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The second this idea appeared in Chu Fengs mind, tidal acceleration was activated in an instant… With that, the entire jet shot out with a “whoosh”, drawing a black line in the air.

The thoughts in his mind changed again, and the jet stopped instantly.

Twist and turn, quantum detection, totem armor… Chu Feng activated the skills one by one, and he felt no obstruction when using them.

When he tried the totem armor, he was very surprised to find that the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet could activate three battle forms, including humanoid armor, sharp blade armor, and fortress armor! At this point, he finally understood why the totem armor was classified as a super skill.

It was indeed worthy.

These three armor forms could be used flexibly in battle and adapted to various tactics, greatly enhancing the strength of the jet.

Next was the most crucial skill of the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet — the mechanical treasury! Chu Feng ordered, “Open the mechanical treasury.”

In the next moment, the space around the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet cracked open, and a large number of high-energy weapons with extremely high lethality came out from the cracks… These weapons were loaded with super high-tech and full of lethality.

There was no substantial connection between them and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, other than the fact that they were controlled by the jet itself.

Coupled with the super high energy provided by the origin skill, they could unleash unbelievably strong combat power!

“Okay, put away the mechanical treasury,” Although Chu Feng really wanted to know the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets combat performance, he was still in Tianyu City.

It was better not to tear down the city.

[A protective shield has been set up for you to block outside detection.]

Suddenly, a piece of information flashed across Chu Fengs mind.

Looking at the data fluctuations, the notification came from Tianyu City.

He acknowledged it and then thanked Tianyu City.

The other knew more or less about the beasts he had, but the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet was still a secret.

He planned to nurture it into one of his many trump cards.

Since it was a trump card, he had to do a good job of protecting the confidentiality of its information.

After all, if the enemy knew everything, one would definitely be unable to catch them off guard in a fight.

At that time, let alone the fact that one would lose all of ones advantages, one might even die due to the information that had been exposed.

Therefore, before he made his move with the jet, he had to hide all of the information about the Mystic Fall Fighter Jets performance, fighting style, and so on.

Although Chu Feng knew himself to be a person who was not afraid of challenges, he would not give an advantage to the enemy.

The reason why he was testing the jet in the sky above Tianyu City was that he was sure that the city would shield him from the outside world.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been so unscrupulous.

To put it bluntly, Tianyu City was no different from his back garden now.

After testing the skills that did not have much destructive power, Chu Feng flew back to his courtyard on the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

When he reached, he sent a message to the magnate Zhong Hen.

After the call was connected, Zhong Hens voice came from the optical supercomputer, “Third brother, why are you looking for me”

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On the other end of the call, Zhong Hen was feeling a little guilty.

Was the call made because the other party had found out that he didnt inform him about the land of heritage trial

“Second brother, can you give me a spot to enter the recently-opened land of heritage”

The news of the appearance of the land of heritage was widespread by now.

Everyone knew that there were guaranteed to be a hundred Beastmasters in the trial arena at all times.

There were many human Beastmasters, so these hundred spots were naturally extremely precious.

Zhong Hens heart sank.

Whether it was from his personal or a races point of view, he didnt want Chu Feng to enter the land of heritage.

The boy had terrifying growth potential.

If anything were to happen to him, it would undoubtedly be a huge blow to the entire human race.

If Chu Feng could safely grow to the legend level, he could definitely bring the human race to a new height!

Zhong Hen tried to dispel the other partys thoughts, “Right now, no one knows how dangerous the land of heritage is.

Everything inside is unknown.

According to the information received from the Overlords sent in by the human and foreign races, all the trial-takers are facing trials of the same level.

If you do enter the land of heritage, a large number of peak overlords will try to besiege you! The land of heritage is an unknown and dangerous place, to begin with.

In addition to those overlords that want to devour you alive, do you really want to go”

After saying that, without waiting for the other party to reply, Zhong Hen let out a long sigh.

He knew Chu Feng too well.

After all, the other party had dared to destroy the mystic races alternate dimension, and even dared to use himself as bait to kill the foreign races totem-level ancestor! Chu Fengs courage to kill the foreign race at all costs reminded Zhong Hen of his past.

Back then, he also fought with the foreign races with all his might, and finally won a bright future for the race!

“I definitely have to go,” Chu Feng smiled and said, “Even if the foreign races dont come to kill me, I still have to kill them all!”

Hearing that, the magnate Zhong Hen could feel his cold killing intent.

Although Chu Feng had a smile on his face, the killing intent wouldnt lie.

He did want to kill all the foreign races! This thought coincided with his own.

Thus, Zhong Hen nodded repeatedly.

He knew that Chu Feng had exchanged for a lot of soul crystal spirit stones which were an important resource that most nurturing-type talents relied on.

Since Chu Feng used up a large number of his resources, the strength of his beasts would definitely have soared.

As such, his saying “kill all of them” wasnt just empty words! While he believed that the other party did have such abilities, Zhong Hen was still very curious.

Since he was so confident to say that he could wipe out all of the overlord-class foreign races in the land of heritage, just how strong was Chu Feng now!

“Since youve made up your mind, I wont stop you anymore.

Wait for the teleportation in Tianyu City.”

“Alright,” Chu Feng nodded.

Luckily, Zhong Hen let him go.

Otherwise, he would have to think of other ways to sneak in.

The moment the communication ended, mysterious spatial law energy covered Chu Feng, and in an instant, the figure in the courtyard was dissipated in the wind.

As for Chu Feng himself, he had already been sent to an unknown spatial wormhole by Tianyu City.

“Feels like this spatial manipulation ability is weaker than the Mirage Butterfly…” While muttering, Chu Feng suddenly understood.

Indeed, the Mirage Butterfly was now a beast that had all its skills strengthened to the max.

Moreover, it had awakened the unheard-of and unseen-of myth skills.

Naturally, its ability to control space far surpassed other creatures, reaching a higher level.

Lat alone other creatures, even the ancestors of its kind had a much weaker understanding and control over space compared to it! His butterfly was also “someone elses child” that other parents would take for example when lecturing their children… Chu Feng walked through the wormhole for an unknown amount of time before he walked out in a daze.

Zhong Hen was waiting for him outside, smiling.

“Its good that youre here.”

Chu Feng nodded, not showing any courtesy.

Zhong Hen pointed at the overlord-level Beastmaster who had been waiting by the side, “This is Lu An.

He just came out of the land of heritage, so he can give you some information.”

Lu An sighed and said self-deprecatingly, “Among the humans, I was the first to be forced out of the trials…”


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