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Now that things had come to this, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor had no time to think any further.

He unleashed all of his strength and smashed it towards Chu Feng.

“Rumble, rumble,” Intense attacks landed on Chu Fengs protective barrier, and the barrier trembled.

However, Chu Feng remained unmoved, and his expression did not change.

As the barrier trembled, its radiance began to weaken.

At this moment, the protective barrier was about to shatter, and the life guard began to dim.

“Who gave you this shield How can it be so strong” The Poluo Behemoth ancestors expression was grave.

He had launched attacks on it for so long, but the shield still wasnt shattered.

With Chu Fengs strength, it was absolutely impossible for him to create such a powerful shield that could rival a totem.

Chu Feng was not flustered.

Even if the shield was shattered and he lost the life guard, he still had the miracle of life.

The miracle of life was a blessing given to him by the Mythical Tree that could bring him back from the dead.

“Hehe, this, could it be the Mythical Tree!” The Poluo Behemoth ancestor blurted out.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

When he thought of the Mythical Tree and immediately became angry.

“How is this possible How could it be the Mythical Tree Why does it always favor you humans How despicable!” The Poluo Behemoth ancestor said hysterically.

Unfortunately, even though he was angry, he could not change anything.

“Hehe, do you know why the Mythical Tree did not bring you with it when it left Dont you know in your hearts Are your despicable races even worthy of her favor” Chu Feng found it amusing.

The Poluo Behemoth ancestors life force had already been exhausted.

He had put everything at stake and attacked Chu Feng, but the fierce attacks of the Virtual Light Brain and the Thousand-changing Beast behind him had, by now, shattered his body into pieces.

Even his life core was almost gone.

“Haha, I didnt expect to die at your hands.

Hahaha, youre only at the king level, but Im a totem.

How laughable,” The Poluo Behemoth ancestor revealed a mysterious smile at the moment of his death.

With a final sound of something breaking, the Poluo Behemoth ancestors body gradually shattered, then turned into powder before dissipating in this world.

Even his powerful spiritual body instantly disappeared as well, turning into specks of starlight.

Finally, his soul was sliced apart by an intense gale and dissipated.

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At this moment, Chu Feng was still floating in mid-air.

He looked at his protective barrier.

The barrier was already dim and extremely thin.

One more attack would be enough to shatter it.

Unfortunately, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor was already dead.

No one would be able to threaten Chu Feng anymore.

If the Poluo Behemoth ancestor still had some strength left, he might really be able to kill Chu Feng.

However, his chance was down the drain now.

Originally, Chu Feng had even planned on using the miracle of life miracle, but the life guard had withstood the attacks this time, albeit only left with a thin layer.

In other words, it was equivalent to saying that Chu Feng had used the life guard to take the life of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor.

Even if he hadnt personally killed the other party, he had still stopped him.

With this, Chu Feng could be considered to have personally caused the death of a totem-level magnate.

It could be said that everything was under his control.

It was Chu Feng who had forced the other party to his death step by step.

Chu Feng was the instigator.

At the side, the Thousand-changing Beast had already returned to its original appearance.

The Virtual Light Brain was sizing up Chu Feng with a look of admiration.

In reality, the size of the Virtual Light Brain was about the same size as a satellite, and it looked like one too, though slightly bigger.

Chu Feng was very curious about mechanical beasts, to begin with.

Now that he had the opportunity to observe it up close, he naturally was very interested in the Virtual Light Brain.

“Can people sit on you” Finally, Chu Feng couldnt help but ask curiously.

Hearing this, the Thousand-change Beast and the Virtual Light Brain were puzzled but amused at the same time.

The Virtual Light Brain quickly analyzed the question, and understood that Chu Feng was asking if its body could accommodate humans so that they could live in it.

“Haha, thats a really good question.

Well, of course, my cabin can accommodate humans and Beastmasters.

Moreover, unless Im destroyed, the Beastmasters in my body wont be affected at all,” The Virtual Light Brain said with a smile, answering Chu Fengs questions very solemnly.

“To be honest, most of the mechanical beasts can accommodate their Beastmasters in their bodies.

That is, other than one of my companions thats a light sword.

That light sword can easily split a planet in half,” The Virtual Light Brain continued after a pause.

The Virtual Light Brain liked Chu Feng very much and thought highly of him as well.

Thus, it was not stingy to share all this with Chu Feng.

“Wow, a light sword that can cut a planet in half.

Thats too awesome!” Hearing this, Chu Feng sighed in amazement.

As expected, only legend-level Beastmasters with totem beasts could reach such a level of power.

Chu Feng originally thought that being able to kill a totem at the king level was already a very impressive achievement.

However, when he heard that the light sword could cut a planet in half, he immediately felt a sense of yearning.

“Can a light sword be considered a mechanical beast, though” Chu Feng was a little puzzled.

“Hahaha, my Master did explain it to me but has warned me not to say anything about this matter, so forgive me for not being able to explain this matter to you,” The Virtual Light Brain said helplessly.

In reality, there was an invisible telepathic connection between the Beastmasters and their beasts.

It could also be said to be some sort of a spiritual connection.

The two parties could even know what the other party was thinking about, and could clearly sense the other partys emotions.

Even if they were thousands of miles away, they could still sense it.

This spiritual connection would never be broken, and nothing could stop it.

It was strange, but it was the truth.

“I didnt expect you to have such a trump card.

To think you can be completely unharmed after receiving so many attacks from the Poluo Behemoth ancestor.

Originally, the Poluo Behemoth ancestor could have escaped, but your appearance has directly resulted in him dying here.

This time, you have 30% credit in the killing of the Poluo Behemoth ancestor,” The Thousand-changing Beast said at this moment.

“What Youre giving me 30% of the credit I was just standing here and getting beaten, and I can get 30% of the credit No, no, no, it shouldnt be,” Hearing this, Chu Feng was taken aback.


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