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“Since its a wandering planet, it should have coincidentally coincided with the Aurora Line.

After all, the Aurora Line is actually curved…” Blunt observed the planet and suggested, “Why dont we work together and push this wandering planet into the region where the Aurora Line is curved inward In that case, even if the humans want to take this planet for themselves, the Aurora Line will be able to stop them.”

Hearing this, Olari nodded in agreement.

The humans already had the Blue Planet, no matter what, they could not let them obtain another rich planet! Having made up their minds, the two totem-level beings approached the sky-blue planet.

In just an instant, their arms and shoulders turned into nothingness!

Blunt and Olari retreated in surprise.

To think this planets shield could still deal damage.

They were, after all, totem-level existences.

Not long after they retreated, their bodies returned to their original state.

However, even though their bodies had recovered, the terrifying sense of danger from the moment of life and death still lingered in their minds.

If they had been slightly slower to react, even totems like them would die!

Since the first strike had been unsuccessful, the two totems were in a stalemate with this planet.

However, after working hard for a few days, they were still unable to move the planet no matter how hard they tried.

Instead, they were almost killed by the shield on it! This one-sided stalemate was suddenly broken at a certain point.

The sky-blue planet slowly stopped on the Aurora Line and stopped moving.

An opening suddenly appeared on the planets shield that could kill totems.

All the living beings who saw the sky-blue planet received a certain notification.

[Land of Heritage]

[Existences below or at the overlord level may enter the world to obtain the heritage.]

[Note: Those who trespass will die!]

The appearance of a wandering planet in the Solar System naturally could not escape the eyes of the human race.

Currently, the two magnates of the human race were still watching from afar.

They could see that it had been extremely difficult for the totems of the foreign races to change the trajectory of the sky-blue planet.

Of course, if the foreign races could move the planet, with the current strength of the human race, they could take the opportunity to keep the Foreign Race Alliance busy too.

Compared to the foreign races that had lost two totems in a row, the human race was now in a more advantageous position and had stronger combat strength.

As such, they could naturally act tougher when dealing with the enemy.

The machinery magnate Zhong Hen said in surprise, “I wonder where that sky-blue planet came from.

It just happened to stop in the middle of the Aurora Line.

Its so impartial.

Its like a deliberately-built bridge between the foreign races and the human race so that both sides can fight for the heritage equally.”

“In the end, the human race and the foreign races are all from the Solar System.

Naturally, we cant see much of the vast universe,” The human magnate Wu Yu said.

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Zhong Hen said with emotion, “Let alone the human race and the foreign race, even those gods who dominated a certain era in the ancient times were just creatures who had been born after they had come into contact with the supernatural powers of the many supreme existences back when the Blue Planet was created.”

Hearing Zhong Hens words, Wu Yu revealed a carefree smile, “So what The human race has grown, thrived, lost, and risen from an extremely weak stage.

We have overcome countless difficulties until now.

“Even if that wandering planet was a chess game set up by such an existence, at the very least, it shows that we humans have the qualifications to enter the game.”

“Otherwise, why did the existence choose the Solar System that has the Blue Planet” He asked with a smile, then continued, “Even if we are as weak as ants, at least we are in his eyes!”

Zhong Hen nodded, no longer dwelling on its origin, and changed the topic.

“According to the two rules of the land of heritage, the entire planet should be trial grounds.

Other than totem-level existences, overlords, kings, and commander-level existences can all enter.

The cake is right in front of us, so we cant possibly give it up.

However, no one knows the dangers involved…”

Wu Yus voice was heavy, “For the sake of benefits, the human and foreign races will definitely send all kinds of teams with members below the totem level in.

When that time comes, we will have endless conflicts.

In addition to theheritage hanging in front like a carrot on a stick, its hard to say if those who enter will be able to come out.

However, if a top-level prodigy really appears and successfully obtains the heritage, the current situation between us two parties will probably change.”

The information revealed by the land of heritage was very little at the moment.

it might not really value combat power and talent as much as normal trial grounds did.

Perhaps, this planet was looking for the most suitable inheritor for itself.

Since both parties wanted to obtain the planet, they could only enter and fight it out, or obtain it by fate… If such a mysterious planet that was comparable to the Blue Planet was obtained by foreign races, it would definitely allow them to develop and damage the interests of the human race.

They couldnt allow the foreign races to obtain the heritage!

Thinking of this, Wu Yu directly passed the order to the upper echelons of the race.

“Pass on my order.

Let the overlords in our race, including the peak overlords, prepare to enter the trial of the land of heritage At.

at that time, we will fight with the foreign race for it!”!

“Why dont we let Chu Feng enter the trial as well” Zhong Hen suggested, “He has received the Mythical Trees heritage, and his beast tamer talent is at the SSS-grade.

His growth potential is even higher than ours.”

Wu Yu shook her head, disagreeing, “Chu Feng is the human races hope.

Only by allowing him to grow will he be able to play the greatest role.

If he enters that planets trial grounds, hell be surrounded and killed by the many foreign races! Besides, even if the land of heritage ends up in the hands of those foreign races, as long as Chu Feng grows to legend-level, hell be able to guarantee that the human race wont be wiped out!”

Zhong Hen nodded, “Youre right.

Chu Feng is still currently at the king level.

If he had to face so many peak overlords, he definitely wouldnt be able to hold on.”

After receiving orders from their respective upper echelons, the overlords of the human and foreign races quickly gathered into teams.

In the human camp, the magnate Zhong Hen led many overlord-level Beastmasters to the land of heritage.

On the other side, the foreign forces led by the Titan thunder beast totem also chose elite overlord-level Beastmasters to head to the training ground.

The two large teams met in front of the land of heritage, looking at each other with unfriendly gazes.

The doors to the trial grounds were already open, so it wasnt a good idea for them to stay in a stalemate.

Zhong Hen spoke first, “Since were already here, why dont we set a rule For every hundred humans that enter, the foreign races can enter three hundred.

Only after those who have entered have been eliminated before others can continue to fill in as candidates.

What do you think”

Human Beastmasters were able to tame beasts, while the foreign races had stronger combat strength.

Comparing their overall strength, when both sides were fighting at the same level, they would usually choose a ratio of “1:3”.

From this, it could be seen that the current human race was very powerful.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be such a ratio.

One had to know that even if both parties were overlords, an overlord-level human Beastmaster could contract six beasts.

The leader of the foreign race, Ortes, was silent.

It seemed like he was having a long-distance meeting with the other totem-level existences.

After a while, he nodded and said, “Very well.”

Since both sides agreed, the rules were set.

With that, the overlords of the human race and the foreign races flew into the land of heritage one after another.

Three days passed.

The magnate Zhong Hen, who had been waiting outside, turned himself into a spiritual illusory that he left behind.

On this day, at a certain moment, an overlord level 1 existence from the kunwang race was teleported to the outside the shield of the land of heritage.

Obviously, he had been eliminated.

The overlord flew to the foreign races totem with a gloomy face and reported what he had seen and heard.

Following that, something appeared in his hand.

One of the small pieces shocked all the living beings present… It was the heart of the plane!


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