage Butterflys vision, Chu Feng could now clearly sense a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers around him.

It was as if he had activated Gods perception and was all-knowing!

“Hmm” Chu Fengs scanning consciousness suddenly stopped at a spot.

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At this moment, not far from where he was, an overlord-level Beastmaster was fighting an even higher overlord-level foreign race.

Red human blood was floating in the air.

It was obvious that the human was in a bad situation.

More importantly, Chu Feng sensed that it was the aura of someone he knew.

“Mirage Butterfly! Hurry over!”

“Mi-meh,” Mirage Butterfly didnt hesitate and immediately used teleportation!

On a certain steep mountain, a battle between overlords was underway.

A Frost Dragon was fighting a lava behemoth.

The former was at overlord level 1, while the latter was two levels higher! The difference of two levels was huge at the overlord level.

It was normal that the summoned Frost Dragon was suppressed by the foreign race.

Seeing her beast being suppressed by the enemy, the Beastmaster couldnt hold it in any longer.

Wan Wanqings expression was grim.

She summoned her overlord level one Wild Bear as well as her Spiritual Tree that she wouldnt be summoned unless under special circumstances! As soon as the Spiritual Tree appeared, it immediately grabbed the ground and threw a thick tree root at the lava behemoth.

In an instant, countless leaves attacked the enemy!

“Ice Dragon, Spiritual Tree, Wild Bear Tch!” The level 3 overlord-level lava behemoth sneered disdainfully.

Large amounts of golden lava and flames with terrifying high temperatures surged out of its body!

With a “boom”, the high-temperature flames burned the storm of Spiritual Tree leaves that swept over.

It even burned a large piece of the Spiritual Trees roots along the tree root that had been attacking it! The Wild Bear pounced over fiercely and resisted the high-temperature lava and the thick flames to fight against the lava behemoth!

The Frost Dragon spread its wings and flew.

As it flapped its wings, it sprinkled a lot of frost and snow in an attempt to destroy the main battlefield environment created by the lava behemoth, though to no avail.

While the lava behemoth fought with the Wild Bear, it still had some energy left.

It let out a disdainful, ear-piercing laugh.

From the round of battle, the difference between both parties was extremely obvious.

Wan Wanqings expression was ugly.

She knew that she couldnt fight this lava behemoth by herself.

A difference of two levels was enough for the enemy to easily kill her! She sighed helplessly as she made up her mind.

Just as Wan Wanqing was about to leave the land of heritage, a spatial fold that she couldnt see or sense suddenly spread out.

She was about to put away her beast when she raised her head and saw a familiar figure.

Wan Wanqing cried out in shock, “Chu Feng!”

How was this possible! No one was there just now.

How could a living person suddenly appear out of thin air It was Chu Feng at that! One had to know that the land of heritage was currently under the control of both human and foreign races, Only overlord-level Beastmasters or foreign races with great potential could enter.

Take Wan Wanqing for example.

She had an S-grade beast tamer talent of the enhancement type, so she was considered a genius with high potential.

Although she could only contract beasts with lower bloodlines due to a lack of resources and was also a little lacking in terms of combat power, she still managed to obtain the first batch of slots due to her high potential.

“Chu Feng just went to the Overlord Reserve camp a few months ago, right Then why is he in the land of heritage now!” Wan Wanqing was extremely confused, even suspecting that she was hallucinating.

She had, after all, been staying in the Tiannan Region, where news of the Overlord Reserve Camp hadnt spread much.

She didnt know the latest news about the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Rather, let alone her, in the entire Tiannan Region, not many knew what Chu Feng had done in the camp.

After all, it had been such a short time, and Ling Wanjun was still in Tianyu City.

He hadnt sent any news back yet.

In fact, even Principal Gao didnt know how Chu Feng was doing right now.

“Senior Sister Wan,” Chu Feng greeted her.

The lava behemoth at the side snickered, its words filled with disdain.

“A mere king-level dares to come in”

Originally, it had wanted to charge over and kill the human Beastmaster, but who would have thought that a king-level Beastmaster would appear halfway through The lava behemoth, which felt that it was very strong, immediately felt looked down upon.

“Since youre a human, dont even think about leaving alive after coming in!” As it said that, the lava behemoth immediately charged forward, afraid that another opponent would appear and block its path again.

Chu Fengs expression was slightly cold, and he said calmly, “Kill him directly.”

The Mirage Butterfly, which shared consciousness with its Beastmaster, immediately responded with a “Mi-meh”, flapping its wings.

It didnt even need to use any skills.

Just the spatial tide that was triggered by a certain vibration wave could instantly annihilate the enemy!

The lava behemoth that was submerged in the spatial tide widened its eyes, watching in disbelief as its body made of lava and fire turned into nothingness! Feeling the pain of being eroded bit by bit, its will collapsed.

In less than a second, the spatial tide dissipated.

The lava behemoth that had been acting arrogantly in this space earlier was just like a joke.

Wan Wanqings heart was in shock, and she couldnt come to her senses.

Dead! The lava behemoth that had almost pushed her into a corner was killed by Chu Fengs beast, the Mirage Butterfly, in less than a second! No, it cant be, right She had clearly seen that the Mirage Butterfly was at king-level 10, while the lava behemoth was at overlord-level 3.

The difference between them was far greater than the difference between her beasts and the lava behemoth.

This is terrifying! Wan Wanqing was extremely shocked.

The doubts she had just now were all gone.

No wonder Chu Feng could enter the land of heritage.

Perhaps he had even gotten permission from the two magnates.

Seeing the complicated expression on the face of the person next to him, Chu Feng suggested with a smile, “Senior sister Wan, should we leave now”

“Yes,” Wan Wanqing regained her composure.

Chu Feng continued to use the shared vision of the Mirage Butterfly to scan the surroundings.

After a while, he sneered, “Heh, a Titan thunder beast.”


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