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After hearing this, Long Jiayu recorded it and came up with the final result.

“According to the rules of the Secret Techniques Pavilion, every Beastmaster has three chances to choose skills.

As such, Ill deduct 9 million points for you.

The final price is 42 million points.”

Walking out of the Machinery Research Institute, Chu Feng felt refreshed.

To think he had spent 42 million points in the time he went in and got out of the institute.

He was spending money like leaving a tap running.

His original 100 million worth of assets had suddenly shrunk a lot.

“Loading a mechanical beast requires a lot of time because there are a lot of parts, skills, and weapons that need to be loaded, it makes sense.

The type of mechanical beast that Im nurturing is definitely unprecedented.

Director Long asked me to think of a name for it.

Overlord Mech, King Mech, Unlimited Mech” Chu Feng couldnt think of a name at the moment.

Just naming it was already exhausting.

“Either way, there are still three days left.

Ill go back and ask the Wild Bear and the others for their suggestions,” Chu Feng sighed.

His mind was empty.

He was still in a daze from having spent a lot of money.

After a long time, he finally came back to his senses.

“The Mythical Tree and the Dark Sky Azure Dragon havent learned any skills in the Secret Techniques Pavilion.

I might as well use up all the opportunities I have to learn skills for free.

Its a waste if I dont use them,” As he said this, Chu Fengs eyes lit up.

What could feel better than having something for free After arriving at the Secret Techniques Pavilion, Chu Feng brought Lila and the Dark Sky Azure Dragon into the skill learning space.

Soon, the data on the big screen changed.

“Beast: Mythical Tree.”

“Learnable skills: vine treant, the light of life, photosynthesis, leaf fall storm…”

“You can only choose three skills.

After confirming, you cannot change your choices!”

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“Beast: Dark Sky Azure Dragon.”

“Learnable skills: dragon claw, dragon breath, divine dragon tail swing, dragon pool, metal devour.”

“You can only choose three skills.

After confirming, you cannot change your choices.”

Looking at these dazzling skills, Chu Feng fell into deep thought.

He could only choose three skills for each beast, but the free skills were a dazzling array.

They were all free though, so Chu Feng didnt feel any psychological burden since he wasnt spending a single cent on them.

From Chu Fengs point of view, it wouldnt be a problem even if they could only learn three skills.

After all, he could just max out these skills, which would then bring another super skill that he could max out as well.

This showed how the number of basic skills wasnt that important.

After Chu Feng thought about it carefully, he began to choose from this dazzling array of skills.

The Mythical Tree and Dark Sky Azure Dragon were both beasts with their own power source.

Any skill that corresponded to their power source could be learned.

In the end, Chu Feng chose these three skills for the Mythical Tree.

[Photosynthesis: Basic skill.

Different energies will be passively converted.

It can be done anytime, anywhere.

There is no need for the beast to control it.]

[Vine Treant: Supreme skill.

The beast can casually create a vine treant puppet with a king bloodline.

The puppets level will be the same as the beasts realm, increasing as the beasts level increases.]

[Light of Life: Super skill.

Upon usage, it will increase the targets life force, endurance, defense, attack power, poison resistance…]

Without hesitation, Chu Feng chose these skills and clicked confirm.

These three skills were exactly what the Mythical Tree lacked right now.

They were just right to fill the weak points of the Mythical Tree.

First was photosynthesis which allowed the conversion of energy at any time.

It was equivalent to the trees photosynthesis in which a normal tree would convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

As for the Mythical Tree, it could convert elemental energy into air energy, or any other energy, and would be able to do so at will.

As for vine treant, Chu Feng had a feeling that if this skill was maxed-out, they would be able to create real life.

However, that was just a thought, for now, he could only wait and see.

The last skill, light of life, was the only super skill that the Mythical Tree could learn now.

Coincidentally, this skill was a supporting skill with godly effects.

It could give Chu Feng, his other beasts, and even the Mythical Tree itself an extremely powerful strength boost.

If one was blessed with the light of life, life guard, and the miracle of life, one would be practically invincible.

As long as one wasnt instantly killed, one could be resurrected.

“The Mythical Trees skills have been confirmed.

Prepare to teleport.”

Immediately after, a strange light lit up.

When the light dimmed, the Mythical Tree had disappeared.

Though the Mythical Tree he was referring to now was not the true Mythical Tree, but the human form Lila.

Before the Mythical Tree reached the overlord level, it was best that it stayed in the beast space and did not leave.

“I have a vague feeling that if I reach the overlord level, the strength of my beast space will already be comparable to the totem level.

Even if a totem enters my beast space, it wouldnt be able to pose a threat to me.

I can probably even use the beast space to suppress the opponent,” Thinking of this, Chu Feng smiled knowingly.

With the Mythical Tree, every time Chu Fengs Beastmaster level rose, it would rise to its current limit, which would give him unprecedented help.

When he reached the overlord level, his beast space would probably be comparable to the beast space of a legend-level Beastmaster.

Then, Chu Feng began to pick out skills for the Dark Sky Azure Dragon.

The Dark Sky Azure Dragon only had four skills, which was a huge disadvantage, so he had to carefully pick out skills for it.

[Dragon Breath: Basic skill.

The beast can swallow and spit flames.

Its breath has a certain degree of destructive power.]

[Battle Dragons Body: Supreme passive skill.

Any part of the beasts body can become a very powerful and threatening weapon.]

[Energy Equipment: Super skill.

The beast will be able to cover its body with energy and turn the layer of energy into hard and aggressive armor, making it a battle dragon!]

Chu Feng chose the skills and clicked confirm.

Among these three skills, dragon breath was a basic skill but could still provide some help.

After all, it was a skill that was very compatible with the dragon races settings.

Of course, it wouldnt be very strong in the beginning, but after being maxed out, it would probably have a very long range.


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