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Thats right, Chu Feng was their hope.

Chu Feng knew very well that the current situation of the human race was not as smooth as he had imagined.

On the contrary, it was in constant danger.

If not for the existence of the two magnates of the human race, the human race would have long been annihilated.

Fortunately, even in this difficult situation, the two magnates could still control the overall situation.

“Chu Feng, do you know that when the two magnates found you, they were ecstatic But they didnt dare to approach you directly.

Later, when they saw your growth rate, they were very surprised.

Of course, they didnt help you directly because they wanted you to temper yourself.

After all, good steel needs to be tempered a thousand times,” The Thousand-changing Beast couldnt help but blurt out.

“The magnates saw what you did in the Beast Taming Tower.

They think highly of you.

I think highly of you, too,” The Thousand-changing Beast continued.

Chu Fengs gaze flickered.

He had expected that the magnates had been secretly paying attention to him.

However, he had never expected that they would think so highly of him.

It was better to see it than to just hear it.

“Wait, Chu Feng, youve reached the king level now, so you can bond with a new beast!” The Virtual Light Brain interrupted.


I plan to bind a virtual life to be my fifth beast,” Chu Feng said unhurriedly.

“Hehe, if you form a bind with virtual life, you must draw it according to my appearance.

Look at my physique, its great, isnt it It definitely wont let you down, hahaha,” The Virtual Light Brain was full of smiles.

“Haha, Im not sure yet.

Im still thinking about the direction in which I want to nurture my beast.

This isnt a small matter either, so I have to consider it carefully,” Chu Feng scratched his head and continued.

“Hehe, if you nurture your new virtual beast into a beast like me, I can tell you the secret of my cosmic waves,” The Virtual Light Brain grinned.

It was quite obvious that it really wanted Chu Feng to nurture his beast into something like it.

“Virtual Light Brain, you shouldnt be doing this.

Youre misleading Chu Feng.

His beasts have to work together.

If he messes up, their overall strength will drop.

Anyway, do you have any other skills other than your cosmic waves Arent you just a satellite” The Thousand-changing Beast said helplessly.

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“What do you know How am I just a satellite All you do is talk.

If you have the ability, fight me!” The Virtual Light Brain immediately said angrily.

It raised its arms as if it was going to fight the Thousand-changing Beast here and now.

“Bring it on, you think Im afraid When have I ever been afraid in a one-on-one fight If you have the ability, come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Ill beat you to the ground!” The Thousand-changing Beast was not afraid at all.

It instantly jumped up and seemed ready to fight as well.

“Hehe, arent you able to reach a draw in a battle with anyone But can you beat me with your basic overlord bloodline What a joke,” The Virtual Light Brain said disdainfully.

“Would I be afraid of you If you have the ability, lets fight.

The victor between us is still uncertain!” The Thousand-changing Beast said coldly.

At the same time, it was also angry from embarrassment.

Seeing this, Chu Feng immediately had the intention to retreat.

He took a few steps back.

After all, if the two were to really fight, he was just a puny king-level, he would not be able to withstand the pressure of two totems.

Through the window of the cabin door, Chu Feng looked out and saw the territory of the human race.

At the borders were the lined buildings of the human race.

Beyond the planet was a vast, boundless, and bottomless void.

One could even see the faint white edges around the Blue Planet.

At this moment, on the outer edges of the border, a place a little further away, a white aurora had turned into two lines.

The lines were like a dividing line, where on one side was Hell, while on the other Heaven on earth.

Arriving at their destination, he saw a human holding a light sword.

The man was incomparably majestic and domineering, fearless when facing the group of foreign races before him.

“Those who dare to offend the human race will be killed without mercy!” His domineering and imposing voice reverberated through every corner.

When it fell into the ears of the Foreign Races Alliance, not a single sound came from them.

Finally, a foreign race member came forward from the Foreign Races Alliance.

It was a huge behemoth at the totem level.

Its body was so huge that it was comparable to a house.

When it stood up, the surrounding space trembled.

For a moment, there was the sound of thunder, and even the power of the surrounding electric arcs grew very strong, at least to the overlord level.

This was the leader of the Titan thunder beast.

It had already reached the totem level for more than a thousand years.

With a thousand years of accumulation, its strength was terrifying.

“Hehe, why wouldnt I dare How many totems do you humans have Cut the crap and give us Chu Feng, or else, dont blame us for making a move!” The Titan thunder beast said slowly.

“Hehe, Cecil and the Poluo Behemoth ancestor have already been eliminated by us.

Do you think you can still threaten us” The magnate said calmly.

“Hehe, do you think you can kill the Poluo Behemoth ancestor and Cecil with just the Virtual Light Brain and the Thousand-changing Beast What a joke, Im dying of laughter,” The Titan thunder beast laughed.

Seeing this, the magnate almost laughed out loud.

He was still as imposing and domineering as ever as he said, “You dont believe me Hehe, then Ill show you what it means when I said theyve been killed.”

As he spoke, the magnate summoned the two cores and suspended them in his hands.

These two cores emitted a totem level aura.

Seeing the two cores, the foreign races were all silent.

This was because these were really the cores of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor and Cecil.

They could feel it from the auras the cores were emitting.

This shocked them greatly.

They simply couldnt believe what they were seeing.

“This is really their cores.

Holy sh*t!” All the foreign races on the front lines were shocked.

It was the truth.

“What exactly is going on The two of them arent weak.

How is this possible This must be fake.

I dont believe it.”

“Isnt this fake No, its impossible.

How could this be fake”

“Hehe, I wont waste my breath with you.

Now that youve already understood the current situation without the need for me to say anything, scram back to your territory.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being ruthless!” The magnate said coldly.

Looking at the foreign race enemies before him, killing intent shot out from his eyes in all directions! The killing intent had almost condensed into substance and was being released without holding back.


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