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At this moment, on the Foreign Races Battlefield, the Emperor of the mystic race was standing in the air.

His eyes were cold.

It could be seen that he was heavily injured and his wounds were constantly bleeding.

“To think you ambushed me! Youre really shameless and lowly.

You deserve to die!” He said angrily.

At the same time, another Emperor of the mystic race, who looked exactly like him and was also a totem-level existence, stood before him.

“Hehe, you were the one who was asking for trouble.

Now youre saying I ambushed you” The other totem-level existence said sarcastically.

The Emperor of the mystic race grew even more irritated.

He was burning with anger that overflowed and almost materialized.

A fierce flame of anger rose into the sky.

“Who was it that destroyed the mystic races beast space To think that person even stole the heart of the plane that I painstakingly condensed.

Even if I, Cecil, perish here today, never to be reincarnated, I vow to tear this person into pieces,” Cecil said angrily.

“Hehe, is that so” With that, the Thousand-changing Beasts appearance underwent dozens of transformations, finally stopping at Chu Fengs appearance.

“Do you recognize him This is the peerless genius of the human race, destined to be the third legend-level Beastmaster of the human race.

If you have the ability, you can go ahead and kill him,” The Thousand-changing Beast said mockingly, his eyes filled with mockery.

“Haha, you dont have to goad me.

Ill definitely kill Chu Feng, and your human race will also be destroyed by me!” Cecil said furiously.

Countless flames that were emitting high-intensity heat had already condensed around him.

At this moment, a figure came from the void.

Then, a Poluo Behemoth, which was the size of an asteroid, appeared in sight.

At the same time, a voice was heard, “Why do you have to say so much to a Thousand-change Beast There are two of us now, and hes alone.

He is destined to be no match for the two of us.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“What was that One against two you say What a joke,” A mechanical voice then sounded.

As soon as this voice rang, everyone turned their heads in unison, looking in the direction of the void.

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A robotic lifeform that looked like a satellite appeared in their line of sight.

At the same time, it followed the inertia and floated towards them.

“The Virtual Light Brain!” They said in surprise.

This was an existence they had not expected to see here.

“Isnt it supposed to be protecting Chu Feng in the alternate dimension Why is it here” The totem said in confusion.

His eyes were cold and filled with killing intent.

“Hehe, looks like you guys dont understand at all.

Hehe, I have been paying attention to Chu Feng since he was at the extraordinary level.

To think that he could kill the peak overlord great elder, Enge, when he just reached the king level.

He didnt pay a price and was not injured at all.

This is simply too amazing.

I like this kid a lot,” The Virtual Light Brain said with a laugh.

“What! Youre saying that not only was Enge killed by Chu Feng, and the boy was only at the king level How is that possible! ” The Emperor of the mystic race said in shock.

“As expected, Chu Feng is a great threat to us.

If we dont get rid of him, he will definitely be the fuse for our destruction in the future,” The totem said with a cold expression as he stared at the space before him, beads of sweat dripping down from his forehead.

“Do whatever you want.

The lot of you have been clamoring that you would kill him since forever, but when have you succeeded You guys are all talk and Im dying of laughter.

Why dont you really try killing him Dont tell me you think that we humans arent prepared What are your brains made of” The Virtual Light Brain said mockingly.

“Hehe, speaking of Enge.

Do you know how the alternate dimension of the mystic race was destroyed It was because of that old man! I almost died of laughter.

Enge self-detonated and exploded the whole alternate dimension.

I could really die of laughter,” The Virtual Light Brain could not help but laugh out loud, almost angering its two enemies to death.

It was obvious that the two were extremely angry and felt extremely humiliated.

Their anger overflowed, but they quickly withdrew it.

“Divine Sun, come!” Cecil shouted angrily.

“As expected, you cant hold it in anymore, Cecil.

Spirit-type totem, huh Thousand-changing Beast, work with me and kill Cecil here.

Slaughter the entire mystic race,” The Virtual Light Brain emitted a very strong electrical sound.

Before the Divine Sun could descend, the Thousand-changing Beast and the Virtual Light Brain ignored the Poluo Behemoth ancestor and attacked Cecil.

“Hehe, do you think you are the only one who has a Divine Sun” The Thousand-changing Beast laughed mockingly.

Then, with a wave of his hand, a Divine Sun appeared.

This was the terrifying aspect of the Thousand-changing Beasts skill.

It could completely replicate all of Cecils skills.

The terror was especially apparent since Cecils Divine Sun was still in a different dimension, but the Thousand-changing Beast could still summon one directly.

The incomparably huge Divine Sun attacked Cecil, leaving an enormous wave of flame energy where it went.

“Increase your speed!” Cecil roared once again, and at the same time, increased the power in his hands.

In an instant, he managed to summon his Divine Sun from an unknown distance in space-time to his front, which he then blasted towards the attacking Divine Sun.

On the other hand, the Thousand-changing Beast had a mocking expression on its face, “Hehe, even if I lose a bit of my origin, Ill shatter your Divine Sun.

You should know that I have a Beastmaster.

Even if I lose a bit of my origin, I can easily recover it.

Its not a big deal at all.”

Although it was saying this in an extremely casual manner, the killing intent in its eyes was apparent.

The thick killing intent was almost tangible.

The rise of the human race was naturally largely thanks to the Thousand-changing Beasts contribution.

The matter at hand was related to the safety of the human race, as well as the situation of the war in the world.

How could it just let Cecil act so arrogant and despotic here Therefore, it had to get rid of Cecil.

To think Cecil wanted to incite the entire Foreign Races Alliance to fight against the humans.

This was unforgivable.

Before Chu Feng had matured, if a war had been rashly launched, it would be a great blow to the humans.

Their people might all be harmed.

Since Cecil wanted to start a great war, they would first chop his head off to intimidate the foreign races.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble!” The two huge Divine Suns collided.

A huge amount of spiritual energy spread in all directions, forming a shockwave that spread out in all directions.

The energy contained within it was unimaginably powerful.


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